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Just Cause 3 is exactly what you would want Just Cause 3 to be. Explosions and chaos! Hers my spoiler free episode!…
Gasp is an awful game I don't recommend you play!… heres me playing it!
embargo is for 9pm tonight so I think we will skip todays videos and have some late night jc3 action :)
Man I just got my first 3 letters from you guys in my PO box... I love them, a reading your mail video will be out tomorrow :)… Next Car Game Wreckfest Added.... Lawn Mower Demolition Derby. HOW FUN!
I spend longer than I'm willing to admit to take screenshots for thumbnails. Which one do you guys like!
Check out this game, Right Click to Necromance. An awesome little game with similar mechanics to Agario.…
remember when we complained that youtube red was the death of youtube... oh and youtube gaming... oh and g+... fuck people hate change.
After a few slower months it's looking like November will be the best month yet for the channel. Thank you so much for all your support <3
To my southern neighbours happy Thanksgiving I hope you eat lots of Turkey and have an awesome day!
More awesome Scenarios in BeamNG Drive…
Poly Bridge is back! Check out the new awesome levels.…
Dear Pan/Crop feature on Sony Vegas... STOP CRASHING MY SHIT. Thanks.… Who Must Die - A small indie game with a big choice.
so pumped for JC3 AND RSS coming out in about a week! The big titles don't slow down at Christmas.
I get to go get a quote for a Mortgage today, little Draegast is growing up :). Buying a home in the summer.… Today on GTA we check out some random awesome mods! Hope you enjoy :)
I'm always so happy with the end product of my GTA videos. This game just fits my personality :) New video for GTA out today.… Pissing off Aliens in Last Horizon!
it all makes sense now!
Diae's Second episode of Draw a Stickman is out come check it out!…
if the map designers were half as good as the sound engineers in Star Wars Battlefront the game would have been amazing.. Still fun!
Anno 2205 is getting pretty crazy! Ship combat and completing the spaceport!…… Friday besiege ep is finally up! Sorry for the wait.
Besiege is still processing, going to be a little late #blameyoutube
god I started doing this Besiege video at 7 am... it's now 2:14 and I just started rendering it haha... hopefully it will be up for 4
Did it ladies, all on livestream! 400,000 of you beautiful fuckers! Love you all!
@Draegast Here's a video of you reaching 400k in your livestream:… :D Keep it up!
Retweeted by Draegast
man the polls for if I should change to the new intro or keep my old one are SO CLOSE idk what to do lol
I love finding little gems like this. Come check out Last Horizon, an awesome little space survival game.…
PSA there will be a 400k celebration stream today... I will start streaming at around 100 subs away and we will keep going until I get it :)
gotta say for all the hate anno 2205 is getting I'm having a great time with it... a city builder with rts elements... how cool is that!
I know I haven't streamed much but I prob will today with a sub counter counting down to 400k :)
today is going to be a good day :)… Back by popular demand! Kingdom! This run is going ALOT better
yohjo simulator is pretty much the best game ever.
another fallout video way more hate.... gotta love this fucking community from a newcomers perspective.
one game of SWBF and I noticed how much CoD has improved their character movement and feel. I feel like I'm using a fucking Lego character.… Fallout be scary man! On this episode we make the trek to Diamond City
Buyers Remorse in 3....2....1
I have nothing against the Biebs but really Youtube; I'm a 26 year old male why the fuck are you showing me this.
people keep telling me to no buy star wars but my brain so wants too...
TIL gaming costs me about a dollar a hour... Let's forget the 1k or soe I've spent on keys for tf2 though!

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