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James Durbin
Tonight I'm playing a last minute private party at the beautiful #chaminade in Santa Cruz. Sunset backdrop on the mountainside. Party on!
"When you walk up to opportunities door, don't knock it. Kick that bitch in, smile & introduce yourself!" -Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson A wise twist on an old saying. I have some potentially really exciting career opportunities in front of me. Please send me your good vibes & energy. Eyes on the priz
I'll be joining my favorite Beatles band The White Album Ensemble for a few songs Saturday Sept 6th tix at the link:
Someone once asked me condescendingly "Are you married to the bandana?" So I told em "I got married wearing a bandana. Does that answer your question?"
I've toured in busses. I've toured in vans. I've toured acoustic. I've toured with bands. 😉
Happy #NationalDogDay We love you Thomas
I think I would be lost if @DurbinRock had not tried out for idol! He is my idol that has got me through everything in my life!
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Toe socks have a new fan
What if I sang for @ForeignerMusic? That would be fun
Mmmmm Beeeer #boatswain #chocolatestout
If you've ever wondered what My Life As A Dad is like you can check out my @MLAADShow interview here :)
I'm back in the saddle again!! With my main man @andybeswick at #GoodLuckTattoo
The time is here again!! It's officially TATTOO DAY!! Wooohooo
Oh Splat! It's about to get REAL
Tea for Two with my lovey @heidi_air
#ALSicebucketchallenge I was challenged by @bigg_b831. I challenge @blakebunzel @caseybassy & @rickydanny. You have 24 hours!!!
I've been challenged!!! Lookout for my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Acceptance video TOMORROW!!!
@kalijsART: @DurbinRock I'm 16 and I worked hard on this drawing for my idol. ;) hope you like it!!” AWESOME! Thanks
#SocksWithSandals Since Day 1!
I seriously & sincerely want to thank EVERYONE at @WWE for everything they do at EVERY show. You make me so proud to be a fan & friend
Guess what time it is?
@Mike9994: @DurbinRock - I have to say, James Durbin's 🎶 Higher Than Heaven 🎶 Kicks Ass!!! It's always on my playlist.” Rock N Roll
If you have "reservations" with Pro Wrestling or you just "Don't Get It", I urge you to please read this article…
@CraigHaasis: @DurbinRock on @TalkIsJericho?! YES PLEASE! #BadAss” Haha Right on! Thank you
@IAmJericho just finished the TIJ @DurbinRock ep. Enjoyed it from start to finish. Talks what it means to "buy in" @WWERollins, take notes.
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Everyone go checkout on of the best @TalkIsJericho episodes ever with @DurbinRock and a call in from @WWEBrayWyatt
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The day has finally arrived! My #TalkIsJericho interview is LIVE!! My great friend @chrisjerichofozzy had me as a guest on his Podcast. Hear our crazy stories from our days in & outside of reality tv, all things Idol, pro wrestling, & music! You can listen to it NOW for FREE at www.podcastone
On the road to camping. Cars packed. Family's in. Dogs are in. Can't wait to be tannin & floatin'!!
This week on #TIJ Wed-MMA legend Chael Sonnen @ufc @sonnench Fri- @AmericanIdol finalist #JamesDurbin & @WWEBrayWyatt DONCHA DARE MISS IT!
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"You have been a fabulous audience! Tell you what, you're the best audience in the whole world. Take care of yourselves! Good night, Alice! Good night, Agrabah! Adios, amigos!" Adios Robin.
"That the powerful play goes on. And you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?"
Oh Captain, My Captain
It hurts to smile. My heart & soul go out to your family & friends. I'll never forget how you've inspired me all my life. RIP @robinwilliams
Sending out a Hulkamania sized Happy 61st Birthday to one of my all time heroes @HulkHogan! Much love Brother!
This has gone too far. Friends don't let friends keep couches that look like cheeseburgers #notmycouch #frump #nightmares #bagginsagginbarry
So let me get this straight..There's an emoticon for flan 🍮, but there's no emoticon for Tacos? What the fuck? Lol
Packin up for a family camping trip this week. No cell towers. No bars. Just swimming & Nutella S'mores!! Yeah boyee!!
Summer Skatin' on West Cliff #crouchingtiger #santacruzskateboards #longboard