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Dr. Yolk
The time I have for these fit couples at the gym
Bitties be trippin when I'm tricep dippin #forgeyourselvesiniron
When people's leg day slowly turns into an upper body day._.
How to capture a white girl
Girl I love your shape #geometry
Show up to the gym like what's a squat rack
Share with us plez
When people work out in herds at the gym. #ordersomeTs
What's yours? Twitter: @dr_yolk @ me bro
Follow me on Instagram: dr_yolk
Only the raw wear V cut tanks to the gym on tank day #yolkedforlife #ordersomeTs #getyolked #tubsofprotein
I cant see deez haters
More T's if you guys want them. Need a lot of orders to get em
Hopefully I can get some tshirts made for you guys
Catch them while they last. 50% off flo bands
Get over to GNC to get a gold card for collecting points for discounts. I do it, so you should too. tell em The Doctor sent you.
What most of the people with New Years resolutions look like
Sleep is a big part in recovering
Only the raw mix protein powder with their eggs and bacon
If it involves drinking protein, lifting weights, and wearing shades, I'm in bro
#2013TaughtMe theres more than one way to curl a dumbbell
If you play sports then you're automatically 100x more attractive 😍
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If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?
Walking into the gym on January 1st
T-shirts coming soon!!!
Tips for leg days: sweat pants, wife beater, enough Preworkout to give a horse a heart attack
There's always that one girl at the gym that does nothing but flirt and I'm just like...
When guys try to "one up" each other at the gym. Douchery things happen
When I see dumb people attempting to lift at the gym
ATTENTION: Saturday night book club has been moved to the yoga mats.
Try this challenge. It's harder than doing squats after upper body day
scooter 20% off online, have a sweet ride to the gym & have space to carry your tub so protein. #getyolked
Working out in the morning is proven to benefit your body more than working out in the evening
RETWEET this if you want me to give you 200+ followers in less than 5mins + a solo shoutout! (FOLLOW @AdorableWords )
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