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Dr. Sanjay Gupta
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waking up your kids for school can be tough! is it too early? i'll tell you why the @AmerAcadPeds says to let them sleep.. @CNN #sgmd 7:30et
where should #twitter and #youtube draw the line on censoring ISIS and disturbing images? @CNN's @brianstelter joins me #sgmd 4:30et
Often times in medical and health policy, there are unintended consequences. Just one example:…
it's a story of unintended consequences. see how easily use of painkillers can lead to #heroin --
what're you craving for breakfast this morning? see how the *trillions* of bacteria in your gut influence what you eat.. 730et on @CNN #sgmd
what makes docs so confident the 2 american #ebola patients no longer pose a risk to anyone else? #sgmd 430et on @CNN
why are these guys putting on lipstick & clucking like chickens? find out on #sgmd 430et on @CNN -- @BrainGames!
a picture you won't soon forget. dr kent brantly says good bye to the team that saved him. #ebola
New collaboration launched between @UTAustin & @livestrong to create the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes @DellMedSchool:
about to login and start my @redditAMA. ready to ask me anything? #ama #ebola proof:
this made me smile. brain surgery patients are awake so they can talk, even play the violin.
11,000 deaths of kids and young adults result from PABI every year in the US@iHOPENYC #Gupta4Hope #Voice4Hope #16in14 #FTK
check out this "battery powered brain" -- pacemaker-like device to treat severe #depression -- 430pET on @CNN #SGMD
@drsanjaygupta discusses the important ongoing work of @800273TALK in suicide prevention on @CNN 8/16 at 4:30PM EST.
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At 7:50amET, @drsanjaygupta & @nischelleturner tell us about news that #RobinWilliams was battling the early stages of Parkinson's disease.
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Robin Williams' wife says the actor was in early stages of Parkinson's disease, but his sobriety was intact. @drsanjaygupta weighs in.
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those pre-moistened wipes for the bathroom may be causing millions of skin allergies.
everyone feels #anxiety. how do you know if you're one of the 40-million with a "disorder?"
a simple idea that works! a sponge on a string can diagnose food #allergies
You aren't alone. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline available 24/7 ... call: 1-800-273-8255 #RIP #RobinWilliams
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how did the #ebola epidemic spin out of control? the latest from the u.s. & @McKenzieCNN in sierra leone -- 430pET on @CNN #SGMD
very few people with his disease get to 70. happy birthday richard!
If you are interested in a terrific book about #Ebola and other infectious diseases, Spillover by @DavidQuammen is outstanding.
.@nymedabc @DrOz @drsanjaygupta @MarisaGuthrie But no matter what pls do not miss finale Aug 14th. U won't ever forget the last 2 minutes.
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#Ebola crisis has the #CDC's emergency operations center on high alert. Go inside with @drsanjaygupta next on #AC360
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About to take you inside the nerve center of the CDC. The highest alert has been issued for #Ebola. All hands on deck. @AC360
first Q out of gate to @BarackObama at news conference was about the story @drsanjaygupta & I broke on #Ebola drug ZMapp. #journalismmatters
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The patient at Mount Sinai Hospital has tested negative for #Ebola.
In CDC "command" ctr at the moment it was activated to level 1, the highest response. full report @AC360 tonite
The # WHO in an emergency meeting about #Ebola. They may declare this a PHEIC. Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
Both Americans infected with #Ebola are in Atlanta, so what's next? @MichaelaCNN asks @drsanjaygupta at 6:30amET.
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"Contact tracing" could stop the #Ebola epidemic. @drsanjaygupta explains why @WHO is monitoring >8,500 people
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now health care workers are going door to door in W Africa -- to try and stop the #ebola epidemic.
"I'm outside the hospital ... it's sort of business as usual." @drsanjaygupta says #Ebola risk at the hospital in #Atlanta is relatively low
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RT: @thedailybeast: Dr Gupta on covering Ebola: "There's a scientific layer to this story and a deeply personal one."
Extraordinary precautions are being taken as the second American infected w/ #Ebola is brought to the U.S. @drsanjaygupta reports latest
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After 62 years together, she quietly passed away. 4 hours later, he went to be with her:
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"@ChrisCuomo: .@drsanjaygupta tells #NewDay, calm down" - Please, we need to start talking about the 1.2 mil who die of #Malaria each year!
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.@drsanjaygupta on covering Ebola: "There's a scientific layer to this story and a deeply personal one."
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