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Düncän dü Plëssïs
It's ma birthday, it's ma birthday, imma spend my maaaoooney
I presume these accounts are managed by the same person? @HighveldLions @OfficialCSA
Can't wait for the derby today. I'm sure @IanJamesPoulter is playing shit so he can finish quick and watch the game ;) #COYG #Arsenal
Hey @WestwoodLee. I'm sure they pay u plenty, but those specs make u look like a bit of a bell. #RyderCup2014
Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our hero & very good friend, Luke Skywalker himself, @HamillHimself!
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.@MONTECASINOZA did u not realise it's a public holiday tomorrow?
.@MONTECASINOZA half the movie house refreshments queues are out of order, and none of the self service terminals are working.
.@MONTECASINOZA if I miss even 1 minute of my movie you WILL be refunding me.
.@MONTECASINOZA have u seen what a cock up your cinema is tonight? What's the point of buying tickets online if u have to queue to get them?
Need to get a new #Arsenal jersey. The question is, no 10 or no 16? @aaronramsey @JackWilshere #Puma #StrongerTogether
It's in the way he 'kisses'? @candyboucher RT @L_Kapo: Brands that make ridiculous claims :/ How is Brut "The Essence of Man" ?
And I think that stops Chelsea chanting "Super Frank..."
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Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha you fucking could not make that up. Fat Lamplard scores against #CFC for #MCFC in El Plastico
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When Martin Tyler screamed "Oh no" we genuinely thought the goal had been ruled out for offside, not the fact that Lampard scored it!
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Holy shit. Lampard , what a player. Chelsea regret much?
.@Oatmeal i finally found it in South Africa! My hot sauce life is complete :D #Sriracha #ftw
To have or not to have my bday celebrations at @BEERHOUSE4ways...
Watching Batman Begins again. By far my favorite Batman movie, it's just so great. #epic #blockbuster #superhero
#SAB craftybeer, the level playing field? How can small startup's compete with unlimited resources? Share please!!
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Is it just me or are these All Black forwards flatter than Keira Knightly around the fringes of these rucks?
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A shame Jean De Villiers is playing his 100th Test on the week of the Oscar verdict. True sporting icon like him deserves more attention
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Who on earth thought it was a good idea to put speed bumps on witkoppen? The traffic is totally fucked.
Intermittent stream and simultaneous Chinese translation... I knew I was an Android fan for a reason. #AppleLive
"The biggest advancement in the history of iPhone" chinese dubbing for all communications? #applelive
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I forgot how bad Batman and Robin was. Jeeeeeez.
Djokovic looks beaten here. Playing so kak #SSTennis
Sad to say but the referee is again the centre of the game rather than two teams who wants to play
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Would love to know how you can do a turnover when all players are off their feet?
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Seriously.. Ref is standing right there. How the f**k can he not see that Aussie infringement
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Must say it's great seeing a Bok team play with a rugby player at No.8 these days instead of a supplements model
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Free points for Aus, because ref. We play hard in the Saaf, boet. Don’t bring your wimpish northern hemisphere tendencies here.
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Clancy is blind. That was an epic tackle. #RugbyChampionship
Vermeulened. Bismarck would have got red. Perfect hit that. Clancy dreaming.
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If I wasn't supposed to make out with my breakfast, they shouldn't have called it french toast.
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