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Dr. Tiffany Brown
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Be the catalyst for change.
Help me to maintain it during these tough times.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Thank you for giving me your peace and I am giving you the glory for it.
This will also allow you to get through hard times because you know if He has done it before. He will do it again.
So today, focus on giving God glory for all past things He has done in your life.
From He is raining blessings to the months without any really significant breakthrough and everyone is getting on your nerves.
You must learn to trust God from the times
God will not leave you. God may go silent but He has not left you.
When your spiritual energy is on empty, it’s easy to believe God has left you.
I know it’s difficult to get moving when you’re hurt, frustrated and just plain worn out.
Don’t allow Evil to allow you to become pessimistic and discount God’s abilities.
When times are tough, it’s truly difficult to see the Glory of God.
God is responsible for every good thing that happens in our lives. We must give honor to Him for blessing beyond comprehension.
Glory is directly connected to praise and is important within your spiritual experience.
Glory is about achievement, splendor, and beauty. It also illustrates credit and praise.
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Good morning Tweeps :) It's Friday :)
Be the catalyst for change.
Allow me not to be afraid of failure but embrace change. Creativity brings about change and change is what we need to improve humanity.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Allow me to continue to be as creative and innovative as possible.
Don’t factor whether something can be done; allow God to take care of that. Just work on performing your product of innovation.
So today: Dare to be your most creative self. Allow your mind to roam free as a bird.
God wants you to live up to your expectations in life but it’s up to you to push yourself to make it happen.
God will send a creative spirit in order to help you manifest your destiny. However, you must be listening to God to receive it.
You allow positive energy to flow into your spirit in order to reach the optimal level of creativity.
You can’t be creative when you feel frustrated, mean spirited, and just overall hateful.
It allows you to express yourself in way everyone can enjoy. However, you must be in a positive space to be creative.
Creativity is one of the best gifts from God. It allows you to positively change your environment for all to enjoy.
Creativity is the ability to compose new ideas or things, to be inventive and have vision.
When you think creative, competition is no longer a factor because you think so differently than others
I have always been creative. Not just in what I create but how I think. That is why I never worry about competition.
Today is about being creative.
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Good morning Tweeps :) It's Thursday :)
Be the catalyst for change.
Allow me to see good times are coming if I just continue to believe.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Help me to stay focused on the future
Get everything ready so when your breakthrough occurs you will be ready.
So today: allow yourself to focus on the future. Create a place for the future and follow it.
Because they are the gas in our spiritual tank to keep us running in this race called life.
God will always have good prospects for the future
However, in reality they were relativity short periods of time with just a huge amount of discomfort with them.
During tough times, it seems like they go on and on forever.
When life is less than ideal, you find something to focus on to get you through the tough times
The future for me during the dark time is what kept me going.
The future focuses on things to come, potential and can be considered an opportunity.
The future is when you can use all of your new knowledge to good use. It’s the place where you can start fresh and anew.
While the past can provide lessons for the future, it’s better to focus on the future
For most people, we’re either spending too much time mentally in the past or focused on the future.