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Doreen Virtue
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Every seeming problem is built upon an illusion that something could go wrong in God's world. There is Divine order behind everything.
Remember that you are a child of God, blessed with peace and prosperity.
Be in the moment with your prayer, and accept whatever thoughts or feelings present themselves to you.
Creation is born not of a pressure, but of a ceaseless joy that goes outward in celebration of its magnificence.
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A receptive heart experiences life at a richer and deeper level, noticing the subtle details in every situation.
Thought for Today: I remember to breathe throughout the day. I remind myself that I can choose peace, no matter what is going on around me.
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Many of your ideas are Divinely inspired answers to your prayers.
Know that you are enveloped in Love
The creator is a mighty & powerful essence of all-encompassing love. This love is so bright that it deflects all darkness.
What are your favorite Easter childhood memories?
Much of your greatest satisfaction occurs while you’re performing a service for someone else.
You have angels assisting you in your healing, teaching, and service work, so do not hesitate to call upon them to support you.
Allow the angels to fan the flames of your Divine light so that U can step up to your life’s purpose w/out hesitation, delay, & compromise.
I am praying for everyone this holiday weekend, since holidays often bring up stress and family issues. May you...
The angels are beings of communication and service, and they reveal in these activities.
Remember that the angels welcome your continual requests for assistance, so don’t every worry about overwhelming them.
Learn about yourself by learning about your Realm, in Doreen Virtue's new video certification course, which you...
Another powerful form of communicating with your angels is to write down your thoughts on paper or type them on your computer.
Affirmation: My angels and I enjoy new opportunities to give service to the world.
In heaven, every thought of you is positive, because God only sees your magnificence and Divinity, reveling in your perfection.
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Your inner self is wise beyond limits.
You’re making progress along your chosen path. Everything that’s brought you to this point has been a learning experience.