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So I hear DayZ earned best indie game of the year at golden joysticks? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM THIS?
everyone congratz @WeaselZone on his child!
Do you enjoy annoyingly awesome QWOP-like games? Check out Breakfast at Cemetery!…
Just played @dukope 's newest gem, my god he makes brilliance every time.
Under-appreciated game: The Swapper. A series with two YouTubers, side-by-side, playing it on a couch could be really fun. #RandomThought
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Police looking for intoxicated man dressed as Ninja Turtle after he made scene & fled restaurant in 700 blk 3rd Ave this AM w/o paying tab
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Check'n Out.. Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror - SCARE EVERYONE!: via @YouTube
Man my life just keeps getting better. @mattshea369 <3
#SelfiesForGames Gamer, content creator, all around idiot.
Glad to see the bigger channels hitting up @DepthGame now. This game needs more attention, it's amazing.
Check'n Out.. Tango Fiesta - 80's Inspired Top Down Co-op Shooter:… via @YouTube
will send out keys in a few please follow me to make it easier
Announcing winners or Time Rifters in 10 minutes just doing a randomizer now.
Threatening Gabe as a game dev is the equivalent to me threatening my CEO. Regardless of the circumstance have some professionalism ffs.
Contrary to the Twitter opinions a threat whether serious or not is not an "opinion".
Holy poo, I just noticed this. It took me over two years but I'm finally in the 6 digit club on a video of mine.
Check'n Out the super awesome Legend of Grimrock 2
Sunday fun time! Today I'm playing some #autocraft I hope you enjoy and have an awesome day!…
We played Wreckfest by @bugbeargames, and it was glorious. Here are the highlights.
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Costume Quest 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Playthrough Part 4 - Issues with ...:… via @YouTube
Let's play Depth! WARNING:graphic shark attacks! Currently in beta but a ton of fun!
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Wow the stuff on my balls twitter account got suspended... We lost a true hero today folks
This game is seriously amazing. Sharks vs humans in Depth. A must play in my books! Here's me and my buds playing…
Have you been looking for that game that gives you a realistic digging simulation? Look no further!…
Looking at my recent screenshots on Steam.. I pretty much realize why I'm single..
Costume Quest 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Playthrough Part 3 - Trick or Treat!: via @YouTube
Man I didn't even realize I've been releasing like 3 videos a day. Sorry guys that's a lot to watch!
Retweet for a chance to win 1 of 10 copies of Time Rifters! Winners will be annouced Oct 21st.…
TIL I'm a pretty amazing engineer! Thanks #autocraft !!!…
Costume Quest 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Playthrough Part 2 - FINDING DEM ...: via @YouTube
Costume Quest 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Playthrough Part 1 - The Evil Dr ...: via @YouTube
Want to see the most beautiful game you've ever seen? Check out The Vanishing of Ethan Carter…
Gotta love it when a Dev emails me asking if I did a video for the press copy he sent me... I did it 3 months ago and personally emailed him
Gettin close to 200 games Check'd Out in my series. It's amazing to think about all these wonderful games I've played.
Happy Thanksgiving all my Canadian bros/broettes.
Retweet for your chance to win.
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Check'n Out.. War Thunder - WW2 Era Vehicle Combat Game: via @YouTube
After a certain amount of growth Youtube becomes a numbers game. I wish it was simple again I'm sick of stressing.
Check'n Out - Critical Mass - Zombie Overrun Voxel-based Game: via @YouTube
Should I upload a video this late? Why not I guess
Happy Friday! Today were Check'n Out Team Indie. An awesome puzzle platformer devloped by @brightsidegames…
lovin the warthunder update
After 5 hours, it's over. Doc feels the operation was a success. @Totalbiscuit is being moved into recovery. He's not yet awake.
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Check'n Out.. Lovely Planet - Kawaiii Speed Shooter [Lovely Planet First...:… via @YouTube
Maybe I'm too slow with my Sims series... Most of my Sims are getting grey hair already! I don't want them to die :(