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St. Jimmy
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"@codesforguys: #WCW Alex Morgan. 😍" again. ALEX MORGAN. 😍😍
I hate locking up the locker room cuz when its dark its scary as shit. I swear i saw a fucking dead chick walking towards me.
Again the cavs have number one.
Mike goresh man... 😂😂😂
Anyone else getting nose bleeds?
So bellochico was mad as hell today 😂😂#seeyaseniorsors
Out of the 30 men here only 23 get to go to the cup. And only 11 will start. Where's brek shea tho?#OneNationOneTeam
I swear every commercial after midnite has to do with lube,condoms,viagra, sex toys, ect.
Just imagine Batman,SuperMan, The Flash, G.L, Hawk woman, WW and martian man hunter
They should make a justice league movie
Military strategy games always make me talk to myself as if i were actually a general talk to my COF's
"@SteveStfler: Girls: Hes cute, hes cute, wow hottie, ew wtf, hes cute. Guys: Fuckable, fuckable fuckable, fuckable, too fat." The truth.
4 years ago goran dragic scored 23 point in the 4th to get a 3-0 lead against the spurs in the playoffs. #fearthedragon #sunsnation
I dont get it, when a 2yr old runs head first into a wall and crys ppl think its cute but when and older person does it its retarded.
"@collegefession: "I jacked off with toothpaste once...don't jack off with toothpaste." - Stanford University".... he got into sanford.
So Nozzo gets kicked outta fance saves a hot chick with the help of interpol and plamer's wife is pregnant. Tht was a decent episode.
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! 😂😂😂😂
Im sick and tired of cream of corn soup.
"@NotSCTop10: Funniest flop ever 😂" only in the PBA 😂😂😂
So lebron has his own freaking app.