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Dustin Wilkie
Planning something pretty big for Black Friday! So stay home this year with the family and don't forget to check out
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why did sandy need a bowl of air when these two dudes were always fine?
haha out of context this looks like the most insane tweet ever!…
If you've never been in a studio while a vocalist is recording this is what happens any time they…
I'm a white girl today. 🙅�RR
If Justin Bieber can make that big of a comeback, so can my grades
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Say what you want about him but the new Bieber album is the best. I've had it on repeat for days...
Oops, sorry wrong person.
having creative ideas that don't pan out is the absolute worst
I want to be Drake for Halloween. I also want to be Drake the other 364 days.
Saw @FOXINGtheband tonight and was blown away. Incredible band. Check them out ASAP!
This Halloween I'm going to dress up as the guy offended by your costume.
Spending my morning in an eno overlooking Nashville isn't the worst way to start a day.
Downtown Nashville 😍K
In love with Nashville. This place is beautiful. 😍
I'm long over due for something really embarrassing to happen in my life
Spent my day hanging of the side of a cliff in a hammock and leaving for Nashville tomorrow. Life's alright. ✌🏼️g
after this week all of Back To The Future will have happened in the past... wow...
when ur relative offers u money and u pretend like u cant take it at first
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Got em! Seeing Star Wars opening night!
Trying to get Star Wars tickets but of course the Fandango severs are down...
Your hair looks good, your clothes are cool, the things you like are rad. Fitting in DOES NOT MATTER. You do you. Fuck what anyone thinks.
Spent a lot of time exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway this week. WNC is such a breathtaking place this time of year.
follow me on Instagram? ❤️ @DustinWilkie
Anyone else having way too nice of a day today? I'm just waiting on things to crash and burn.
any time I go into a store I still spend around 20 minutes in the toy isles
I need to travel more. 🌎
I don't know what to say about this but I had to post it...
this cracks me up every time I see it
it's too cloudy where I'm at to see the blood moon. 😭🌚 you should tweet me pictures of it!
everyone wants to talk but no one has anything to say
Good night of dancing, frisbee, music, and GETTING ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING with @MJRhodes10 & @JamesLangrall
the cast of Zoey 101 is getting back together after 10 years... this is amazing.…
"@JamesLangrall, @DustinWilkie, and I" ... didn't you go to school, @MJRhodes10? So embarrassing. (p.s. happy birthday/ily)
I have yet to open my textbooks a single time this semester
Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great.
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everyone is a catfish
it's 12:20am, I have class early in the morning, and I can't stop looking at Drake shit on tumblr
my mom is the fucking cutest, right?
@DustinWilkie holy mother of sweet baby jesus you are cute😍😍😍😍
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i'll forget but i'll forgive you
do whatever you want
honstely all I've been listening to the last few days

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