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Be the catalyst for change.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Help me know nothing is impossible. Allow me not to become discouraged in the face of challenges.
Allow yourself to do something you never imagined and see how much strengthy ou have stored within yourself
Put your hand into God’s and jump out of your comfort zone.
You will have shown you can handle it. So today: ask yourself to believe you can achieve the impossible
If you can believe in spite of what is in front of you, God can trust you more and bestow bigger blessings.
God uses impossible tasks to test our faith.
It’s always a long walk away from the finish line but just a jump from the middle.
Things that seems impossible become easy to complete as you work toward them
You must believe nothing is impossible with God’s help. Difficult yes, impossible no.
When attempting the impossible,it’s essential you have God on your side. God is the best guide and will direct your path.
I love to achieve the impossible. I’ve been able to complete the impossible but unable to do things that most Americans do. Go figure. 
Impossible is a situation without an easily reliable solution, something difficult, unattainable, or deemed out of the question.
Today is about doing the impossible.
Good morning Tweeps :) It's Saturday :)
Angry all time? My book is available on Amazon: and Barnes&Noble:
Be the catalyst for change.
Guide my decision making so it’s always aligned with your will.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Help me stay focused on You when I’m left to my own thoughts.
Don’t be so quick to fill your day without a lot of things to do that give the break needed.
So today: allow yourself to spend a little time with your thoughts.
Don’t allow the hustle and bustle of life to interrupt your thinking process.
We must make sure we spend time immersed in our thoughts so we are clear about all of the decisions we intend to make
There are times in our lives we become so caught in day-to-day living,we miss opportunities left out of our thoughts.
You can tell when I am in thought mode because I have a habit of retreating from the world to grind and do what’s necessary.
What I do need is time to think things over without any interrupting.
However, most of the time, I don’t need anyone to help to come to a decision. I already know what my plans are.
Which is fine because, I’ll give all the information and leave out one key detail and let you figure it out yourself.
I am astute in knowing when someone thinks they’re getting something over on me.