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ashley something
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That Mr. West for real? Nice technique just a little wide on hay makers RT @PoloWill: My nigga Yeezy finally lost it!
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tomorrow feels like a great day to chop off all my hair.
confetti #colts. 2 down.. 4& some change to go. if they pull this off @TheGRJ & i will run down to the court house tmw & tie the knot.
Ugh #colts did y’all go out drinking last night? what is going on.. sloppy & unacceptable.
did we just stop running? #colts geesh, Andrew looks annoyed. rightfully so. #cardiaccolts
richie incognito’s interview vs the voicemail recording he left his ‘friend’.. doesn’t seem like the same people. what a mind f***.
@CNN: Blockbuster, once a Friday night ritual, closes remaining stores.” RIP blockbuster.
during this new movie Thor.. where is S.H.I.E.L.D. ? im so confused. but benicio del toro, yes please:)
love our pacers! Great job keepin it interesting! @Pacers old school, holla back.
we have become a nation of quick fixes & blaming others, instead of owning up to responsibility. shame.
well this has been a miraculously productive Monday.. ive managed to get goldfish cracker crumbs only on my shirt & not in the bed sheets.
#SNF I'm thinking we should just stop looking at replays tonight.
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This is the worst ref in the history of the world.
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Texans coach, never seen his team play so good. Hope he's okay. positive vibes.
keg left over from this wkend, as we speak.. ive thrown the cup to the side & now just pouring the nozzle directly into my mouth. #colts
That punt under duress by @PatMcAfeeShow was the best I've ever seen.
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a typical conversation with one of my younger brothers. we have a thing for ranch dressing.
We live in a world where salads have more sugar than donuts
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Jimmy Fallon giving the Indianapolis Colts players the Late Night treatment…