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Dr Drew
Right now @drdrew is taking your calls on any topic. Call in right now with your questions for Drew - 877-564-2326 NOW!
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I’m one of 23M Americans in #recovery & was happy to speak with @drdrew about our country’s goals to reduce drug use:
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Looking forward to it RT @OPENortheastern: @drdrew is coming to #Northeastern on 9/5!! Get your tickets at today!
My sweet went for sweets...and so did John Mayer?
Yep RT @brian30tw: @drdrew Just FYI so you don't sound stupid, Adam didn't do 10-factorial pushups. 10!=10x9x8. Adam did 10+9+8.
Love the trains in NYC RT @sandracolton: Saw @drdrew @DrDrewHLN on the @MTA tonite, #HeIsJustLikeUs #KeepUpTheGoodWork 😊
Thx Geneva RT @GenevaDabu: Watching @drdrew love how he is going deep on details with #MikeBrown ...officers need better task trainin
The first!! RT @Firstladyoflove: Calling Out: got a reading,&first guy who proposed to me, comes through w @PsychicRebel in front of @drdrew
Nope NYC today RT @seandelville: @drdrew are you in Toronto? Swear I saw you or your doppelgänger walking downtown today
The whole point of the pill is to prevent ovulation RT @robesman: @tastydfkjdptrla looping in @drdrew
Good times! You guys were great RT @BrodyismeFriend: @drdrew Didn't mean to blow your cover last night :) Hi @LeeannTweeden!
With David Mattingly on @drdrew - we are the only crew live from where National Guard are set to leave
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Here's @BobbieDooley and @drdrew. Right to left: Dr. Drew, Shawn, Bobbie Dooley....actually it's me! Who am I? Me!
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Just did a really huge interview with @drdrew and it's gonna be a 3 parter and everything!! Mmm-Hmm The Bobbie Dooley Podcast
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@MrWhitneyWilson: @adamdrewshow whats name of "our" new party?Libertarians with common sense/realistic ideals abt government”Liberty Party
Caught Darth Sidious finishing up his screenplay at Starbucks.
TY Zackary RT @ZackaryM_: Dr. Drew accepts the #IceBucketChallenge for ALS. I fucking love @drdrew