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professors can be childish like damn be clutch one time for the one time. πŸ˜’
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Bruh I just wanna make a Vine with @VonMar23 πŸ˜‚
I fall back if I feel like I'm being annoying... don't want to be clingy.
The homie asked did we have chaser... she 😴 we do str8 over this way
Snapchat being lying on my bestfriends!
Snapchat needs to have like a profile picture so I can see who is adding me
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Cee Cee probably talked mad shit about me today😁
Over here watching 90's cartoons 😎
My bros need hearing aids for their lungsπŸ’¨πŸ’ͺπŸƒ
I want a g-day lap dance πŸ˜‚
I couldn't suck toes... her toenail might scrape the roof of my mouth like sum Capt'n Crunch
In 2015 I do not want to see Reverend Al Sharpton represent any family
Fuck this they gotta buy they own liquor lol
Twitter corny on my laptop so I'm about to grab my phone
I don't save numbers at all... half the time I don't even be knowing who I'm talking to
I can't drink Henny without wanting to... nvm lol
What should I kill tomorrow... Ciroc or Hennessy? I say Ciroc
Turn your weaknesses into your strengths
A naked stud is the funniest shit ever!
Kwame better be depressed -.-
All DMX albums are classics
Who can U dm? the boredom is real
I guarantee when we go out Wednesday ima hear Coco in the club -.-
Wish I had someone to text
RT this and follow for your chance to win Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One. Winner chosen 12/16! -US only-
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Why every bitch in the world think "Who are you talking to" is actually gonna make a nigga check himself?
Somebody on my TL should text me... I'm so bored
Crazy how I listened to @NICKIMINAJ entire album... I'm impressed!
Who trynna plat TDM on Advanced Warfare? Xbox One
I liked the tape but Gates did too much singing
By RT this I could win a The Crew Xbox One code all thanks to @tduckteam & their mental community - #tduckwin
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TDM on Advanced Warfare anyone?
Ya'll be in your late 20's having serious relationships with girls 14-16... Ya'll need ya asses whooped!
Phone fucked up... well the service -.-
Changing roms on my phone... again
People like Louie and Durk been tried showing ya'll that Opps should just get together and take over the industry
No more BDK? Man @Billion_Ballout it's too late for that
Still expecting Drake or The Weeknd to hop on that Me U & Hennessy track
Iron in my pants like I'm trynna get out the wrinkles
NP Montana of 300 - Holy Ghost
Team No Lacking I'll never snooze
Them No Limit niggas some of the lamest mfs
Somebody Snapchat me or text me... someone who actually reply