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Miss McMeowMeow
i think if your schtick is doing a podcast in which you complain about women for an hour it is unlikely women will like you
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"He who fucks nuns will later join the church." Happy birthday, Joe Strummer
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That human brain in petri dish? It's not ready for prime time, and you maybe shouldn't have heard about it yet.…
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A special offer for those who have some explaining to do today...
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we're all hypocrites but you're a patriot
NEW & Cute -15 Times Chuck Bass Described Your Reactions On A Bad Date More Here:
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Mamis with cultural ineptitude are bad for your health, that’s the type of mujer that I put back on the shelf
"what do y'all like in a President?" "well first of all he's gotta really call out his haters on Twitter. it's called diplomacy"
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The good life is the life I lead where transcendental ideals aint so rationally jaded & now my grand mama ain't the only one calling me baby
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when u come home from a long day of work to find out ya daughters a hoe
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אני מחבב אותו
Harold and Maude with this handsome fuck @womanbeater
I tried to stop the thing metastasizing in us But in the warm, slow evening I could feel it rising in us
as the sun rises over Columbia, I know we're done for. #goingtobogota
i havent logged into this in awhile. I'm reading past tweets and GODDAMN I am embarrassed
Hey dude, I hate everything you do but I'm trying really hard to not hate you. Hating you won't make you suck any less
The older I get the more articulate I am at whining
"@TinaMav: A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing.. A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything.."
I think you deserve much more than a smoke a 50 cents, you deserve to be self sufficient and buy your own cigarettes
Never disclose your personal thoughts to others unless necessary. Adopt the rule that people are on a "need to know" basis. #IMHO
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despite the contradictory advice circulated in the late ’90s, if you wanna be my lover, please do not get with my friends
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Why are the people of twitter so whiny and insecure?
Sometimes you have to take a deep breath & remind yourself that you wouldn't look good in prison clothes and just smile & walk away.....
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what doesn’t kill you leaves you lying awake at 2am wishing it had
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bitches who can run in heels should be feared
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Stop the double speak! Tell the truth! This IS a war on women! #fem2
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"Don't be yourself. Be someone a little nicer." - Mignon McLaughlin #quote
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We lost the calendar so long ago so we count the days by the bottles on the floor
May our only occupation be not having a job, may the only cocktails that we make be molotov
My love for you is 98% pure but the 2% that remains has fried the circuits in my brains
"Your candle loses nothing when it lights another." - @drmchitwood
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And smoking is like hiring a hitman for $5 a day, and as cool as that is I don't want to keep dying this way
Won't be praying for you so don't you be praying for me #devilmakesthree
tonight I bake my madness a birthday cake, because even the insomniacs aren't awake #johnnyhoboandthefreighttrains
Please RT & share MT @Guttmacher Help us combat misinformation around women who obtain #abortions. #RoevWade #Roe
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New drinking game, drink when someone says something! #30Rock
You've pretty much exhausted all employment options when you're the 'self-appointed' doorman at 'Al's Midnight Liquors'
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"Will you still be my friend if I take naked pictures for money?" #shitspykesays

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