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Dustin Wilkie
We're doing something really exciting for the summer 15' line. We can't wait to show you! We will be back soon!
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Watching UP and finalizing some new @AureateClothing items. 😀
I don't get how I could love someone so much but hate them so much at the same time
Follow my adventures on Instagram! ❤️ dustinwilkie
I have to fly 6 hours tomorrow and I'm sick. The people next me to are going to hate me. 😔
there's a huge difference in giving birth and being a mom: s/o to rad moms
On my flight I saw a couple that must have been in their mid thirties, wearing matching vacation outfits. I've never been more jealous.
i'm a fucking wreck
Views like this every where. Photos can't do this place justice.
Spent my day driving up the coast of Oregon. Such a beautiful state. ❤️
turn down for jet lag :(
How to solve problems with Dustin: Run 3000 miles away from them.
sometimes giving someone a second chance is giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time...
only 1 day until I fly away ✈️
Do you ever just miss how someone acted when you first met?
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i'm not one to post memes but this is so accurate
"I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is any greener."
Fav if you remember who Beans is.
Just found out that Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman are all CONFIRMED to be in Dawn of Justice. #sohyped
Add me on snapchat and let's talk about how good Drake is. DustinWilkie
when you're dying of tiredness all day and the second you lay down you're wide awake... 😔🔫
good luck with you're new life, god knows you're gonna need it
If you don't know @HaveMercyMD please fix that. I relate so hard to every lyric on A Place of Our Own. Perfect album.
I bought a selfie stick today...
i'm aware of how cliché this is but i'm so damn ready to get out of this town.
one of my biggest regrets is giving away all my childhood action figures
I just want a cute lady who likes adventures and Mexican food
I wish I was brave enough to drop out and travel
bullshit, you fucking miss me
what doesn't kill me continues to grow stronger
Just bought another flight for May. In one month I'll be in Florida, Boston, and Portland. Crazy...
I really want to spend a day watching all of Star Wars with someone
honestly don't understand how anyone could not love Michael Jackson...
On April 7th our site will go down as we begin work on a new line and updating our site! We will let you know as soon as we're back!
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Guys! Go check out and follow @AureateClothing ❤️👍
For @sahhyounie and everyone else who asks about my bio:…
If I see one more I'm pregnant post on facebook... 😤

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