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Another shot to win Star Wars Battlefront beta codes right now! Follow us and RT this post for a chance at a code!
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The escape mode in Prison Architect is awesome! Come be a prisoner with me.…
Just another day on Youtube reading comments on my videos.
Levels are getting more and more Poly Bridge!…
going to move today's stream to Thurs as I really want to play star wars and I didn't end up getting an early code :(
k how are people getting access to star wars... feel free to tell me
truck'n is pretty fun.... when you suck…
As an added bonus, @Draegast can now haunt your nightmares.
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Because it's spooky month and @Draegast is being a party pooper, here's a DraeGastly
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And here comes the wave of "spooky" Twitter names... Every damn year!
man is the gaming market dull right now, Christmas can't come any quicker.
I don't know if they want to have sex with me or diss me.
man I'm really bummed I have to wait till dec for R6 Siege now, first time in a long time I felt a fps was innovative.… TerraTech and we are flying baby!
Just realized we hit 55m views and 343k subs though! Yay!
just got done all business e-mails... and it's 1:26.... doubt I'll get out two videos today lol
Do you know the muffin man? — his name is Tim Horton…
As much as I love Youtube, I sure do miss having the option of having a vacation without working twice as hard for a week.
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awesome stream tonight guys :) thanks for hanging with me.
Rainbow Six Siege - Killin n Chillin:
New camera came in, MUCH better at close up focusing, let's hope unboxing's won't be as bad now.
October super awesome Besiege creations!…
TGIF! Besiege will be out in a hour or so!
Winter is coming in Ark Survival Evolved. And I'm getting unlucky once again.…
first time in a month I play ark... new house... t rex eats it... srsly 4th house now...
too early to work, I'd rather stroke my pussy.
oh shit I gotta stream lol
people keep telling me how lucky I am to live in Canada, bitch you ever get something shipped here?
I'm done with my focusing issues with the sony a5000 time to upgrade once again...
I want to apologize for the poor focusing in my recent video... I am buying a new camera..
Another month another unboxing extravaganza!…
Finally hit the mountains in Turmoil!…
4 hours editing a video taking my sweet time on it... power goes out and for whatever reason it didn't autosave... I hate you Sony Vegas.
someone get the guy laid and out of my comments lol… Watch me yell at a train.... a lot....
looking to update my into slate for my Youtube does anyone know any good gfx guys?
So I lost my voice in this next episode of GTA.... I got a little too into it
World of Tanks - Leveling Japan & Hanging Out! [EN]:
World of Tanks - Leveling Japan & Hanging Out! [EN]:
POLY BRIDGE IS BACK YES! Come check out this friggin awesome game if you missed my earlier episodes.…… Turmoil is back! In this episode I have one of my best and worse seasons and we get the super silo!
Doing an AMA just to see how it goes, if you've ever had a big question for me feel free to ask now.…

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