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mackenzie hoffman
After dreaming about circles last night n dreaming in circles I woke up dreamin' of this circle ridden cheese formation
No dessert! Give me #macvin or give me death ~*~obsessed~*~
Secret Susan over here brought back Secret #MauroVergano n let this Secret Sally have a taSSSSSte
Midnight approacheth wake up wine #savart
We're getting older but we're never gonna grow up (!!!!)
"Etienne, what u know bout Microsoft Word?" - Yoyo mamii
Wow-e Mao-e over 2 yrs ago i brought back this o.g. gem from Shanghai where i found it at a 'museum' quotes cuz it was hidden in the light flickering basement of an apartment building finally he's out of his plastic sheath this piece is espesh spesh cuz all the red u see is velvet!! not really but t
hey Gourdon what do u think of Professor Kingsfield? ***QUACK*** noOoo Gourdy, this is law school not med school silly
#tfw the bee stings n u consume ur fav thangs
It's my best friend and luver's birthday
Amending my previous assertions about vessels containing potables, I present this: 🍍
Toys for people in their mid twenties who drink heavily #riedel
~fashion~ >>>>>forward #ecoli more like pinkYcoli
Big gigantor thangs hap-nin down here on the LES! A big brain of a tomater n g-i-u-s-e-p-p-e #quintarelli #amarone
Throwback to breakfast: Andy Carmalangus' pain de campagne + Russian daughters' goat cream cheese and paddlefish caviar (which does some pretty ugly and serious damage to your pearly whites) + homemade lox!!!! + whatever #petnat was 1/2 finished in the fridge
Mommie n me: To celebrate the new season, we matched our wine to the leaves about to turn πŸ‚πŸ
Vagina Nonologues by @zaczellers
sherry cobbler enthusiast
Throwback to the last days of Summer: in the company of one of my fav bottles of bubbly from the Jura (glimpse that color!) with a side of *bRah! bRah!* @ggsnyc >>RELOADED<< (I should have shoveled puke into the bartender's mouth or perhaps more efficiently just thrown up directly into i
πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ‘ΆπŸΎ =>🌡
A balanced diet: A lil life n a little death

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