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Mackenzie McKee
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If anyone knows of level six or level five open teams around me please let me know. Im dying to be on one. Willing to drive up to two hours
Cheers to a new beginning
She may or may not like this ridiculously large cheetah bow moms made her this morning mckeejosh
staying him today with my poor sick baby.
Josh just asked me to marry him so looks like we're having a third wedding :-) he just loves getting married to me
Being a married woman with two kids makes me love going to Walmart I call it my alone time
Remembering the time I rapped to @Tiffani_LeaAnn "my chick is bad, my chick is good." #whitegirltweet
one of those "find a pillow and scream in it" kind of day. But just a bad day, not a bad life :)
just me and my pup eating eggs
Finished off that bucket of Greek yogurt like a boss
Totally meant four legged baby. Lol
my ten week old two legged baby won't walk on a leash so i take off for a run and she stayed right by my side for two miles. #perfectpup
@DouthitKenzie I've lost 25lbs on Skinny Fiber. I have high blood pressure for the past 15 years she haven't need my meds in 5 weeks!!
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gosh i love my new puppy.
that morning jog though:)
Check out her before and after with skinny fiber check out the website
everyday i can wait for hub to get home from work, it never fails i greet him at the door with a big kiss
but i know someone who would go above and beyond to
some people yelled "fat ass" to me while on my jog today. And no I'm not gonna write fifty paragraphs about them i thought it was funny:)
money problems can make you hate life... ehh
my son turns 3 this month and thats kinda weird cause i just gave birth to him last month
finally have phone service. finally home, but it was much needed time away at the lake
Everyone always says josh looks high in pics. trust me ladies and gents the day my husband does drugs youll know cause he'll be a single man
a day of shopping, a evening of rodeoing, and a weekend at the lake. All with my favorite people. Kids and husband
@DouthitKenzie You are wise beyond your years, doll! He's a lucky man
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I can perform in front of thousands but ask me to speak in front of a class, I freeze.
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all you do is wait tell they scream then you scream. TOUCHDOWN
Josh promised me a movie date then remembered football starts tonight. So ill be that cool wife to cuddle up and act like I'm interested
if this old guy whistles at me one more time while I'm running. #pervvvvvvv
Found an amazing pill that helps with blood sugars, weight loss, and more check out .
"@thefemaleboook: When you're not wearing any makeup but bae still says you look good" ew wtf is that?..
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when i pick the kids up for daycare its the most exciting feeling ever
Moment when your blood sugar hits rock bottom in the middle of Walmart talk about a mad dash to the granola bar section