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Homeless people and black/brown teens are not to be seen. You must be up to something.
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RT @barmyconcarne: bumping blu cantrell so i don't understand why i'm being asked to turn it down, sorrrrrryyyyy
Skateboarding is not about trophies and rigid guidelines, it's about good times with the homies.
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i'm the youngest old man that you know if you're soul intact let me know
Might get a short-lived feeling of ecstasy and superiority
You do yourself over by being a cunt in the long run
The wind is looking pretty minimal today, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
Seemed to be let down a lot, never wanna be that guy that lets people down
My belly is doing bits
If uve ever been part of them paid photo shoots and uve sat inside this, I really am sorry on behalf of ur decision
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JME the type a guy to jailbreak grime
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Man lets daughter drown rather than let 'strange men' touch her
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You see work yeah... I cannot be bothered, you know.
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When your white cab driver is half JAMAICAN @White_Yardie
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One of them mad days that turn out sick
Wish I could tweet melodies I have stuck in my head
Hopefully tomorrow if there's a god
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Was getting way too brave but it all pays off in the long run
Nothing beats that cruise home after a decent sesh
Fed up with too many members of my family, that whole "I care and that's why I act the way I do" is the biggest front for their malice
Wanna roll with a few heads preferably
Anyone in london down to sesh bay66 (sixty-six) on tuesday, shout me
If ur messing with 3/5 of those instrumentals, congrats, you've achieved a new level of swag
He done lived at least 4 lives already
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He looked confused, as if he'd didn't fully understand, and I thought to myself "welcome to my world"
All staged on my behalf
Last night this dude gave me the side-eye as if I was one to be wary of, it was returned with a look of horror and a frightened walk.
"Terminate with extreme prejudice"
This Dr Dre "Compton" album is nothing but a distraction to take your mind off of Detox smh #staywoke
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Cannabis residue found in 400 year old clay pipes unearthed in William Shakespeare's garden
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Dunno what to do with the rest of this day, I know what I have to do but the time beyond that has me quarreling
She had a strong no-comply game, that's what i like in a woman
Played the spanish bird at clapham at a game of skate and gave her two letters, but neither of them were d ;(
Might have to be a bay66 ting this weekend

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