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Dr. Tiffany Brown
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Be the Catalyst for Change :)
Even when you attempt to cover up your true feelings, but you must ask for help from Him. Be willing to ask for it.
This is your lifeline. God knows exactly where you are in your life.
God gave me exactly what I needed at the moment I truly needed it.
That was my lifeline. I asked God to show me that I am not alone in life.
I know it is tough right now, but you will be ok. God is with you. You will get through this.
He stopped me with a hug and said something to me that stayed with me for life:
I totally lost it. I don’t think to this day I have cried so hard so fast.
It was the eve before Election Day. I ran smack into @THEHermanCain. He was Associate Pastor at the church I had just left.
I was standing in Whole Foods trying to figure out how I was get through the day.
I changed churches and was feeling alone. The guy I was so in love with and best friend were both working on the winning campaign.
I ran for Mayor of Atlanta in 2010 and it was not going well. I was running as a write in candidate and it was a terrible idea.
One person I will always be thankful to is Radio Host and former Presidential Candidate @THEHermanCain
Any time in my life when I allowed despair, and frustration to overtake, God would always throw me a lifeline. He will do the same for you
The test of your faith are little exercises. They will build your endurance on this journey called life.
Faith is personal choice and ability. There are no Faith Olympics. You don’t even know the strength of your faith until challenges come.
When God sends you a lifeline.
Excerpt from book today.
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Good morning Tweeps :) It's Tuesday :)
Be the Catalyst for Change :)
Remember, anger is nothing more than a manifestation of fear. Once we can conquer the fear, we can do anything.
•What is causing our anger? •What are we afraid of?
So we have to ask ourselves the difficult questions:
We cannot choose the way God obtains our attention. However, we must allow ourselves to be open to taking the journey with God.