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Dr. Michael Berglund
Clinton income goes tax-free into the Clinton family business
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So Pathetically Sad! MT @PeterMAbraham: Top Republicans and Democrats Who Funded Cochran's Racst-Hate Campaign in MS
NEW: Snowden gave me 160k conversations intercepted by the NSA. Here’s what @JulieATate @ashk4n & I learned.
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YES, I DO think you should pay for your own birth control & cell phone. Not because I’m conservative but because I’m an adult. #tcot #lnyhbt
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Sketchiest vendor yet. Has two sodas for sale in a drawstring bag. Pretty sure he's just a homeless dude who stole someone's stuff.
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@Dr_Berglund The 2008 Obama would HATE the 2014 Obama. Completely different people. Or same person, just a liar.
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Next we'll remove illegal MT ICE Removes 'Alien' from Term for Illegal Immigrant Children - Breitbart @FactsHurt
He's good at flipping... as Senator he was against exec orders, now does them... was against NSA spying, now loves it, @shaunholt8587
My answer to Can weather/temperature affect hunger and the thyroid system?
My answer to Are there any common medicines that have negative effects on the body or its organs?
If Pres Obama thinks that Repubs don't pass anything, wait til Senate goes Repub and watch the number of passed bills our President vetoes.
Only Democrat Congress Members are being allowed to visit federal facilities where they're housing the foreign minors... What's up w/that⁉️
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"Ladies, let's help our brothers not to sin by dressing with modesty" Oh, please! Shut up! Men need to learn how to control their hormones!
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FDA approves 20 forms of birth control. Hobby Lobby offers 16 in their health plan. Stop the mindless hysteria! #ScaliaLaw.
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When you shop @amazonsmile, Amazon will make a donation to The Truth A Teaching And Healing Ministry Inc.
Most Transparent White House Will Not Say If Anyone Will Have to Pay #aca Penalty in 2014 #obamacare logic #pjnet
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It's definitely a start... RT @irritatedwoman: Steve Forbes: Cut Off IRS Funding to Protest Executive Overreach
"It ended badly for Karl...there's no reason to believe it won't end badly for Kidd one day..."…
I know, right? @JimOwczarski Always hated the idea of giving picks for coaches. Course I hate hiring coaches who have failed elsewhere too
The #Bucks needed a new coach. But are Kidd (fiery w/ troubled past) and Milwaukee a good fit? #JasonKidd