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Driving lessons Well done Ellie! Ellie did a great drive to pass her test with just 5 minor driving faults.
Good news if you like big surf! Huge swell bringing big waves to western coasts. Expected to peak tomorrow. Jo
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Went to an anxiety group, I really hope more people show up. Maybe there was a terrible accident and everyone that was coming is now dead 😳
Long traffic delays upto emstree roundabout! TURN THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS OFF!!! @BBCShropshire @highwaysagency
The best way to spend a weekend is by watching a scary movie and screaming louder than the characters in it #ScreamingInAManlyWay #ahem
I hope you don't mind...I hope you don't mind that I put down in words .. How wonderful life is .... Cos I'm in the world
The Chuckle Brothers have just been signed up by British Gas, .... to meter you. #ICrackMyselfUp
As I get older my tastes are changing, for instance I used to not like brussels sprouts but now I don't like people too 👉😁
Things to do on Tomorrow 1. Go to the vets 2. Tell them your fish is poorly 3. Put a fish finger on the examining table 4. Do a sad face
Two goldfish in a tank. One says to the other, "How do you fire the gun?"
C'mon. Only 52 followers needed to get to 3,000. We can do this thing! RTs most welcome!
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Warning: cows. Some with really windswept hair.
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Here's some rain, just in case your timeline is dry. ``、ヽ``、 、ヽ ` ヽ`、ヽ` `、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ `ヽ `、ヽ``、ヽ ` 、ヽ`ヽ `、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ``、 、ヽ ` ヽ…
#SundayTip - Cut up some bananas, apples & oranges in a bowl with fresh squeezed lime juice. Place it in the bin and eat a cheesecake.
roses are red violets are blue sunflowers are yellow i bet you were expecting something romantic but no this is just gardening facts 👍
As its Sunday I'm Currently defrosting the chicken
If you suffer from insomnia - then good news! ..... There's just 3 sleeps till Xmas! 😳�#YoureWelcomeme
As its Sunday I'm busy cleaning..... By which I mean laying on the settee randomly spraying fabreeze
Busy night I was on Pointless with @PaulYoungParlez .um on Itv at & 9pm nations fave no1ANDim on stage at Camden jazz cafe at 9pm phew!😜
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"Be aware of a car fire on the A5 - now on @BBCShropshire - Disco Inferno and burn baby burn." #Fantastic 😝😝#DoingAGreatJobJob
With the chaos on A5 the experts are being sent in #Shrewsbury
Another car now broken down just after crest but before burnt out car. Down to one lane :-(( @BBCShropshire
Traffic queues now back to a5 Preston roundabout from Wellington @BBCShropshire
Even the darkest clouds have to pass. sometime #Barmouth
Hate having to climb ladders! ... What If I slip and fall??? What if I slip and fall - and land on my face??? What then??? *hyperventilates*
YAYYY! It's Friday so we're gonna rock down to Elec....... Oh!!!... 😳�oS
Big delays on from Preston roundabout upto emstree roundabout. @BBCShropshire
QUALITY: The Christian Benteke chant for Liverpool fans to sing.
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isnt it odd how people kill flys just because they’re annoying if people killed people for being annoying i would’ve died like 15 years ago
Realising that telling a fitness trainer you've just met that 'gymnasium' first meant 'exercising naked' is a bit of a conversation-stopper.
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Well done Jessica!! It was close as to whether Jess would be able to take her driving test or whether the baby...
Hadley road by Oakengates park is cordoned off? #Telford #SeemsToBeTheWeekForIt
Driving lessons Well done Dr Sudar! Having not long returned from leading a team of Doctors to Nepal, Dr Sudar...
The Spice Girls first professional photo shoot as a group. 1995
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I'm no forecaster but as the blue is over Telford and Shrewsbury I'm presumingthat means rain @bbcweather @metoffice
As it chucks it down with rain (last 30 mins) can't help smiling at weather app @bbcweather @metoffice
If amateur Paul Dunne wins The Open he'll get a silver medal instead of the £1.1m top prize. 😳 😳 iEY
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Red Arrows with #Vulcan @XH558 @airtattoo seen from Red 11's jet. RT to say your farewell to the V-bomber. #RIAT2015
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The reason you never ask kids for suggestions
You can't fight the moonlight ...... But after 3 cans of stella I'll give it a good go! 😝😝
Time passes, seasons change, yet, love continues to paint our worlds, in moments and snapshots that've become the whole of our existence.
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Awww! He must've crashed into a Carp-ark 😳�…PC

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