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Dr. Sanjay Gupta
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A7: Practice energy management to help combat #MS fatigue. #healthtalk
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How newly developed vibrating shoes can help those w/ #MS walk more easily: video w/ @drsanjaygupta #HealthTalk
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@LaughinPaulRyan #healthtalk I'm a believer, and I'd like to thank @drsanjaygupta for his courage in reporting on that issue.
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@drsanjaygupta For most patients, I recommend 2,000 IU Vit D a day. Very high Vit D intake doesn't appear more beneficial than regular amts
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good point. RT @dyusufzai: @drsanjaygupta the mentioned above symptoms "come and go" -- they have phases in every individual.
#healthtalk #ms @drsanjaygupta For me, diet and exercise changes were life changing after my last major episode
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#healthtalk A7 you have to get you head around what the disease is doing to you b4 you can get hour heart around living with MS
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thank you! RT @OJIBAJO: Thank you @drsanjaygupta for your chat today with @ClevelandClinic & Dr Robert Fox about MS. #MSWarrior #healthtalk
Anyone with MS can participate in research right at home through the NARCOMS patient registry. – Dr. Fox #HealthTalk
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A7. Keeping cool is vital. Symptoms of #MS worsen when body temperature rises #HealthTalk
diagnosed w/ #MS at 24, Mimi told me she "freaked out." Looking back 27 years later #HealthTalk #MS
Progressive MS remains a big challenge. We’re leading a clinical trial that’s enrolling across the US: #HealthTalk
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there is a genetic component - but most people won't inherit it from parents. RT @KYDeeerHunter: @drsanjaygupta Is MS hereditary ?
Here are some tips to support a loved one living with multiple sclerosis #HealthTalk
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@drsanjaygupta Numbness, weakness, and numbness around eyes. Left side weak, trouble walking . I can't work. #Healthtalk
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most are diagnosed btw 20 and 50 -- but as young as 2 as old as 75 RT @saboortweets: @drsanjaygupta At what age does MS start? #healthtalk
RT @EverydayHealth Check out these tips to make the most of your doctor visits #MS #MultipleSclerosis #HealthTalk
. @USJobCreation wow, good luck. what have you been experiencing? #HealthTalk
A4. While we focus on the obvious physical symptoms, #MS can affect mood, speech, cause dizziness and terrible itching. #HealthTalk
A3. There is no single test for MS. Doctors use medical history, physical exam, neurological exam, MRI & other tests to diagnose it....
A3. Some symptoms of #MS include visual disturbances, muscle weakness, trouble with coordination & balance & numbness #HealthTalk
a2. I am fascinated with the idea that Vitamin D can help protect against MS and other immune related diseases. #HealthTalk
A2. Head injury does not seem to increase your risk of #MS later in life #HealthTalk
#healthtalk Good Lord! The person who invented Twitterchats didn't have MS 'cognitive issues'! ;) This is fast
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