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I'm tryna break all the rules
I know some Dime bitches who aint worth 10cent
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I can't stand a chick with a social media personality. Pretending to be everybody but herself.
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Bruh I got the Worst 2 year old ever
The older you get, you're tolerance for bullshit gets lower and lower
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And hoes will be hoes
Dogs will be dogs
Kids will be kids
Real niggas die close to home
Heart so cold no love for no one
Had a dream I was at the movies with a bad lil piece
If I take more then a week I ran off
I moved out the hood I'm still in it though
If I'm getting bands then we all eatting
My niggas my niggas but I ain't taking care of no man.
TOP Funny Animals Compilation 2014 (New)
Hating on @KingJames ain't gone put a check in your pocket
Life is all about the money
Look who on Twitter
Yall keep working for minimum wage
No flex zone 👌🏾
I smoke loud everyday
I'll go in walmart asking why is there so many blacks working here this some racist bull
If I was a redneck everything would be a racial issue with me
I'm on curry bandwagon with you today and everybody else on Twitter…
Twitter be having me dead bruh 😂😂😂
I'm not even a Lebron fan but all this hate ain't called for the man played his heart out. You have to respect the man.
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The face you make when you get tired of coaching, playing all 5 positions and being the GM.
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No lie Cavs would've swept the Warriors if the big 3 was healthy
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Lebron haters be like I'm going for whatever team he playing against.
🚫💔 FEELINGS 💔🚫 me and my big bro Big Ben got another one they back to like…NC2A
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Only here for one reason to flex on my past @_WilliieB
Middle finger to yo whole crew
Some niggas only hang because I got weed and cigars
Today stats: No new followers, One unfollower via
Shit ass backwards
Got a court in my back yard and barley hoop I gotta be getting old or lazy
Shit ah have you telling on yourself
Had to delete my Twitter app for a lil min
They gone swear LeBron played with a concussion

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