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ATL Waddup????
Strapped up nigga fucc a gun law
Any Atlanta followers? Tryna hit the studio
Look out for that @dubla_37 Ft @ODG_DON banga dropping this month 🔥
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Rap niggas wacc
Y'all never heard of Shy glizzy till Chiraq
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Good to see shit goin the way it's goin #CGE
"I want it all, who gon gimme dat/ Yeah you know we workin hard, who gon cut me slack.." @dubla_37 #NoLimits #PT…
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I be bored sometimes and I text ppl then when they respond I be like why the fucc did I text this person lmao
I kissed Mary Jane more than I ever kissed my girl #FACTS
We both was tryin to hold on to suttin we shoulda let go a long time ago
Them needy females is annoying
Gunna drop that "all I kno" ft @ODG_DON real soon
Work !work !work !
All of my homies is GODS
I chase the money cuz bitches follow that.. What she don't do for ME.. She gunna do it for that bread.. I promise.. Ask ya girl
Bet the money make her bacc flip
These hoes say they got million dollar pussy but have 4$ flip flops on
Been low but it's gunna be worth it
In the stu vibin .. Jus gettin it all together
Got ya girl at my door In a tutu
Rap niggas are so desperate to get on that they're spamming Aaliyah, 2pac and Biggie's twitter pages....
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Vision showed me that the hype has grown... Even Scottie Pippen couldn't leave the Mic alone. GRINDIN' ! @dubla_37 #NoLimits #PerfectTiming
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Put my trust in a bitch? U buggin these hoes are for everybody
- if you a homie & im payin then you aint helpin shxt! - @dubla_37 - #RNS 🙌💯
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Nigga we share that bitch....I thought u knew that
"@dubla_37: U only know what I let u kno.. Nobody truly knows everything about me" Exactly
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U only know what I let u kno.. Nobody truly knows everything about me
We all do what we have to
Life ain't fair it's jus eventful
Hate this court shit yo
Shoutout to my dawg @dubla_37 for the bars contributed on our track #NoLimits on #PerfectTiming out #August1st! Music Video coming soon!
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What she don't know .. Won't hurt her
May not end up where u wanna be but you will end up where your meant to be
Stu wit my cannon vibin #37 up
I be makin ppl feel like I care more than I really do ..the reality is .. I ain't shit #37
Just staccin layin low ..let em do and say w.e but we comin . #CGE
Gotta hit the stu