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Worth every penny even though it wasn't my account.. again
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I seem to be going shopping everyday for clothes and it's becoming a problem because I really need the money for other things
You know you go to Starbucks too much when they know your name
Shopping just makes me so happy
Ordering a stethoscope was the best decision I ever made #DrDylan
With a skeleton crew, filming for Amazon Prime's new motoring programme has begun.
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Fear the walking dead is better than the walking dead I'm not even sorry
Imagine having to break into a £20 note for a 5p bag.
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A moment of silence for all the cashiers that are going to get yelled by customers for the 5p bag charge
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It's my mission in life to get everyone to lean and bop
Appreciate the little things in life man
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Fetty wap - 1738 1738 = 5:38 military ⌚️ Fetty = 5 Wap = 3 5 + 3 = 8 Matthews 5:38 = Eye for an Eye. Fetty Wap doesn't have a Left eye.
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Moving on to bigger and better things
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Need to get paid so bad
Probably wasn't the wisest thing to spray myself with a women coughing her guts up behind me
Hate it when people message saying "I'm off to bed" but they're sending out snapchats on story 30 minutes later like
Is it acceptable to go to sleep in a train station honestly never been so tired in my life
When people flaunt themselves around like they're worth a million pounds, mate you're holding nothing but primark bags sit down
"Maybe if you were nice you would have more friends"
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Friends ended 11 years ago and I'm still obsessed
Kylie: My mom just texted me Tyga:Tell kris I said hey Kylie: it’s Caitlyn
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He's killing me! The Red Devil is killing me! I let him into my room, now I'm being stabbed to death!! Somebody please help me! Please!
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Kesha was sexually assaulted by her producer and he took her right to make music away because she went to the authorities. #FreedomForKesha
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Only reason I get on with life these days is because wine Wednesday's exist
Feel like Fetty Wap understands me
tonight's the night y'all 💗💀@ScreamQueenseens premiers tonight at 8pm on Fox
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HOW do I put up with beth harle
When the shop don't have your size but you really want it so you just buy the only size left
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Today's Beth's moments: "Are you on crutches" to a person on crutches "Is the door locked" whilst we were standing outside
"Im gonna go vape for a bit" never laughed so much
I'm exhausted, I ache all over ,my throat hurts, I just want to sleep
Never seen anything that looks more cheap and tacky than the rose gold iPhone 6s😷
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About as deep as them shorts up your arse
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Bitches eyebrows be 5% hair and 95% makeup talkin bout "eyebrows on fleek" smh sit down before i lick my thumb hoe
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Every fuckin time a argue with my mum all a can hear for the next hour is her talkin to herself about how much of a shite person a am
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I hate serious people like I can't even take myself seriously let alone another person
either i text back in seconds or i forget to reply completely
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I respect people who tell me the truth, especially when it's not easy
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This is ridiculously true
Currently dying on overload of maccies #TheWayIWantedToDie #ThankUJesus
De stress your chests Hakuna them Tatas
Nothing brings me happiness like cheese straws

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