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Akshay Chawdhry
What do you call the Qutub Minar when it’s painted in hideous shades of pink, green and blue? The Qutub Minaj.
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Narendra Modi is a rock star. Japan promised $33 billion in India investment. China may top that with $100 billion.…
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It's amazing how serious and sudden the change has been from freshman to sophomore year. The competition, the struggle, the subject matter.
Might be taking on more on my plate than I can handle..
Samsung lovers: don't bother being annoyed by Apple fans. Every i device has a processor chip made by Samsung. Without us, they're useless.
Just bought a portable charger for my phone. That should get me through the day. Battery life of my S4 has gone down the drain.
Or you know, just kill a cow. "@WhatTheFFacts: It requires 15,000 liters of water to produce a single kg of beef."
Never do I hate living in Jersey more than when I have to wake up for 8AM classes
Good Morning If you're a Chelsea fan. Follow eachother to grow your #Chelsea Family! #CFC #CFCFamily #TrueBlues
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Ugh waking up for 8AMs sucks. Being in Jersey and waking up for 8AMs sucks even more.
Arsenal: July - Sign Sanchez and Debuchy August - We're going to win the Premier League! December - #WengerOUT May - Finish 4th.
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Ugh I fell asleep for 2 hours in the evening.
India finally gets someone. "@BluesChronicle: Watch out Mumbai - Tropical Storm Anelka is headed your way."
Shift+Delete: an enticing and extremely dangerous tool.
Fantastic game. I think deservedly a point each for both. #ARSMANC
When india does "420" they steal stuff, when america does 420, they smoke the stuff.
This is what Welbeck brings to a team: Fans with hands on heads.
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Akshay Kumar hosts a reality show about dance in extreme conditions. Cos if you're ever stuck in fire or underwater, you want to first dance
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I'm no fashion expert but even I know that the Colombia women's cycling team kit seen here is a genuine disaster
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The advantage of short hair is that I can go a day or two without taking a bath and no one is the wiser.
Looking forward to a decade"@chelseafc: Jose: 'It gives us that stability and security that we want to have with such a young player.' #CFC"
All of the iPhone's features are old and pre-dated by android phones. All the time. Wonder where Apple would be without the "cool" factor.
When someone says they want to get an iPhone because it is user-friendly or long-lasting I understand. Other than that, it has nothing.
And then he'll play. And score 2! "@chelseafc: Jose says he has a training session now to decide if Diego Costa can feature tomorrow. #CFC"
Jose reports that every other member of the squad is fit to play against Swansea tomorrow. #CFC
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#NYULS spoilt me. Now that I have so many #CAS and #Stern classes, the workload is SO MUCH MORE. I miss #LS
Today I used the video chat option successfully in snapchat for the first time. #Achievement
When you secure that girl your mates said was out of your league.
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I love American holidays like Labor Day. Conveniently place it on a monday and give themselves a holiday simply to celebrate having one.
So I went for a haircut. I told the hairdresser "short but not too short". So she gave me a crew cut. Of course why wouldn't she.
FIFA 15 will be so realistic that if you select the Indian team, we'll automatically get a popup saying "Buy the game. Stop piracy."
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Story of my life. "@Fuljhadii: Butter Chicken aur roti khani hai 😩😩"
I hate that idiotic person who stands up to give a standing ovation so you feel obligated to do so too.
I seriously judge people who use their iPads to take pictures or record stuff.
Nothing can be created out of void. Creation emerges from chaos.
For the longest time I thought "To Kill a Mockingbird" had no author and "Harper Lee" was the name of the publisher whose version was used.
I know I'm going to regret saying this come winter, but it's so damn hot. I wish it were cooler.
Cannot believe it's so ridiculously hot here in New York. I feel like I'm back in India.
I was caught watching porn while my brother was caught watching RGV's film. Relatives still make fun of him.
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People who text with their phones on loud have no soul and should be set on fire
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ME: All I am asking for is a decent date with the guy of my choice. Is that too much? GOD: No. But your standards set for him are.
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Arsenal didn't get much training done today. Danny Welbeck brought his Premier League medal in so they all had a turn holding it
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Looking for a #fashion #production #assistant for an established designer. Please DM for more information #urgent #jobs #Mumbai please RT
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QUOTE: Radamel Falcao: "It has been my dream to sign for Manchester United...ever since 48 hours ago when I couldn't sign for Real Madrid."
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First day off college for 2014-2015. A new year. Bring it on!
Fantastic end to a crazy game! Go Costa! Go Chelsea!!
Fantastic save by Courtois. He keeps showing why he's playing over Cech.
And Felipe Luis gets his first game!