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Dear Game Devs/PR This is how you distribute a game no codes no hassle TY @MADUNICORNGAMES
#wildstar beta keys US QUCG-J6LY-9V3J-E4P2-RGMK EU DWDF-2P5N-XYUY-4GTG-CN4A More later I need to go to dinner.
I got 100 Wildstar keys for you jerks I just have to figure out the best way to distribute them lol.
Check out my game spotlight for #Nether a survival MMO. via @YouTube
Draegast Plays Banished - WE HUNGRY - Ep 3 (Years 10-12): via @YouTube
sorry for the lack of indie game spotlights the last few weeks. School is keeping me busy and other series are much less work!
April Fools In World of Tanks and World of Warplanes: via @YouTube
I broke Goat Simulator :( via @YouTube
150,000 views this month. My all time highest month, thanks so much dudes/dudettes!
Idk if it's good or bad but it's getting to the point where I can make thumbnails in 2 mins flat.
PSA to Devs. If you send me a code for your game and demand a video once I use said code, you're gonna have a bad time.
Sometimes I intentionally Tweet a lot to see how much followers I lose #internetrebel
24 Degrees out and still snow on the ground. Fuckin Canada man
Cool beans Goat Sim top seller on Steam, hate to say I told ya so. #sigh
South Park : The Stick of Truth - Checkin out Taco Bell - Ep 16: via @YouTube
I just tried to eat Spam.... How can people eat this shit.
A nice summary of the doubled edged sword of the viral-indie scene by @Draegast…
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Check out this absolutely awesome post a dev made on a reddit thread of mine about indie gaming.…
Any game devs I would love to hear your input on the subject of viral-focused development.
A more serious video from myself on new age viral gaming.
I know I do content for them but I'm an entertainer. I don't mind them but bleh. I'm doing a video on my opinions now
I know I'm the minority but I honestly feel like games like Goat Sim although hilarious are whats wrong with indie gaming.
Started playing World of Tanks again, man I missed this game. Ruining my recording schedule lol.
Some more Goat Simulator and girly screams!…