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Dr. Phil
You teach people how to treat you. #DrPhil
You found Prince Charming, but things are not adding up. Could you be dating a married man? Learn the signs:
Today’s show: Would you stay with someone you believed to be a narcissist? #DrPhil
Thank you Neal & Thomas @MOGULlife for your work on Revelation's booth at the #GirlScoutConvention! It was beautiful!
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It was wonderful to meet so many empowered and inspired girls and women at the @girlscouts Convention!!! #GirlPower
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Winners do things that losers don’t want to do. #DrPhil
Positive internal dialogue is truthful engagement with the world, not smiley-faced denial. #DrPhil
Talking with your child about sex can be difficult. Learn how to have an open and honest conversation.
The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline. #DrPhil
Love all the messages of self-empowerment, spirit and love on our "Reasons I'm Fabulous” Wall! #GirlScoutsConvention
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Couldn't ask for a more wonderful woman to be @girlscouts National Celebrity Spokesperson than @Robin_McGraw!
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Is your adult child still living at home or taking advantage of you financially? Here are some tips: #FailuretoLaunch
Is your adult child still living at home or taking advantage of you financially? Here are some tips: #FailuretoLaunch
When is it time for parents to take a stand and kick their adult child out of the house? #FailuretoLaunch
Stand against bullying! Wear purple and make your profile pic purple for #spiritday 10/16 at #LGBT
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Excited to see GEORGIA & the Light of My Life collection in the Nov. issue of @redbookmag!
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Appreciative of the upstanding men in my life, especially @DrPhil @JayMcGraw and @JM_SinS #iAspire
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Calling All Upstanding Men: Your Critical Role In Ending The Sexual Violence Epidemic
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It's #spiritday! I'm in purple today to stand against bullying and to support LGBT youth. Join us now!
Our kids are born into a different world than the one you were born into. When the game changes, so do the rules.
Thanks to my friend, Troy Dunn @TheLocator for his work on today’s show. Learn more about his work as a "Locator."
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Reconnecting with a long-lost loved one can be a powerful experience. #DrPhil has tips for preparing: #reunited
Do you know someone who inspires you to feel fabulous when you are with them? We want to meet her! Submit your VIDEO:
Dealing with a violent child can be difficult and challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips: #DrPhil
The teenage years can be a parent’s worst nightmare, but I have tips to create a more peaceful relationship. #DrPhil
Today’s going to be a changing day in your life. #DrPhil
If you’re interested in rebuilding a relationship with your child, follow these steps: #DrPhil
You're Probably A Liar - Even If You're Not Admitting It! #DrPhil
Something really fun and exciting happened this weekend with anne!!! Love her!! She stepped up!! Coming soon!!
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Do you know someone fabulous? We want to meet her! Submit your VIDEO here: #ReasonsImFabulous
Every relationship needs a hero. Let that hero be you. #DrPhil
What’s your life script? Our scripts define the roles we play. What part are you playing? #DrPhil
Nobody has a success-only journey through life. #DrPhil
Parents: The behavior is yours. The consequences are theirs. Please, don’t be selfish. #DrPhil
Dating after a divorce? Here are some things to consider:… #DrPhil
Women lie to make other people feel better; men lie to escape accountability. #DrPhil
Do you know someone fabulous? We want to meet her! Submit your VIDEO here: #ReasonsImFabulous
Do you focus on positive goals or do you always have an excuse? I offer advice on going after your goals. #DrPhil
The Aspire News App is a major development in domestic violence safety. Learn more:
Domestic violence doesn’t only happen in the United States. It’s a global issue. #EndTheSilence #DrPhil
In a relationship, what qualifies as a “drop-dead deal-breaker”? Find out my thoughts: #DrPhil
Has the spark in your relationship fizzled? Don’t worry, it’s not hard to spice things up again! #DrPhil
Need a life makeover? Here's how to take responsibility for your life and behave your way to success. #DrPhil
“When you walk away, you walk away from help.” #DrPhil #MentalHeath
Your internal dialogue is powerful. Learn how to focus your thoughts to live a positive lifestyle. #DrPhil
My father told me, “Don’t ever miss a good chance to shut up.” -#DrPhil #MentalHeath
The Internet can be a great place to meet people, but you have to be careful.… #DrPhil