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Akshay Chawdhry
Truly deserved Eden! Hope you stay in Chelsea. “@chelseafc The Chelsea Player of the Year for 2014 is Eden Hazard! #CFCPOTY
Azpi totally deserving that award. What a hard worker. Absolute champ.
Bib me has so many fucking ads that the website barely works. Disgusting.
Clitoris: nature's rubix cube.
Haha good job DM! “@_RedStuff Honours 2013/14: Liverpool - 0 Chelsea - 0 David Moyes' Man United - 1 God bless the Community Shield””
Closing all the tabs you needed to write a paper is probably in the top 10 most empowering feelings tbh.
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Yes people, you need to wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day on every social network sphere and then bitch about parents being on them later.
Hate those bastards whose statuses are "life is good". Fuck you
"nah go talk to ur hoes since u dont wanna text back n shit"
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Apple buying Beats Audio is great because the world needed a double douchebag carrying an iPhone and looking like Princess Leia
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The new Black Keys album is disappointing. I expected better.
“Harry then did something that was both very brave and very stupid.” - Harry's entire life summed up in Chapter 10 of Philosopher's Stone.
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Just finishing my 12 page philosophy paper. Wow.
Love is sending snaps without adjusting the camera.
Everything said and done, the twitter and Facebook pictures at least shame the ones who don't vote. Motivates others to vote as well.
Watched two quarters of the Blazers annihilation by the Spurs. It was so much fun haha
Social service idea: teach Indians how to use hashtags.
Twitter popularized hashtags. And as facebook usually ends up doing, ruined it.
Finished my first John Grisham novel. Really enjoyed it. Now on to Love in the Time of Cholera. Have heard a lot about it. Time to tackle it
If I didn't need to eat or sleep, I'd have SO MUCH time on my hand that I'd be able to get into Harvard. Or top the Call of Duty highscore.
Disappointing end to a disappointing run.
Chelsea yet again disappoint. What a slump since Villa.
He: I'm homophobic. Me: It's no phobia. You're not scared. You're just an asshole.
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These pigeons look like they're about to release the best hip-hop album of 2014.
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