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How am I sposed to work with this cute fucker on my desk! Stop being so small and adorable!
Can no longer work today adorable kitty on my desk, world meet pixel.… Besiege 0.11 Update! New blocks, new god abilities!
which one makes you more curious?
yo dawg I almost burnt down my house but I have to plug my channel. like, comment, subscribe. Priority's straight.
Day 3 of the plate drop on foot incident... Swelling has gone down so I can wear shoes again! Progress.
If Reddit wasn't a thing I would be one efficient motherfucker...
Like BeamNG? Like Crashes? Well come watch me try to do a Rally Map.…
Dear 95 % processing on Youtube.... WHY MUST YOU BE SUCH A DAMN SLACKER... Sincerely Impatient Youtuber.
Just realizing a week away from PAX I can't wait to meet all these wonderful Internets people!
Attn Music artists Youtubers are free promotion... This is the top spot for out of my mind since I started using it.
hmmm BeamNG or Stranded Deep today...
umm Youtube... why you haff to give me mini heart attacks..... can I have my subs back?
Ark Survival of the Fittest:
Ark Survival of the Fittest:… Building the moon base in Subnautica!
PSA, I dropped to 1 video a day in preparation for PAX and Fan Expo.. I will be gone for basically 2 weeks and need videos for yall!
We're getting drunk and fishing tonight on Steam... deal with it
I can't wait to finger someone.
Note to self don't drop plates on your foot
Someone should let her know about the invention of M… Ark Survival Evolved Survival of the Fittest!
Watch @Draegast become an "Oil Guru" as he depletes all oil in the Plains.
Retweeted by Draegast
TIL don't go pee in Ark Survival of the Fittest
Monday Stream - Trials Evolution:
Dinner is running late I will be streaming just late sorry!… The Hulkbuster Suit for Iron Man! Come check out this awesome mod!
TIL never mispronounce a word in a video... Because clearly I'm a scholar and should know everything in the English language
Everyone meet my new kitty, still no name give me suggestions! It's a girl.
Turmoil Part 5 is up! We get introduced to diamond drilling moles?…
Chilled Out Wednesday - Brawlhalla: via @YouTube
sorry for the spam lol, just making some old streams live
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Gameplay: via @YouTube
Monday Night Fright! - H1Z1 Battle Royales: via @YouTube
ARK HYPE! - Come Hang As We Wait: via @YouTube
Building a Ship in Interstellar Rift: via @YouTube
Armored Warfare Early Access - Friday Night Fun: via @YouTube
Fun Friday! Random Games! Absolute Drift:
Fun Friday! Random Games! Absolute Drift:
Ladies and gents... my new favorite totally random comment on my video.
TGIF More hilarious Besiege! Check out these awesome creations and have a wonderful day :)…
So it is confirmed I will be attending Pax Prime :) I can't wait to meet some of you!… GTA V Modding funtime! NOoSE Missions

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