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Harvey Specter
Listening or watching the news would make anyone depressed, no lie
Protesting violence with more violence does not make sense to me
I hate people that can dish out jokes for fun but get mad when someone says a joke back to them
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Coach Chuckie is like my crazy uncle #highschool #coach #happybirthday
I can't stand people who believe everything they read on the internet
I don't even worry bout nothing, im good
Since I forgot last night...guardians was awesome! @adrianaar38
I'm a lil depressed whenever I see back to school commercials
Ima check out this Guardians of the Galaxy tonight
Not my best night
Putting game too strong
So you gotta find the few that help you reach your goals
As you grow older, you find more and more people in your way
This was one for the books
Naww still funniest moment to this day was Reese Lemon getting hung during warmups and the Northridge coach laughed and walked away😂
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Messi look straight depressed with that award
I bet Brazil is wishing there was a mercy rule right now.
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This is so bad...
Literally three goals in three minutes
I hate how much flopping soccer're an athlete, not an actor
'MURICA #4thofJuly
I don't get how you could root against your own country
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congratulations to Team USA and @TimHowardGK on the run and on making me kind of like soccer #WorldCup2014
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If you're in the #USA watching this game at least you're not a bandwagon fan & stood loyal to our country to the end.
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Tim Howard man...
Scrolling down my TL and seeing all these "soccer fans" think they're ESPN analysts
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And now soccer is irrelevant to me again
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Every country would catch a 30 piece by our USA basketball team
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No ones seeing the USA in basketball, nobody
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Soccer isn't our country's sport, USA basketball is a different story
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When your walking and the person in front of you is walking really slow
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone 🌞
Its been 5 amazing years with this girl. She is the sweetest, strongest, most caring person I know. Love you @kkatie006!
Might as well Jump #diversrock
As you can tell I'm proud of my baby sister
I just stripped for money
Tank season became suit season #sister #wedding
Ugh these attendance points are killing me!!! 😭
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Dude your 12 years old, have 10 followers, and post 5 selfies a day...your account is safe trust me
When little kids on Twitter or Insta says its their "official account" like people are going out and making fan pages of them
As you can see I'm still awake