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Dylan O'Brien
Anyone see my ❤️'s @dylanobrien & @PoulterWill at #WonderCon bigin up @MazeRunnerMovie ??!! Did Dyl wear I clean shirt?.. I hope so
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June 23 seems so far away! Mondays just aren't the same without Teen Wolf. These new pictures of Dylan are phenomenal! Like forget Dylan O'Brien more like Dylan O'DoMe he's insanely hot at adorable all at once ajskahskalajakl!!! lol ( btw do any of you have know any good editing apps? )
Teen Wolf stans! Follow @teenwolfpack21 she makes some really cool bracelets, check out her page to see more of her creations (:
haven't been posting bc I've been dealing with a lot of shit lately, but I hope everyone else is having a good day! If you're not well here's a picture of Dylan ((:
Who's stoked for Maze Runner? I know I am!
◆ have you guys ever wondered how next season will be? Like do you feel Stiles has some sort of remorse towards Allison's death? I don't know, it just tears my little heart thinking that he'll blame himself next season. This edit kind of represents that and I love how it came out! (edit collab w/ th
@_KateMara: Gettin drunk listening to #OneDirection”where?!
I never pictured Dylan playing the bad guy like I just couldn't! I'm so used to him always being that adorable smart ass but he really did an AMAZING job playing the role of void Stiles. Dylan is such an amazing actor I can't to see how his character will grow next season
follow // @welovedanielsharman (:
I luh ya cuties I luh ya luh ya luh ya cuties
currently rewatching the last two episodes of teen wolf season 3b and I realized I never posted anything about it due to the fact that I had no internet. Anywho, it really got to me. I cried so hard when Allison died bc even tho I didn't really care for her character this season just remembering tee
lol I just found this so cute. (This was on wolf watch)
For those of you who don't know. DYLAN NEVER HAD AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. Whoever this username belonged to before was a poser and people found out, which is why it was deleted. I actually thought it was Dylan just like the rest of you so this girl who saved the user graciously gave it to me and it was
I wasn't expecting Anthony Minghella so vividly present in the excellent, stylish Two Faces of January - then saw @maxminghella producing!
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Hey guys sorry I haven't been able to post I have no internet and my phone data sucks atm. I seriously cannot wait to get a new phone. I'm still not over the fact that Teen Wolf season 3b is over it all happened so quick! So many characters aren't coming back and *sigh* I hope Daniel can come back
Incredibly proud to be a part of this show #TeenWolf finale
Hope everyone's having a great weekend! I just crying back from kayaking, it was alot of fun! (: I'm so tired I just want to lay in my bed and watch teen wolf reruns but I need to clean my room. Oh the joy!
Little sneak peek of #Moonday final episode season 3b don't miss it!!… #TeenWolf finale
Dylan looks so fucking perfect! lol then again when doesn't he? I seriously cannot wait til Mondays episode! This season went by so quick like how is it going to end already?
He struck me out in little league. True story. MT @Mets: Fans of @dylanobrien, we hear you... #dylanfirstpitch. Dylan, DM us, let’s talk.
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You guys truly are the greatest :)