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Doreen Virtue
To continue their work on manifesting abundance, the angels will work more on your receptivity.
Give thanks to God within you so that you may extend this love ever outward in a widening circle of gladness.
All your prayers are heard and answered.
The more that you allow yourself to Receive, the more you then have available to share with others who are in need.
Take time to sit in stillness and hear your Inner Voice.
Breathe and give every hurt, confused, worried, and angry feeling to God.
Everything that you’ve been through in your life has made you the strong and awesome person who you are today.
Reach for the STARS! You are just as capable and deserving as everyone else.
You were created flawless in all ways.
You’ve always been perfect, from the moment that God first thought of you.
The more you know, affirm, and love your perfection, the more you feel and experience the Divine plan behind everything.
Do not follow one who leads you away from the Source of all the prizes.
Your spiritual path has created a cushion around you, ensuring that the changes you make will be for the better.
You are more powerful than any fearful force. Your Divine willingness can out-will any darkness that the world has ever seen.
Take a moment and notice the feelings in your body.
Enjoy the smiles you elicit as you allow someone to go ahead of you in line.
There’s nothing that you need to forgive in the ultimate sense, for you can never nullify the Creator’s will of perfection.
You were made perfect by the one Creator, and you can never undo this Divine handiwork.
There’s only goodness within you.
I see the good within myself and everyone else today.
Your consistent practice of meditation has increased your ability to sense the presence of angels and receive their messages.
Because you're a creation of God, you reflect the Divine qualities of creativity, wisdom, and love.
The angels are enlisting nature’s help to connect you to her music.
Rest in Peace, Dolores Cannon and Masaru Emoto, 2 spiritual pioneers and amazing authors in Heaven together now. I love you both!
Nature releases the tension that comes from straining to match up with the timetable of too many calendars and schedules.
When you are in sync with the Creator’s energy, your rhythms with all of nature and mankind fall into place.
You are indeed an Earth angel sent here by God to perform miraculous deeds of love and sharing.
“On earth as it is in heaven” is a perfect description of the life you are called to live.
Since you’re part of the earth, it’s only natural for your body to join in the beautiful rhythm of Mother Nature’s symphony.
Connect with the nature angels.
Drink in the healing power of nature today.
It’s easier to hear Divine Guidance when you’re in nature.
The world is full of infinite possibility.
The angels prayer is that you will call upon them for guidance, and that you will surely follow it as it is given.
How would your life be different if you knew that everything you did was foolproof and you could never make mistakes?
Your guardian angels, know every aspect of your Divine life purpose and will give you guidance and answers if you will simply ask.
You don’t need to change to earn God’s love – you’ve always been cherished and adored just for who you are.
To extend the feeling of peacefulness that you have right now, send its energy forward into your day.
The more that you allow Heaven to help you, the more resources you will have to give back to the world.
Becoming natural means that you trust and follow the guidance of your heart.
Thank you, Archangel Gabriel, for giving me crystal clear guidance about [describe the topic].
Even a rhetorical cry for help, such as, If anyone can hear me, please help! is enough to invoke the angels’ assistance.
Your soul is guiltless and perfect in every way, and you have valuable talents that are a true asset to this planet.
Love comes full circle, from the seedling of a loving thought all the way to your gratitude when it appears on the physical plane.
When you allow yourself to receive, you make a powerful statement to the universe.
Know that you’re cherished, now and always. Ask the angels to help you feel affection, and notice as it comes to you throughout the day.
Your heat-center glows brightly with love as you praise it for its very existence.
The most surefooted way to place yourself on the path of a harmonious existence is through gratitude that is more heart-centered.
There are no limits to what the angels can do in your life. They are very, very powerful beings.
Your gratitude exists on the same wavelength as the universe, so it connects you to this flow.