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Doreen Virtue
The word angel means “messenger.” Angels bring messages from the Divine Mind of our Creater.
Prayer for Today: Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for infusing me and my loved ones with your healing light of God’s pure love.
The more you use high-energy, positive words, the more you’ll attract high-energy, positive relationships & situations.
If you long for more time, then volunteer your hours helping others.
My heart is open to my truth, and I ask my angels to help me express myself with love.
The angels shine the love of God upon me and through me.
Resisting changes is a power-less way to control your life, but making a firm decision is a power-full way that never fails.
I have the light of God inside of me today and every day. As I focus on my inner glow, I am filled with love.
Ur powerful heart-center is God’s gift during ur earthly journey – it guides U, manifests for U, & clears U of any wreckage along the way.
Here are your Angel Messages for this week:…
Let this be the day when you surrender all of your cares to God.
Your simple willingness to let go of all issues brings great benefits.
Today, let go of all issues that that make you feel tense.
When you let go of your concerns and give them to God, things can come smoothly and quickly to you once again.
What if, instead of succumbing to worry, you stopped and prayed for help instead?
Your angels always seek out a win-win resolution to conflict.
I have come to understand that every time my life goes astray, it’s because I’m not listening to my inner voice.
Your expectations are the steering wheel that determines the direction that you’ll go.
Today’s guidance is very simple and direct: Notice all the examples of bounty in your life.
If you look forward to success, being attuned to this will lead you to see and experience it.
Trust that the angels are with you, and have faith in the signs that they send.
Your expectations determine what you see and experience. If you anticipate problems, that’s what you’ll focus on and that’s what you’ll see.
You’re God’s wondrous child, and everything about you is in consummate order – your life is perfect, despite appearances to the contrary.
The more you know, affirm, and love your perfection, the more you feel and experience the Divine plan behind everything.
You were created flawless in all ways.
The truth about you is all good news. Any negative thoughts you have about yourself are false & thus not worth the investment of your time.
Beloved one, the angels are supporting you and your aspirations. Take a change and allow yourself to dream.
What’s your secret wish that you’d like to manifest into form and reality?
Your soul is guiltless and perfect in every way, and you have valuable talents that are a true asset to this planet.
As the vessel for the healing words, you’ll also feel the elation of the gift that you’re giving.
If you’d like, the angels can guide your words so that they’re infused with supreme therapeutic energy.
Work with the angels to use healing language in everything that you say and write.
Anticipate good things today, and enjoy the rewards of this choice.
Your inner compass accurately steers you in the direction of your dreams and desires.
Your opinion of yourself is often filtered through your own ego or someone else’s.
Please don’t worry, God is helping you right now.
God always leads you in the right direction, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time.
Instead of worrying about other people’s opinion of you, focus upon: “What is my own opinion about myself?”
Self-care is essential to health and happiness.
The angels will help you see the possibilities that are open to you.
Every door of opportunity is open to you right now – there’s nothing that you’re barred or blocked from.
If you praise yourself for each of the small steps, you’ll feel more enthusiastic about taking the next one.
The recognition that you need the most comes from yourself.
Prayer is an act of surrendering, asking for help, and being open to receiving assistance.
Give the situation to God and the angels, and know that they will effectively guide this challenge – and all involved.
What feels like a frustrating block may actually be the Universe’s way of Protecting you.
You were made perfect by the one Creator, and you can never undo this Divine handiwork.
Be willing to exchange old guilt or regrets today for knowing Divine love. This is the route to true and lasting peace.
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Be patient, as the timing of Heaven is not bound by our clocks; instead, it’s being guided by divinity.