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lil Terio★★
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A real relationship. Has fights. Has trust. Has faith. Has tears. Has hurt. Has laughter. Has weird, stupid, unnecessary arguments
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Damn that shit Fucked up the rest of my night:'( </3
I dont Even Know who I am Anymore:(
If I treated you the way you treated me, you would hate me.
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The person who makes you happiest is the person who can hurt you the most.
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I don't owe anyone any explanations for why I do the shit I do
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Mixed signals. I hate that sh*t. 
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You can never "just be friends" with someone you fell in love with
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I tried, I waited. I'm done, Love faded.
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You don't give up on someone you love.
When you fall for someone's personality, everything about them becomes beautiful.
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I want you back:(
Would you push me away if I start talking to you?
I wonder why you dont care anymore:/
These Cops Trynna take me in cause its passed 12 LMFAO:') they wallen
I don't get why this always happens:(
I put the liquor and the smoking aside ill never do those things until im old I wanna focus on my studies and Football☆☆
Its time for that shit that makes me happy Fuck it lmao
All I talk is Cocaine☆☆
This shit aint right-_-
I want you back:( but I think you dont want me:/