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The Crew - Game Review Impressions - Open-world exploration/racing game ...: via @YouTube
Deck Building and Testing! Come chat:
Streaming some #hearthstone GVG deckbuilding and testing! Come chill starting in a couple minutes
Hearthstone Goblins vs Gnomes - 20 pack opening and Legendary thoughts -...: via @YouTube
Spending money on Hearthstone today? You betcha, my addiction is real.
So I broke my BeamNG installing so many mods... might be a day or two until the next episode :( I hope you guys are enjoying them however!
Anyone know the time of the Hearthstone update? I know it's today but when?
BeamNG Drive - The Hamster Wheel AKA Death Pit Mod Spotlight - BeamNG Ga...: via @YouTube
CoD with friends. Come Chill!:
Playing whatever! Come join :):
God ever since I made a Robocraft and Autocraft penis vehicle EVERY sandbox vehicle creator I play my viewers demand a vehicle penis...
Guys, guys! I think I just found the most hipster item ever created...…
Check'n Out.. Homebrew - Sandbox Vehicle Creation! - First Impressions: via @YouTube
Dear Youtube, fix your fucking thumbnail uploader already.. Thanks
SHOOTING PLANES WITH A CAR CANNON - BeamNG Drive - Gameplay Highlights: via @YouTube
Thanks #Nintendo for showing actual gameplay and not just pre-rendered cutscenes. #TheGameAwards
Retweeted by Draegast
Actually impressive on the Wii u
This gameboy dj is in his own world lmao
little Peter Dinklage lmao
oh hey it's that violin chick
that was fucking adorable
So is it bad that my favorite part of #TheGameAwards so far is my friend Greg finger banging lazers?
umm... Laura Croft?? wtf is this
Sony taking the EA approach, nice
TIL FIFA is a racing game
Nice to see Kid Rock still getting gigs
The singer for this Trailer has seen Finding Nemo too many times… #TheGameAwards
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"alright heres your award fuck off Eric"
Blizzard you assholes
So any game devs want to hire me? I can touch lazers in rhythmic patterns.
oh god EA please don't ruin the Brothers team
Do we really need celebs who don't give a shit about gaming in this?
The Theme for Ludum Dare 31 is: Entire Game on One Screen. #LDJAM
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Open world Skiing simulation sound fun? Check out #SNOW the game in today's check'n out.…
I love doing BeamNG but fuck does it take a lot of raw footage to do a decent 10min video. Doing this almost everyday
Micro Poker and Hearthstone!:
Micro Poker and Hearthstone!:
EXPLOSIVE CARGO - Hauling Cargo Down The Cliff 2.0 - BeamNG Drive Gamepl...: via @YouTube
EXPLOSIVE CARGO - Hauling Cargo Down The Hill 2.0 - BeamNG Drive Gamepla...:… via @YouTube
[English] Late Night The Crew! [PC]:
Bread Simulator - I AM BREAD
[English] Late Night The Crew! [PC]:
BeamNG - Explosive Stunts - Super Stunt Track Gameplay Highlights: via @YouTube
Stream working now come check out steam broadcasting…
testing out steam stream thing… join in