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Dr. Sanjay Gupta
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if you missed any of my #cnnroots journey today, set your dvr for @CNN #sgmd tomorrow at 730am et. here's sneak peek:
"life is a journey.. each phase becomes a root for somebody," dad told me on steps of @umich student union #cnnroots
both of my parents worked at @Ford for decades, where my mom became the first female engineer in aug 1967. #cnnroots
took my parents back to the street corner where they met. hear their unbelievable story next on @CNN #sgmd. #cnnroots
bathing in #ganges river in #haridwar, india with my wife & 3 daughters is an experience i'll never forget. #cnnroots
unreal! this pundit was able to trace my dad's ancestors back to 1600 using these handwritten scrolls. #cnnroots
the biggest key to unlocking my paternal family history is in this closet -- next -- on @CNN #sgmd. #cnnroots
surreal moment with my dad in dobe, india.. ringing the bell in a temple on land donated by our ancestors. #cnnroots
my mom & her parents walked down these steps onto a cargo ship as they were forced to flee their homeland. #cnnroots
while we were filming in #karachi on 6/9, there was a terror attack on the airport. details next on #sgmd. #cnnroots
see that temple in the distance? couldn't believe my eyes. it's where my ancestors prayed for 1000s of yrs. #cnnroots
took my mom back to her hometown of tharushah, pakistan. she says it still looks the same, 70 years later. #cnnroots
spoiler alert! here's the opening shot from my #cnnroots. mom & i found this camel -- named raju -- on #karachi beach
i'm about to take you on a journey half way around the world to explore my #cnnroots. join me on @CNN in 5min.. i'll be tweeting during show
in order to know where you're going, you need to know from where you came. my #cnnroots on @CNN #sgmd today at 430et
me + my mom + a beach in karachi + a camel named raju = 1 excellent adventure. see our journey on @CNN today at 430et
me, my mom, karachi, a beach and a camel.… @andersoncooper and I take a break from ebola to chat about #roots. 945p
Home is a feeling, for me, for my parents, for all of us @drsanjaygupta Tune-in @AC360 at 8pm ET. #CNNRoots
take a little break from #Ebola and check out these candid photos from my Roots journey!…
here is the demo of CDC protocol. I followed directly from their website. take a look and plz give thoughts.
a look at protective gear at Emory - no skin exposed. dallas hospital didn't appear to offer same. #ebola
an honor. RT @Joeee_Z: Crazy how while serving in Iraq, @drsanjaygupta used a power drill to perform brain surgery, and save someone's life
what the #cdc is recommending to keep health care workers safe from #ebola -- and does it work?
Rep. @PeteSessions tells @drsanjaygupta, no #Ebola travel ban is like "aiding & abetting" the virus. Thoughts?
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there's no end in sight to the #ebola crisis. @elizcohencnn investigates possible missteps in #dallas today on @CNN #sgmd -- 730am et
this guy does a heck of a @billclinton impression & he's trying to satisfy the world's thirst.. @CNN #sgmd now #water
matt damon is a man on a mission to bring clean @Water to the 768 million people who still need it @CNN #sgmd 430et
ever wonder who inspired @mikeroweworks to take on all those dirty jobs? he tells me this weekend on #sgmd #gottadoit
when i tell people my parents are from the other side of the world, i'm not kidding! watch our journey unfold at @CNN
My little brother! RT: @ValleyGirlShow: Check out the #ValleyGirlShow segment with @rise founder @suneel"
Thanks everyone for a great discussion on #schizophrenia. Read through #healthtalk tweets for a lot of practical info.
A7. Only 43% would tell friends if they suffered from #schizophrenia #healthtalk
A7. Half those polled said they wouldn't date a person with #schizophrenia, even if they were in treatment. #stigma #healthtalk
The word #Schizophrenia derives from Greek roots. skhizein ("to split") and phrēn ("mind"), #healthtalk
RT @NIMHgov A5: NIMH's website: has more info on schizophrenia, its treatment, and clinical trials #healthtalk
There are quite a few medications in development for #schizophrenia -- hopefully with fewer side effects. #healthtalk
RT @NIMHgov A4: Laws about psychiatric advance directives vary by state. A summary can be found here: #healthtalk
RT @itsjillgardner@BrainToday: #healthtalk Poor sleep common trigger for worsening cognitive health #schizophrenia
RT @DrJudiC @Ashley_LizWelch @KyleenJ9 resilience and commitment in families really count as the client too often withdraws. #HealthTalk
A4. Have a clear understanding about what symptoms are a crisis and who to contact. #schizophrenia #healthtalk
A4. Keep track of medications and how they worked (or didn't work) in the past #healthtalk
A4. Hard to do, but important -- have a crisis managment plan that everyone taking care of someone with #schizophrenia knows #healthtalk
Three types of symptoms with #schizophrenia: psychotic, withdrawal and cognitive #healthtalk
Schizophrenia does not mean "split personality." That is known as dissociative identity disorder #healthtalk
This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. Join the informed discussion on #schizophrenia happening now #healthtalk
RT @MyraDavis826: Be weary of: Restless sleep, Fearfulness, inability to concentrate, lack of energy #HealthTalk
A3. Life stressors are hard for anyone, but can cause a relapse in somone with #schizophrenia #healthtalk
A3. The most common cause of #schizophrenia relapse is a failure to take medications as prescribed #healthtalk
Caregivers have important role with medication compliance because patients with #schizophrenia often dont believe they are ill #healthtalk
A2. Look for early signs or changes: depresion, substance abuse and eating disorders are examples. #healthtalk