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Dylan Sprouse
I wonder how long I can play Rob Zombie from my headphones in the library before someone stops me.
**Visits someone's basic ass town** "Pff... Freshman Mayor"
Is there a phobia of people beatboxing? I think I have that
.@RealShigeruM What's with you and blonde women, come on tell the truth
Horrible idea putting that miserable song in the credits of Desolation of Smaug. Ruined the entire ending, wtf
Happy Birthday to my party animal, #1 hippopotamus look alike, and recovering alcoholic. Big Bubba aka…
I wonder how many times I have to kill Draksis before he gets the fuckin' point. #Destiny
Picking up some groceries! @ 紐約唐人街 (NYC Chinatown)
Question to all people who wear hats sideways! What happened in your life for you to start doing that?
.@Bungie 5 Legendary engrams, 5 rare items...what is the chance of ACTUALLY getting a legendary out of one of those...
While I think it is a breach of privacy, if the government involved itself to forcible shut down 4chan, we would lose much more than we gain
Check out the video my friend @ryan_edgington directed. Always thought he would die alone and broke, now I dont know!
.@PlayStation how is it almost 2015 and I still can't change my PSN name
So... who here currently has someone cool packing up boxes in their animal crossing town? attach a pic and i'll swoop on in. #perfectionist
I have a friend in Japan that confirmed custom moves are accessible via character select screen. #SUGOI #SmashBros
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How about this for a change: "Exactly none of these celebrities are 'sluts/whores/bad role models' for having private photos of them stolen"
Swiss cheese is just aight
**whispers closely: "Top percentage of Rattata"
Extremely hard, stale tortilla chips
Havin one of those "Lose every single game" days in hearthstone
While there is no doubt the bowser jr and shulk video leaks look legit, the roster picture still makes me feel skeptical. The order is off.
hi-im-honey said: Does the Thor sex change thing offend you from a religious perspective? Jw
On August 15 something great happened to us: Cookie the Tanuki was brought into the Sprouse family at…
Japanese breakfasts are huge. Need to get back to training with @jeffbell1 Need to get that street fighter body nawmean?!
We're here @ 東京スカイツリー / Tokyo Skytree
We're here in Nippon! Come find out where and when on…
Also, just to clarify since I've been asked a lot recently. We do not have facebook pages! All facebook pages of "us" are fake. Thanks!
This is so nice! thanks for the bday wishes everyone!
Join D1 and I on the zenith stream yo
Had a can of @BushsBeans for breakfast. Feelin' tough!
Thanks to everyone who participated!
Doin an AMA on /r/smashbros. come join