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Dr. Tiffany Brown
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Be the catalyst for change.
Allow me to trust and believe that all my dreams come through.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Help me to stay in the race of life and be a major contender in Christ.
So today: stay in the race and be a contender. Allow yourself to run toward the light of God and away from darkness.
While the path can be treacherous at times, God will bless beyond your wildest dreams if you believe.
Even if you stumble, don’t fall. Even if you fall, don’t stay down for long.
God has a special place for all of our lives and in order to reach that place you must stay driven and aligned with God’s will.
God want us to take the same aggression and put it into staying in focus on the path of righteous.
You’re grindin’ when everyone else is sleeping. You’re working to achieve your goals and when you’ve met your goals, you create new ones
You never know what’s lurking behind every corner. You give it your all. Your blood, sweat and tears.
You never have the advantage. You never get cocky. You never relax.
We should also try to keep ourselves mentally at the contender status. When you’re a contender, you’re always the underdog.
I will never be comfortable where I am in my life. I will always strive for excellence and to get more out of life.
At all times, I feel like I’m a major contender. I’m someone who is always attempting to get the next level.
Today is about being a contender.
Good morning Tweeps :) It's Tuesday :)
Be the catalyst for change.
Give me peace and serenity in order to overcome the confusion in my life.
O Lord, thank you for this day. Please forgive me for knowing and unknowing sins.
So today, understand there is a purpose in the confusion. Understand that God is grooming you for something big.
You’re in the eye of the storm and close to the end of this trying journey.
When you feel like you cannot live through it; rejoice.
The longer the period of confusion; the bigger the blessing and breakthrough in the end.
This is part of the grooming process. There are no shortcuts during this grooming process.
Some of the most successful people who ever lived have gone through some hard times.