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Dr. Tiffany Brown
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Be the catalyst for change.
Allow me to have enough patience and faith to weather the storms of life.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Help me not become discouraged when life throws me a curve ball.
. Run into God’s welcoming arms and allow Him to give you the strength to continue.
So today: don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. Pick yourself up and continue to run in this race of life.
When that miracle occurs, you have become a testament to God’s power.
God can provide a blessing about something you know you can’t do on your own.
However, this is the precise moment when you’re in line to receive a miracle.
You may want to exceed expectations only to realize you can’t even meet them. This can be a heart wrenching but humbling experience.
There are times you may not provide less than stellar work. It’s part of life.
We are all human. You cannot be the best at everything in life.
Being discouraged is a part of life. Being discouraged is when you’re less than optimistic, lacking expectation and being overall dejected.
I blamed it on having a heart murmur, but really I was just slow and discouraged.
So when there were races during field day and other activities, I would bow out and be the timekeeper or something.
So much so that I just stopped trying to compete.
I was the slowest in my group. All of my friends in my elementary school clique were faster than me
Growing up, I was the worst runner ever. That’s why it’s so interesting that now as an adult, I’m pretty good.
Today is about being discouraged.
Good morning Tweeps :) It's Sunday :) Happy Easter !
Be the catalyst for change.
Allow me to stay focus on my goals and believe one day all my hard work will pay off.
Help me to see the value in making major moves without anyone noticing.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Please forgive me for all knowing and unknowing sins. Allow me to thank you for being underestimated.
Find solace in the fact that at some point your time is coming and people will know just how innovative you are.
So today: embrace being underestimated. Thank God that you’re able to make some of the biggest moves in your life under the radar