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That tweet wasn't meant to be, r.i.p
When the Older's asked for a touch of the ball 😂😂😂😂😂@TitanXpensiven@STRUSE_XPENSIVENSmUlA
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Max branning is a superhero trusss
Missed the moon last night but it looked pretty dang full and bright tonight
Look how much this Nokia brick was in this 2002 Argos catalog 😫�Rp
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That was tight even though he didn't get a whine…
Londoners, music lovers, design devotees - #SonosStudio has arrived in London. Stop by:
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Mans 'ungry star
Try it on me, i wanna see if it works…
What dessert can i make in less than an hr?
Face get chop arff Whaaa? Steel and copper 🔊🎶
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Is it kinda savage that i was eating without a knife and couldn't scrape up the last of the rice so just used a bone from the meat?
yeah you/ you know what/ everyone nose/ spaz/ sooner or later/ lazer gun…
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And you might think you understand that world but you most probably don't…
You ain't even getting a drink for a fiver
You lot will pay a fiver for one shitty drink in a club but you're crying about a cereal shop. Support small businesses you pricks
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Very quiet morning but then i guess it is a sunday
date a teenager they said, itll be fun they said @Tyga
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need a free ticket from London euston to Wolverhampton for tomorrow evening? Yours if you want it
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Your girl she calls me purdy with my planetary eyes and my brain age of 30
black folk gotta quit giving kids frohawks. setting them on the wrong path that early in life can be catastrophic to their development.
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Either way it's calm though
Agree with this and if u wanna call me out you most probs like men…
grateful for those type of people who teach you how to love the things you're insecure about >
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Watch out uno, reckless guy
Imagine i was on the train and some guy needed me to move my legs to get past so he said "watch out"
Like this rt news channel
I hate when the words "i don't care" are used in place of "i didn't consider that"
Like it's too overwhelming for them to be declined by someone they should be able to crack or so they believe and they slump
Been feeling so positive lately and i feel instead of being drained by negative people they're being squashed by my boots of positivity
I was bare happy not even gonna lie never heard that typa shit from a random before, most probs why i felt it was worthy of a tweet
Heard a chick say today i could get it
When. You. Read. Stuff. Like. This. The. Voice. In. Your. Head. Takes. Pauses.
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Don't be the first person in your hood to break out the northface bubble jacket beloved
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sometimes you gotta get so filthy that ya'll can't look at each other the next morning. just wake up shaking your head at her.
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Fist bump or handshake into half hug, while still gripping hand, handshake into fist bump, followed by fist on chest. It's a lot.
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UK needs to agree on a relaxed greeting nationwide. There are prob 4 variants of handshake / spud floating atm and it hurts my brain
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Man can't pre-cum, no way, full shots only

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