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Dr. Tiffany Brown
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Be the catalyst for change. 
Help me to step into my destiny without fear.
Allow me to exhaustion and frustration to get the better of me. Help to understand you have my best interests at heart.
O Lord, Thank you for this day. Allow me to stay focused on you, Lord while I’m grinding.
While it may be exhausting, if keep yourself focused on God and in stay in prayer, there is no limit where you may go
So today: Rise and Grind.
You will be amazed how it can change the course of your day but also how you handle challenges.
To jumpstart your day, try adding a bit of exercise and 15 minute bible study.
If you’re in prayer you become almost instinctive. You will do things that will become almost second nature without realizing it.
It’s important to stay in prayer while you’re grinding. Because of the rapid pace it’s easy for certain items to get left to wayside
You must feed and exercise your body. Make sure you do the same for mind and spirit.
When you’re grindin’, you must attempt to keep your core aligned. Your core is mind, body, and spirit.
When you’re relentless in your drive and amount of passion you putting into your craft.
Grindin’ is when you’re working without any breaks or vacation.
I have been working all day and almost all night due to business partners in other countries.
I have been grindin’ for a while now. I have about seven new projects going all at the same time and it can be a bit overwhelming
Grindin’ is a intense, rapid paced work. It’s difficult to maintain an extended amount of time. It’s exhausting.
Today is about grindin’.
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Good morning Tweeps :) It's Friday
Be the catalyst for change. 
Things are happening; you just can’t see it.Today, continue to prepare for your revelation to come to fruition.
Don’t allow impatience to separate you from the will of God. Stay in His will, even when it seems nothing is happening
Remember: having flashes of revelation without any explanation means you’re closer to having and living your breakthrough.
Daily Prayer is like the MapQuest of Life. It’s essential to get your desired location.