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Eric Klein
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But then again I'm waiting for conflict and OPEC to cut production so oil will shoot back to $85 in 15'... Go long on oil & let's make money
OPECs decision has direct correlation with Russia. Putting financial strain on Pouty will make him co-op w/ the west & get out of Ukraine.
A man and a woman went to another man's apartment this morn.. The two men got into an argument and stabbed each other. Thats so Scarborough.
Drizzy is the captain of duck face selfies.
I got ttiiiiinnnnss bro
What's happening to oil... Probably one of the biggest investment opportunities for 2015.
Best pick-up line: get your coat.
A few months ago I predicted a civil war in the United States. It has come a little sooner than I thought however...
I'm not new to this
That's so Meaford
Spain. Italy.
You wear a blazer with an untucked shirt to the club I am going to assume you either 'lift' or wear axe body spray.
Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel
"How do you spend $4.5 million on a paint brush?" @MWekerle
You look great. That colour really brings out your legs.
#Chef Paul Wahlberg came out briefly to say hi to the crowd at last night's wahlburgersca grand…
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Hoooooooooooooolll-ly. I'm polluted.
The original 3 before anything 6
Selfies on the ground in front of a mirror is next level
Call me uno homo but 50 shades of grey looks sick.
I just need a sick little condo and a shitty pick-up truck
I wanna be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed.
Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
Harold Hamm is the man. Mehhh sure my ex-wife can have $995 MILLION.
been working super hard lately, finally got the 12's on the new whip #blessed #sportcar
waitur: ken i taek ur order?? gerl: omg ur so fukin kreepy
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Yeah Bieber better think twice about coming to a game in Cleveland, I'll fuckin scissor kick that queer in the chin if he does
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Ok who the fuck wants to come over and watch gossip girl all day?
Met a nice girl from Sweden last night. I told her that her accent made her sound deaf... Not my best opener.
Watching 10 years. Man, what a trip. Hasn't been 10 years yet but, do, I, ever, relate.
Veins full of alcohol; brain full of sentiment.
Laguna Beach were the daaaays
Something Borrowed is on... Ran to Amsterdam to grab a 6 and I'm in for the night. #lovethatmovie #imnotgayfuckyou #itsgood
hardly hardly hardly forget anything.
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Girl you know that I remember; gettin' high at the condo that's when it all comes together.
I fuck you right in my office. You go tell your friends you're honest.
Such a company man.
Scotia to cut 1,500 jobs... Scurry.
Hal's & in the sticks | from jakehemeon
I know what I wanna be for Halloween; drunk.
Amanda Bynes some funny shit today
Walking to get lunch and this guy turns the corner with a fuckin horse head mask on, scared the shit of me. Happy Halloween.
If you're trying to sell me an apartment. Please try to speak my language.