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James Durbin
Happy 2nd Birthday to our Thomas!! Lamb & Rice, Aged Gouda, Bananas, & Fresh Donut Holes
I can't wait to see you
Less than 1 week from band auditions. Stoked to hear & see these guys
remember that one time @DurbinRock tweeted me back and followed me and shit and I screamed and almost started crying aw good times
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@DurbinRock is literally the best ever. I just couldn't get through the day without his music.
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This is how small Earth is compared to the largest known star:
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Happy 100th Birthday to the Santa Cruz Warf. Cheers!!
Pumped to hear all the band hopefuls. So many submissions & counting!! Fuck yeah #ROCK #backinblack
Fresh new band line up in the works! Stay Tuned! #LETSROCK!! JD
"we haven't had a chance to really celebrate. I think this album is a celebration."-@NikkiSixx on new @SixxAM record. I'm not the only one
My very first published song for another artist!! The track is "LYING TO YOURSELF". I co-wrote this with Mitch Allan & Mark Holman. Recorded by @CharmCityDevils on their new record #Battles. Please check it out!!
One of my TV Brothers & great friend, @thepaulmcdonald is funding his first solo record via Kick Starter!! Paul is a phenomenal songwriter well beyond his years. I've heard some of what this record has to offer & it is swweeeeeet!! Check it out here:
Today was a great step in the right direction. They don't call it a "journey" for nothing
And the final winner of Battle for the Silver Ticket is Manuel Romero from Milpitas, CA!! Congratulations on the...
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Here we go! #silverticket
Today's the day. Battle for the Silver Ticket. I've been looking forward to this & I'm very excited to hear everyone sing
Thanks again to Sebastian Ochoa for this piece. I love it! #fanart
This is amazing! Artist Unknown #fanart
I want a candle that smells like a freshly burned out candle
Ya think @genesimmons ever sued his own shadow for copyright infringement?
This light saber duel clocked in at over an hour long! #iamyourfather #nodarthvaderhelmet #twentydollarbobafetthelmet #whyarewefighting?
It's the time. of the season.
Would you buy an Ugly Christmas Durbin Sweater? 🎅🎄🎁
Marvin Gaye's iTunes sales just went up
Ever heard Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"? The whole song is "Sweet Home Alabama" & "Werewolves In London".
No case. Tons of people use programmed drums based off of John Bonham's style. Just because it sounds similar doesn't mean it's plagiarized
See ya tonight Father @zakkwyldebls & Father @jefffabb
A fair is a variable shmorgizbored orgizbored orgizbored. After the crowds have gone
I'm drinking wine & playing #boggle with my gorgeous pregnant wife #bogglebitch #saturdaynightsalright
Had the greatest time at the #SantaCruzCountyFair with my favorite 2+ people ever 😊 Thanks to the many fans that said hi & took pics tonight. I'm very blessed!! JD
My very first band..."LEVIATHAN" #helmethair #maidenhightops #2004
Don't text & drive. & certainly don't take a pic of my license plate cuz I honked while you were stopped through 2 green lights. #bigdummy💩
I'm feeling another @Stageit show coming on..Hmm. What do ya think??
Checked out #celebrate on spotify. Happy to throw some cash to iTunes for this album. great job @DurbinRock I love it
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Lost my license. Know what that means? DMV 💩