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DoYo Tek
Customer's dead screen from a cheap amazon part
Busy little week for us. Keep seeing DOJ viruses. Everyone keep your antivirus software up to date!!!
We just our 3rd shipment of #A1278 #macbook pro keyboards in!!!
This is a better image of the pins needing to be replaced
enlarged backside shot of the corrosion
Cleaner shot of the video connector post cleaning. you can see how it looks all nasty and gunky still.
I posted 8 photos on Facebook in the album "MacBook Pro A1278 Water Damaged (Beer Spill)"
New versions of the #DOJ and #FBI #viruses are out... Now they are 3x as annoying to deal with.
RT if you remember saving your jams on this! Now save your favs on #WD My Passport.
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We just #fixed 2 water damaged #macbooks, and had 5 #doj & #fbi #virus computers out. Its been a good morning!!!
#Twitter is killing of the Bots that #Followed me !!! #thank #god. It was driving us #nuts. All the xxx private #messages.... :(
It was so beautiful today!!!!
The party is in full swing! Retweet to wish us a happy 43rd #birthday and a chance to win some #WD swag! Rules:
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The “Enterprization” of an award-winning cloud service?
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Doing our #first #big parts order is #scary and #exciting!!!
Everyone we are geting #macbook #keyboards, #feet for #A1278 models in next week. Who wants #new #feet?
RT @gkeizer: Netflix to dump Silverlight, Microsoft’s stalled technology. Shifting to HTML5 for desktop browsers.
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Just #fixed an #Apple #MacBook Pro #13inch #A1278 with Water Damage!. We are comping some of it because she is a #single #mom & a #Student.
Blackstone reportedly withdraws $25B takeover bid for Dell
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#RT we need french fries!!!! Someone bring French Fries to the shop!!!
#RT Enjoy the Giant Robots this mechanic made
R.I.P to Andrea Pirlo's son who passed away tonight after a battle with cancer #rip
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RT @HPPrint: How Bill and Dave made it cool to #geek out & forge your own path in Silicon Valley: #ThrowbackThursday
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This is way to cool. Power to Welder!!!!
We are all working on our first pamphlet!!!! We just hire people to do this.
So many people are finding me on #twiends..
DoYo Tek's Virus Removal Promotion. 15% OFF until May the 5th!!!
Doing the McAfee training to night.
Setting up the google adwards account. this is annoying, but not as bad as Bing's mess.
This can shoot Lenovo in their foot.
Antivirus Special is NOW GONE!!!! Sorry Guys
They need to make a law against tool bars. They are so freaking spammy. I know viruses less annoying than them.