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You asked for it: More SpinTires Multiplayer Coop Gameplay with my buddy @Draegast
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WTF IS THIS!!! ODDEST GAME EVER - Velvet Sundown Gameplay w/ WeaselZone: via @YouTube
Man do I have a Golden video for you guys today... ETA a couple hours
Spintires Mod Spotlight - SID Jeep Cherokee XJ - One Speedy Rock Crawler:… via @YouTube
My First "retro" game on Check'n Out Today were playing Ecco The Tides of Time…
Prob gonna stream more tonight not sure what but I'm bored so it will prob randomly happen
Starting another playthough, this time the beautiful Child of Light! Come join me on this wonderful journey.…
Another plane lost? Planes stop getting lost jeez!
I want to wish @WeaselZone a Happy Birthday, everyone wish him a Happy Birthday for me!
The whale shark I designed for @squishable needs 50 more backers to become a 7 inch spherical reality!…
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9:44 AM at work with nothing to do, fuck this is gonna be a long day.
Crypt of the Necrodancer Learnin:
Crypt of the Necrodancer Learnin:
Streaming some Crypt of the Necrodancer for maybe an hour.
Crypt of the Necrodance might just be may favorite indie of 2014 so far, holy shit what a great idea for a game.
lil late but thanks for 6000 subs. I love you all (mostly). To 6000 more!
Check'n Out... Unturned - F2P Minecraft-like Survival Game:…
5996 subs comon you beautiful fuckers who wants to be 6000!
20 mins into my first fight on Naxx #fucklag
Spintires Mod Spotlight - UAZ 456 - The Sheep Herder: via @YouTube
According to my YouTube dashboard, we're currently sitting at 8,960 subscribers. Soooo close! :D
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5,976 subscribers can we hit the big 6000 today?
I'm vibrating in my chair as I read Naxx strategies
I want to thank the one 25-34 year old female who watches me #callme (was 30% last month did I scare all the women?)
and on that why ask me for a shoutout you may get like 3 bored neckbeards clicking it (I love your neckbeards btw).
youtubers, if you spam my press e-mail requesting shoutouts, you wont get one, thanks :)
Today were Check'n Out #Blockstorm. A voxel-based game that is basically Minecraft meets CoD…
New Naxxramas cards have been added to our Facebook album! More to come at 10:00 AM PDT!…
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Hi Hows everyone's day?
Drastic improvements have been made to the Pen 15 Mobile. Today was a good Sunday
Which one if you jerkfaces steals my online name friggin EVERYWHERE. Why can't you take pewdiepie or something.
The final episode of Pokemon Uncensored is up! This time I get raped and fight Pedobear!…
Decided to check out Robocraft again and upgraded my tank.
8 videos recorded, edited, and rendered, and uploaded today. I love productive days! Now I can chill and possibly stream tomorrow!
Starting to record retro games man why did I wait so long to do this.
Some more tabletop simulator with @MessYourself @mattshea369 and @WeaselZone . This time Poker!…
question, would you guys be against me starting to check out retro games? NES/SNES?
Spintires - Jeep Grand Cherokee Redbull - Mod Spotlight: via @YouTube
Prob gonna stream the rest of my tropico 5 playthrough after Weasel's stream tonight. Hope you all stop by!
I've come to the conclusion the only person in my female demographic is @mattshea369
WOW... Looking at my view demographics... Last month about 30% female this month 6.7%... #wherehavealltheladiesgone :(
Today I'm Check'n Out a super cute puzzle platformer released today So Many Me! CUTENESS OVERLOAD
Day 12, I still forget to upload my thumbnail to my video so I can upload during lunch break. SORRY GUYS!
10k views on my channel yesterday alone holy crap you guys rock <3