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They shoulda sent the svu after Bill Cosby. that nigga was getting crazy with tge roofies back in the day.
Trying to get people to recognize your talent, is a hell of a task #Facts
Chicks who talk about single mothers always end up as single mothers lol
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look at this nigga face. he hella disgusted lmfao
#Producers Your production gets better with time!!! So make sure your practicing everyday!!
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#Producers Machine?? MPC?? FL Studio ??? Which 1 you rockin wit??
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Thick white girls always get a followback 😍 😏 😏
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i want some pizza bruh...
Starlito & Don Trip – G. Thomas -
That moment you realize Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" is about a nigga tryin to get out of payin child support...
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75% of students, pretend to concentrate in class.. So the teacher doesn't ask them a question.
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is that new jcole dope?
"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
nigga jordan symbol really bowling lmao
"If you are worried what others might think, you'll never really create anything."
@DubOnDaBeatz First give me the $ 10,000,000 ....than ask me
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Thanks #TopNewFollowers @NickDevLV @TheGH3TTOMid @therealJusLove Happy to connect :) (insight by
Never trust A Bitch who fuck wit the enemy .
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kim aint shit lmao RT@RelatableQuote Kim K cropped her own child out of the picture
I need to switch credit unions. Jesus be a nerve.
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Been seeing so many suicide deaths man. suicide is not the answer. If you know somebody thinking about suicide, talk to them. Get them help.
Nick Brewer speaks on buying his first Wiley records, ‘Warning Light’ EP & more! -
...but it seems like an okay day to give you some goodness. SO. Kisses and hugs, let's share some things.
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Trying to get money for tweeting? lets get it. Any questions dm me!
How U Survive Through Life Everyday #Hustle
I dont trust people who cuss in front of their parents. #facts
How A-Villa Made "Carry On Tradition" With Nothing But Skill & A Love For Hip Hop -
this nigga grandchildren somewhere hella embarrassed
haven't been able to make music all week. BUT TODAY I GOT TIME CUZ!
Ludacris x John Legend – In My Life -
YG lays down a verse on the Rap Monument -
RT @Bunyan__: J Cole and Drake are Ya modern day Hov and Nas
I bought a bootleg dvd, and a nigga mixtape played in the background the whole time smfh!!
When you find out police are killing blacks for no reason.
bill cosby ghostwrote rick ross verse for uoeno #facts