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Doreen Virtue
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Divine timing ensures that your wish arrives at exactly the right moment.
Faith is the ability to stay focused on love no matter what, trusting it to bring about wonderful solutions and miracles.
Dear Archangel Metatron, please help me deepen my connection to God and guide me to feel and understand the profound love of the Divine.
The words “Thank you” are essential ingredients in your recipe for health, peace, and the manifestation of everything you desire.
Use kind & loving words and you’ll have kind & loving personal connections. Use harsh or unloving words & ur relationships will follow suit.
You are frequently called upon to act as Earth angels in response to another's prayers.
When you clearly state your dreams and then release them to the universe, they can come true very quickly.
God is preparing you for the New by guiding you to release the Old.
God's thoughts of love created the angels. Since the Creator’s loving thoughts are unlimited, there is an unlimited number of angels.
When you judge yourself or someone else, you then affirm a separation from God and other people.
I allow myself to love more, and I am healed.
Let go of judgments toward yourself and others so that you can truly experience the oneness of all things.
Today, allow yourself to care more. Look past the superficial aspects of other people, and know that you are one with them..united by love.
The angels' purpose is to bring your consciousness to the realization of God's love.
Divine love always has been, and always will be, the answer that you seek.
Angels bring messages from the Divine Mind of our Creator.
In each situation, ask whether each thought, each word, and each deed creates a greater or a lesser awareness of love.
Forgiveness with judgment is ineffective.
God’s will is everywhere, overlapping your own.
Forgiveness ends suffering that stems from harboring rage toward oneself or others.
Don’t tell the angels how to help; just ask for what you want.
The angels want to help us, but they can’t intervene unless we specifically ask for help with everything we need assistance with.
Dear Archangel Jophiel, thank you for helping me beautify my thoughts and my life.
Ur angel's love 4 U is constantly outpouring from our hearts to urs – & they mean this for every human who could possibly hear these words.
Angels will hold you with loving firmness so that you shall not be afraid when you gaze upon your Holy Self.