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Meow chat can fuck off
The weather is 'shocking'
Half of my suit for prom, love the full thing😍👔
Fuck AQA. Fuck OCR. And Fuck Edexcel!🙌
Why don't buses have air conditioning😰
When someone's talking about how we their exam went:
Someone has just got on my bus with a McDonalds, are you trying to make me jealous😭
.............................................probably because its a house phone
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Feel shit and have an exam tomorrow😷
Brads dad has a shirt that says "show me your vajazzle" 😂😂
Just heard my brother sleep talking, scary as fuck😟
them new shoes though😍😍 #RosheRun
Brad is so far in the friendzone
looking back at myself a year ago: how embarassing looking back a month ago: how embarassing looking at myself right now: how embarassing
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When my teacher wishes us "good luck" before the test
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Town is full of chavs that don't even know what they're protesting about
Not making effort anymore
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pls stfu
Still get to go to Bulgaria🙌😏
Double science tomorrow💢😖🔫
I was so pissed up I've just literally woke up
Year 11 has gone so quick
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Logic - set the tone is a great song!
Capitals version of #Selfie is brilliant😂
Just sent a proper ugly snapchat by accident to someone I've never even spoke to before🙈😂🙈😂
men that hit women are fucking disgusting