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Dylan O'Brien
Stuck in the lift with #scorchtrials cast. dexterdarden alexjon_1 @dylanobrien sangsterthomas…
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this photoshoot has me dylan o'cryin! He's too fucking hot and it gets me feels going crazy
people seriously need to stop complaining about Dylan's facial hair, I fucking love it!!!! 😻
So stoked about this! Thanks @AlexandreAja for having me on board and thanks @maxminghella for this brilliant script.
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I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects
Who else saw The Maze Runner this weekend?! What did you guys think?!
Thank you to everyone who came out and saw the movie this weekend. Means a lot to us. Couldn't be more proud!
@shelleyhennig: It's @MazeRunnerMovie day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 words: @dylanobrien @dylanobrien @dylanobrien !” You duh best shell :)
Supporting my buddy @dylanobrien and seeing @MazeRunnerMovie tonight! Could not be prouder or more excited for him! Everyone go see it!
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Got my tickets & havin a date night with @patob9!!! Who's going?! @dylanobrien #MazeRunner
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Guys!!! @dylanobrien 'a movie #MazeRunner comes out today!!! I can't wait to see it xx
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Hey @dylanobrien! We're walking over to the Grove to see #MazeRunner tonight! STOKED! Hey amazing @dylanobrien fans, LET'S DO THIS!
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.@dylanobrien.. Could not be prouder.. Blowing the doors off in Hollywood.. Go see the new hit #mazerunner
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can't wait to see maze runner with my talented buddy @dylanobrien and produced by the one and only @wyckgodfrey
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Who's staying up late for #mazerunner tonight?! :)
Not gonna be the same without @kevinburkhardt on SNY. You will be missed!
"the attraction is Dylan O’Brien, the oft-shirtless star of “Teen Wolf,” in the lead role." Might wanna fact check ur articles @Variety
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. @JarettSays thank you so much for that article man! It was really touching. A real, honest talk which I feel is rare in this industry :)
HEY GUYS!!!! please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel! I just made it, I'll be posting about different things; possibly rant about teen wolf or just a bunch of nonsense tbh I don't know yet. But PLEASEEEE subscribe! I'll post an actual vid once I hit 30 subscribers! If you do subscribe to me I'll love
lol okay so as you guys can see I was bored so I decided to make this with some of the new apps I just downloaded! I swear Dylan's laugh will be the death of me he's seriously so adorable! aha I can't stop laughing at my "crying" face at the end 😂 oh the feeeeels!
Dylan O'Brien? more like Dylan'ODoMe 😉
Since it's still Thursday here's a throwback of when I met Dylan and Ansel at the Young Hollywood Awards! Such a great night so glad I got to meet them! 😊 ((Some people may say this is photoshopped, I say they're just jealous! 👑))
this has got to be the most flawless picture I have seen of Dylan! He just looks so damn good like ugh it should be illegal for him to look that good and not be fathering my children! Y'all feel me? (photo cred: @briannazun)
34K HOLY MOTHER OF CHEESEBALLS!!!!!! Thank you guys so so so much for following me! If you are currently reading this i just want to say that I LOVE YOU and if you love Dylan as much as I do then we are now officially friends! 😻 lol quick question! If I made YouTube videos would any of you watch? *
We're looking for someone to be the official #MazeKeeper of #Miami. Tweet both hashtags for a chance to win a meet&greet w/the cast 2morrow!
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lol am I the only one who kind of misses the buzz cut?
Thank you guys so much for all your wishes :) had a great day
Hey guys so sorry to bother you but can you do me a favor and please follow me friend @welovedanielsharman she was hacked and lost her 10k :( she was one of the few people who was nice to me when I first started off this account and she's such a great person please follow her +her posts are amazing!
If you were to meet Dylan today what would you say to him?
ITS DYLANS BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!! Can't believe he is 23 omg he's grown so much since Season 1 lol not gonna lie I kind of miss that buzz cut he had. I really do hope Dylan has a great day he deserves nothing but the best chicken nuggets in the world 💕
@PoulterWill: Our leader and buddy - @dylanobrien !!! #TheMazeRunner” awww my friends are the cutest :)
Thanks for the support guys :)
I love this video of Dylan talking about how much his character Stiles loves Lydia and his little laugh is seriously the cutest thing ever! #STYDIAFOREVER lol I'm sorry but I will always hardcore ship Stydia no matter how hopeless it may seem, they have some sort of connection and I just love them b
Exclusive #MazeRunner clip! One of my favorite moments from the film.…
Yooo #MazeRunner fans in LA, be sure to RSVP for this special @JustJared fan screening this Friday at 7:30! sweet :)
I forgot my pillow
Thank you guys so much for 32k!!!!! Y'all are seriously the best followers ever! Thanks for being active and always leaving nice comments❤️ hope everyone has a great day! ((Btw would you guys be okay with me posting more than one photo a day or would that be annoying?))
GUYS!!!!!! OMFG DYLAN IS GOING TO BE FEATURED IN TEEN VOGUE AND THIS WAS LITERALLY HOW I LOOKED THE WHOLE TIME I WAS READING ABOUT IT!!! I love the fact that Dylan is becoming more well known but at the same time a little part of me doesn't like it because then more and more people are going to star