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Congratulations Pakistan cricket team! A nice moment for the country on Pakistan day. #PakistanDay
#370QS#Malaysia Could flight computer system have been hacked?
A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines (Chris Goodfellow (20-year pilot), Google+/Wired)
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Malaysia 370's system hacked? Why nobody talking abt this? Because wld scare ppl n air travel bus wld tank? #Malaysia #terrorism
Could Malaysia flight 370 have been hacked/controlled remotely? #Malaysia
Interesting global proxy war going on between KSA and Iran.
Who is behind what is going on in Bangladesh?#Bangladesh
Congratulations Pakistan hockey team!
Sorry to hear about General Giap's passing. He was a brilliant man. Will soon publish my book on him.
This whole Syria situation is not about chemical weapons.
For there to b peace in the ME and elsewhere, SA and Iran need to make peace with each other.
2/2 forth for the world to see? Why kill more people?
1/2 If use of chemical weapons is against "Geneva protocols", then shouldn't this issue b before a court and any evidence b put
Have any autopsies been done on the victims who succumbed to the chem weapons attacks in Syria?
2/2 The second question is, who in the world has access to said chemical weapon, and could it have been stolen and used?
1/2 Re Syria, the first questioned to be asked and answered is, exactly what chemical weapon(s) was/were used?
If the so called "intelligence" on Syria is from Israel, then why doesn't Israel bomb Syria; why make the US do it?
So after the Asad regime is taken out; then what?
Is it a coincidence there was a military coup in Egypt right before the impending attack on Syria?
Nice to finally have an indoor shopping mall in Isb. Thanks Centaurus:)
2/2: and once Iran responds with any military action it will b used as excuse to take out Iran's Nukes.
1/2:A 3rd party is pushing US to take overt military action in Syria in order to draw out Iran to respond with military action.
When you do small things right, big things happen — @tonyrobbins #quote (via @GiselleBlondet)
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Did a third party release chemical weapons in Syria in order to push the US to get involved in the Syria conflict?
Is SA trying to blackmail countries with oil stoppage vis-a-vis their position on Egypt?