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Drake Cubangbang
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"@Noruwa_Obanor: “@CHlLDHOODRUINER: bruh... this can't be real 😳😭” People do the most to ruin a niggas childhood
"@jparis_10: “@ItsTaylaah_: facetime w/ jess 💖”🍍🍍😂" Are you showering
"@chloeonvine: Boys r so dumb they could stab u in the face with a knife and be like whats wrong why r u mad" nah girls r just dramatic af
"@TheSCRLife: Pass the Twitter soccer ball" fuck the twitter soccer ball. Pass me that twitter blunt one more time
"@WorldStarrPosts: Drake getting friend zoned 😂" You know he still smahes
This is what happens when you dont graduate from highshool "@WorldStarFunny: well damn lmao 😳�"
The teachers wanna be back in highschool so bad
S/O to the seniors for taking all the bitches my age
RETWEET for Alex Morgan ⚽️ FAVORITE for Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽️
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The booty got me in a trance
😱😱 attention 😱😱 •retweet this •follow every person who retweeted •if youre not going to follow anyone, dont bother retweeting •gain heaps
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My mom is probably the most giving, caring, loving person ever. I love her so much
I want to punch half of the human population in the throat
everybody tries to wear bandanas at Buchanan now😄
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"@DropoutDruggie: Retweet if you understand" People that do this are ignorant as fuck. Smoke rises fvck boys & girls