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#sizeblackfriday shoe size:9 clothing:M #sizeHQ
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎅�
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seen such a nice car but I will never be able to afford the insurance on it😭
Should be doing my driving test by end of January😏🙋
who gon stop me huh
I complain about not having a job but i don't even have the effort to look😂
I just really really really really really really really really really really really really really don't give a shit
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Zante should be fun😏🙌
it's so nice being able to speak to someone who's been in exact same position as I have👌☺️
Can't wait for party next week🙌🍻
When Kanye said "You will never need another lover, Cause you a milf and I'm a motherfucker."
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omg my driving instructor is making me drive with another one of her pupils in car, I'm scared af😩😳
too tired to go on this drive😴
You can now send money through snapchat, what the actual fuck?😂
I won't even argue, I'll just say ok
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When ya mom come home but you got a bitch in the crib
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Can't stand fucking liars
all of last night was sick!😎
"U better protect ur girl b4 i collect ur girl" 😂
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When your mom doesn't stop the car for free blowjobs
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A lot can change and happen in a year👏
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fucking love my mum😂
On New Year's Eve, imagine if snapchat put all of your snaps into a big story and you can replay the year 👌
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because the Internet album is chilled af
Lads are wank at organising stuff😴
still love this photo @harry4847, pissed up eating snow lol
when your hairs on point and the wind fucks it up
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an old man has just been asking me what I'm studying at college and seemed really interested☺️
How I feel when I have to get up and close the door after someone left it open
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