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Donnacha McCormack
Replacing Suarez and that SAS magic was never going to be easy. Need to buy finishing talent but also a bit of steel for the fight #LFC
Going to be hard convince a Pjanic/Lacazette/Benzema/Depay to come without CL but money is there with £40m off wage bill #LFC
His press conference chat is often embarrassing but Rodgers still the right man for #LFC Strikers without confidence are always useless
Myleene Class has picked this gem out on Countdown. Rolling around the office at this one, bloody marvellous! 😂😂
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This is about the point of the fight where the ref would step in. #Periscope…
World has gone mad, no @rosieofthejones or @emrata in FHM's top 10?! Turns out legal blindness is rampant among lads these days. #1 and #2
Unbelievable track...👌👏�
Josh Whedon is some boy! #AgeOfUltron is $250m of awesome, definitely better than the first. Home run of a flick 👏👏👏
Only an hour left until the WEEKEND!!! Only those about to leave work, may dance..RT if you're one of them
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To say #ThanksAP we pay homage to one of the great sporting careers. Share the love RT
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14 traits of a successful social media manager. Couple of useful points in here for a Friday morning
Wow, Mother Nature is a bad ass! Amazing snaps ⚡️🌋�
We've put this infographic together to say #ThanksAP. What a career! Share the
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#LFC are delighted to announce @JHenderson has signed a new long-term contract with the club.
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Great news that Henderson has signed a new 5 year deal for #LFC Should be announced later today. #Hendo
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On Titan the atmosphere is so thick and the gravity so low that humans could fly through it by flapping "wings" attached to their arms.
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Woman jailed for shooting in McDonald's after getting no bacon in burger! Luckily her name was Torres so no one hurt
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Eddie Richardson strikes first ball! 67-4 now and the guys are taking drinks. Plenty enjoying the cricket in the sun!
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So Floyd Mayweather reckons he's a better fighter than Ali AND Sugar Ray Robinson...#MayPac
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We're giving away a £20 Free Bet for every winner AP wins in his last week! RT/Follow to enter #ThanksAP
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Father Fed facts: There was just 25 episodes. First shown 20 years ago. 27.8m references in conversation. Quoted 3.4bn times on Facebook.
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Worst ref, any sport. REFUSES to let a game flow yet blatantly misses big moments. Useful as a chocolate teapot…
This Irish Comedian's Performance On Conan O'Brien Received Loads Of Laughs
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Some very interesting figures. Food for thought!
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Tough day today for many..... including the families of the 96.... Thinking of you all #Ynwa
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That's the shout, right there...City don't deserve a proper football man like Klopp he'd hate it…
Klopp to Real Madrid - Ancellotti to Man City
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I really really hope Jurgen Klopp doesn't allow himself to be ruined by that sesspool of a club Man City...he's a traditionalist #MCFC
Oh I would be sooo pissed if I was going #Glasto. Kanye West is not #Glasto...ego, antics and a Kardashian or NOT a Glastonbury buzz
Snapchats galore, Ben Howard playing loads of old stuff tonight 😩😩 should have gone in
If someone could @periscopeco me @benhowardmusic in @3arenadublin tonight that'd be sound 👌😑
Is #Periscope a game changer for sports teams and orgs?…
Imagine having that cracking sunshine and then having to go into a barn to see Ben Howard. Here @3arenadublin let him play in the car park!
Sorry but if you're govt has gun laws (lack thereof) that allows this to happen then you're a nation of idiots
Mars May Hold Liquid Water, NASA Curiosity Rover Finds
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Damn straight, you're racers so race...Lewis > Nico in every way #F1…
Can't believe I was rooting against Spieth on Sunday, seems a like a great bloke (and not because he loves his sis)…
Post run chill out with the best lad in the business #Moby #Porcelain
Just came across this via @TransferSite and spat my tea out all over myself 😂😂😂 subtitles at its
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Another clean sheet for Dejan Lovren, Joe Allen pinging the ball into the top corner, this is superb banter
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That's a pretty ordinary Newcastle side without much to play for...#LFC don't win handsomely tonight forget beating #AFC in Cup. 2-0 Reds
British bookmaker says its tweet that caused outrage was just "an acerbic reference"
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