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Doreen Virtue
Have confidence in your decisions today.
Notice the ripple effect that occurs as U give thanks, from the swelling of ur own heart w/ warm gratitude 2 the responsive smile of others.
The angelic kingdom loves you , and they see you as you truly are on the inside.
You’re a wise soul, and your heart is guiding you correctly.
You are loved, guided, and protected by your guardian angels, now and always.
The heart of all worries is melted in the gentle beams of love that radiate everywhere for everyone.
Your angels guide, protect, and love you through every dark moment, and help you go find the Light again.
Always BELIEVE that something WONDERFUL is about to happen!
Many of your ideas are Divinely inspired answers to your prayers.
Know that you are enveloped in Love
Angels joyfully work on your behalf the moment you ask.
Thought for Today: I remember that my angels love me & I allow myself to feel their caring. My heart is filled with the affection of heaven.
The angels' purpose is to bring your consciousness to the realization of God's love.
Divine love always has been, and always will be, the answer that you seek.
By staying true to yourself, you keep your energy high and clear, and you provide inspirational role modeling for other healers and helpers.
Only a tranquil mind can clearly hear the voice of the Divine, which calmly guides you toward the solutions you seek.
High-vibrating foods and beverages help increase a person’s energy levels, awaken psychic abilities, and are healthful.
Foods and drinks vibrate according to how much “life force” they have. Life force refers to how “alive” the food and drink is.
Anything that you surround with white light is perfectly protected, for white light is invincible.
Energy healing is a form of light.
Be not afraid of your own greatness, but allow your angels to mirror it for you during your communications.
Thought for Today: My energy-frequency level now ascends to its highest rate, according to my perfect health and harmony.
Your energy frequency is influenced by your thoughts, words, and lifestyle.
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Your access to health is eternally available, & U need merely claim this because U desire more available time & energy for ur holy purpose.
Angels won’t tell U what to do; however, they will give U guidance & helpful suggestions that are always based on love and respect for you.
You can move forward fearlessly on the patch of your dreams, without anxiety or reservation.
Approach meditation w/ ease & as a joyous escape – U practice this activity naturally during moments of daydreaming or lucid awareness.
Do not be afraid to be powerful! Ask the angels to release you from any such fear.
Divine guidance is not limited to profound revelations. Messages from Heaven are mostly profound in their simplicity.
We R all on the pathway of discovering tht we R one w/ God. When we truly understand & live this knowledge, we R in the state of ascension.
I shed past fears & doubts, replacing them with courage & love. I nurture my future with the same care that I would give to a newborn baby.
Thought for Today: I dream big! I let go of any limitations on my imagination, and I give voice to my inner wisdom and creative impulses.
Your inner self is wise beyond limits.
The creator is a mighty & powerful essence of all-encompassing love. This love is so bright that it deflects all darkness.
When you let go of your concerns and give them to God, things can come smoothly and quickly to you once again.
There’s no need to struggle with anything. The solution to any seeming problem – indeed, everything you desire – flows gracefully.
Guilt occurs when you blame yourself for a troubling situation.
Let this be the day when you surrender all of your cares to God.
Despite anything you have ever said, thought, or done, angels love you unconditionally.
A true angelic experience feels warm and cuddly, like a loving hug.
Every prayer is overseen by powerful beings who are at work on your behalf.
Affirmation for Today: I surrender to God and the angels any worries about how my prayers and desires will come true.
Prayer affords you opportunity to look at your magnificence in the mirror and say, “I am He who is me!”
Worries drags down your responsibilities, turning them into chores.
The spirit of Mother Nature lovingly replaces lower energies w/ her highest vibration–it’s similar 2 a laser beam zapping unwanted elements.
You express pure Divine love, wisdom, and creativity through your higher self, like a clear prism on a sunny day.
When you silently meditate upon the things you desire, God listens and He answers.
Trust your inner feelings, ideas, and visions, as they’re God-given tools designed to lead you home in peace and happiness.
You’re always bathing in Divine caring, even when you’re unaware of it.