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somewhere in the middle of the train writing a novel full of character flaws
wealth is measured by the ease of being
“If a writer is convinced that he is honest, then it is very difficult for him to be a bad writer.” —Primo Levi
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you gave me everything you had and I gave you what was left of me
I see how you got your name; you're tall as hell and broad as a chain.
Riots to ensue.
“I want to be ignorant all over again when I start writing.” —William Stafford
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Post traumatic baseball disorder, severe post-baseball depression-- are these real?
Who wants a free UBER ride? Use Code erick3111ue. Redeem it at…
Drake dances to the Frasier theme quite nicely.
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Im probably the whitest dud you'll ever meet but Ive been banging Documentary 2 and 2.5 for 8 days straight - I aint care maan, (Kev Hart)
One Advertising, now Sandbox, here in Toronto.
Thank you Drake for giving white men more dance moves in the club:
Hey guys, I'll be cutting shapes this weekend... To help my little brother with his geometry homework... #acuteangle #obtuseangle
Director of Innovation for Instagram, Dan, talking about brand development at the #digitalreligion conference! Word.
Not sure why, but this cowhide rug I just bought makes me feel really fucking great.
Like this whole 'peace' sign over your face wearing black lipstick shit, who started that shit? If thats you that's cool but I see too often
Revere pours champagne on Pillars wife... Love it.
I'm on that 4L of water per day diet
Pizza Pizza chicken bites.
And it's really crazy how a sports team can bring the city together. #JoseBatFlip
Running home to catch the 9th... So sick to see all the Jays gear out. The energy is insane. @BlueJays
Wine sell-off, Snapchat bins content arm, and, a Pepsi phone?…
Waking to smell of pine and fresh wood swaying with the breeze; coffee brewed and the sun high.
I appreciate the simple beauty of the wilderness.
I've been sitting shirtless on a milk crate on my dads balcony for over an hour with consistent thoughts of how to survive the day.
That moonshine wine from last night is still fucking with me. Like, it took me an hour to put on my belt this morning.
Thanksgiving x Blue Jays -- my favourite holiday with my favourite ball team in the playoffs. Wonderful. Also, no more moonshine wine ever!
I really can't handle the come-down anymore
“None of my work has met my own standards.” —William Faulkner
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Sap on fingers, wood chips in my boots, beer in my hand.
Just really not into obnoxious people
“You have to learn to write from the very center, and to have the courage to look at that center.” —Vivian Gornick
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I'm not mentally prepared for this 14 inning game @BlueJays
Really craving spearmint skoal
watch me whip, now watch me suffer
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Come oooon Strooobo let's do er @MStrooo6
These ain't them girls from Brampton, this ain't that local action
Kill it tomorrow brother @MStrooo6!! Tear the roof off that ting.
80 pitches through 6 innings. Most teams would consider a pitching change. But David is the best pitcher available. So, there is no need.
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Who's winning the battle between paid and earned media? 360i's Sarah Hofstetter weighs in.
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Jude Law makes me feel better about my hairline. #Judelaw #YouLookGoodJude
Canadian Tire has officially given all of their employees the day off on Friday to watch the Blue Jays game... Is Rogers next? @RogersBuzz

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