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musichiphop 194 followers

I can tell how many sugars people like in their tea
It don't count if it's from tk maxx
Death of suspect in police choke hold ruled a homicide.
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Such little chocolate on a mikado I'm surprised they're allowed to use the word chocolate in the description
Shoutout to all the vloggers making shit videos but staying hella paid
That sheer tone of panic in a mans voice when you try and give him a number over the phone and he's trying to find a pen and paper
Guy try cross the pavement diagonal infront of me and try get me to slow down so he could step back on
Lean with the grade cheese
I never seen a dog step in dog shit.
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There's a sex toy advert on the tv
Nothing better than slightly burnt food
Couples come dine with me jeeeez
Nah... RT @mjxpunk: @KevBr0wn I Still Do What I Do would be a cool name in my opinion, if you wanted to stay in that vein
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damn Brazil.. in high school you was the man Brazil
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They should have a world cup plate final
The progression of those emojal facial expressions is very story like
Craving a strawberry ribena
I dont even know when the best time is to tell mums I broke her new oven
You love me for me could you be more phony
Tour de France>>>World Cup
Can't wait for the tour de france man
Allez allez
Def looks like the dreamworks moon outside rn
Too experienced for someone to rock and rooolll
Too experienced to be taken for a stroll.
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I feel like people who say they don't like bacon only say it to be edgy
Yeezy reupholstered my pussy
Imagine if jesus didn't walk on water and had a jetski
Long story short I blazed a zoot with the BT guy
Get back now and he's tryna get in to test the phonelines and he's like you didn't go the shop mate I can smell that
The bt man is outside my house fixing our phones, so I tell him I'm popping to the shop aka blaze a zoot
If I cant cut your mac&cheese like it's cake and it doesnt have the brown crunchies on top & leak that orange oil when I reheat it, keep it
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Don't know what to cook
The next time an interviewer asks you to share your greatest weakness...
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When I get on top and I make it real hot and you tell me don't stop
My hair is feeling like steel wool rn, where the tree tree oil at?
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This is how we do it shalalala
Eye contact is so powerful
People still rocking "authentic" boxers
Didn't really live up to expectations
Bodeans really let me down tbh
No wifi right now, no good
On my tesco clubcard grind