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Mackenzie McKee
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It was just not a good day for Oklahoma
And so glad to habe my favorite people to cheer me on.... I love them so much
And what did I choose to do on my 20th birthday... run a 5k.... ran it 6 minutes faster than my last…
So it was good talking to @Lisa_wright32 at 2a.m. even though she may not remember :)
i had an amazing birthday..... knocked off six minutes from my last 5k run... proud of myself
H20BD to the craziest most loving lady ever! I miss you everyday! Still hottest momma I know to this day 😉
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here goes to a 5k running on 3 hours of sleep and a day of shopping....
I want a bull mastive so.bad but cant find anyone with them.... ehh
People be hating on me for no god damn reason. Like bitch why you mad for? Foooor why are you so sour?
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marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than u so they wont eat all of urs
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the worst is when you have to pee but your significant other is comfortable laying on you & you don't want to wake them UGH 😭
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Remember, people who fall the hardest bounce back the highest when God is involved.
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stressful day, can my hubs just get off work already so i can cuddle him.
me, a big truck, and curbs don't all mix well..... #curbcheck
I cant believe I just went out looking the way I did.....
Guess what yall...I get to see @JordanStaley18 this weekend.... and of coarse princess paisersssss and @AaronAtlfan
Just want ro remind the mother that spoiled me my whole life and my awesome husband that its my birthday week:) #spoilme
Perfect meal..2 eggs, a can of tuna, and some wheat thins. Got your protein, fat, and a bit of carbs. very feeling:)
When she moody..... grab dat booty
but on the bright side i love days when josh doesn't and neither do i, that much longer i get to love on him
Only thing worse than being cold is being WET & cold 😁😭
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im so frustrated with my blood sugars this week i could cry..... for the third time today...
Thank you stupid rain.... im not getting to run today
"@Teenlashionship: @DouthitKenzie whats some advice you have for HS relationships" boys suck :)
"@brxttle: I bought teen mom 3 on itunes last night so i could watch @DouthitKenzie cause i love hers and joshs relatinship 😍" :)
Just got my package in the mail from @DouthitKenzie !!! It's awesome and she's so sweet! Love it and her cute card💗
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Not the cooking kinda woman but my husband just told me I make the best sandwiches EVER!!!! #winning
Day at the salon with this dime :) mckeejosh
The smile on your face lets me know that you love me.
always be fierce and fabulous
If I pay $30 for a haunted house I better die
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" Some people feel the rain, others just get wet." -Bob Dylan
Live in 10 minutes. Call in and get more information on skinny fiber. Then join at
I really did 100 squats in the hotel shower cause this travelling life is taking away from my workout life :/
The feeling of getting a Netflix account. 😍👌🙌🎉🎊🎈😝
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"@Wittypitti: @DouthitKenzie did josh ever get a real job" sure did. He drywall houses and hangs sheet rock every day and rodeo on weekends
Now headed home, stopping by tulsa for cheer practice and me and the kids are ready to be home
Cannot contain my excitement for the holiday season.
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Blessed to be married into the Rodeo life:)