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I may be up all night studying, but at least I'm awake in the city that never sleeps. #NewYork
CAN NOT WAIT to get started to #MagnusChase. Worst luck ever that it delivered a day before tests began.
Just bought #FIFA16 for my laptop. After almost a year of having a gaming laptop, I'm finally making use of it properly.
Cute. And you think by not listening to ghazals of Ghulam Ali those terrorists will stop roaming freely in Pakistan?…
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During exams I become like Batman - live on 2 hours of sleep everyday.
Having an annoyingly painful thing like a mouth ulcer just makes you question biology and life.
Slept a total of 4.5 hours in 1.5 hour periods over the last 2 days. Suffice it to say, midterms week sucks.
One of those moments when you try so hard to concentrate but you just can't. And all the coffee in the world doesn't help.
Thanks for ignoring me. It's not like I have feelings or anything.
9 years ago I asked the girl of my dreams out on a date, today I asked her to marry me. She said no both times.
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Whoever said nice guys finish last was absolutely on point.
Well thanks for ignoring me. Really appreciate it.
Prepare for Mourinho presser: Reporter: Southampton outclassed your team what went wrong? Jose: Wenger has never won the UCL.
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Starting to understand how Dortmund fans must have felt last season. The way @ChelseaFC are going right now, they're gonna be bottom soon.
Chhorho bhenchod isse achcha toh Liverpool ko support karein.
Fuck it man. I'm going to stop watching football now. What's the god damn use.
Getting so tired with seeing Chelsea suck week in week out. Feel like I'm supporting QPR. What the fuck is wrong with everyone?
Chelsea might as well just give up playing every week. It'll save all of us more time.
The entrance to Hogwarts must be through an empty Starbucks. Or they both don't exist.
They should offer caffeine shots before classes. I somehow feel tired and sleepy as soon as I enter.
Me: Are those my test results? Doctor: They say you're an attention whore Me: Well, I'd like a second opinion Doctor: That's not surprising
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It's amazing how fast shit can hit the fan. When things don't go your way, they REALLY don't go your way.
I am annoying myself now. Need to fucking focus.
I hate dating and its politics.
There's a fine line bw waiting & getting friend zoned & making a move and getting turned out.The day I figure out when and where, I'm golden
I think I just made someone remove the "last seen" option from WhatsApp. Wow my ego is sure taking a battering.
My story to my kids of how I met their mother-kids, she was the only one who swiped right on me and replied to me. Beggars can't be choosers
Love - it is what it is. And what it is, is usually a barrage of disappointments and leaps-of-faith that don't pay off.
Fuck it. She was too hot for me anyway. Might as well focus on studying. Sounds so fucking depressing.
Well fuck. Now what do I do?
Now I will still be pining, just without ever seeing the person. Wait how is this better again?!
But I guess it's better to have tried than not at all. Otherwise I'd have been pining after the person in my head for ages.
All this time I don't ask anyone out because I'm afraid exactly this would happen - rejection and completely lose the person.
The number of celebrities I saw in the #globalcitizenfestival was amazing. What a great day.
Couldn't have asked for better company during the most amazing of days at the #globalcitizenfestival
The bed just becomes inexplicably comfortable in the morning.
BREAKING: Liverpool beat League 2 side Carlisle...on home.
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Our game plan is working superbly so far. Force Carlisle to penalties. We have The Ginger Buffon in net, they stand no chance.
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Superb performance from the lads tonight. To go toe to toe with Carlisle for that long was outstanding To win on penalties was even better
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Dammit we just can't keep clean sheets anymore. #Chelsea
Can America please stop with the AC of death? People have to wear sweaters because it gets so cold. And that's fucking ridiculous.
I strongly believe cell phones should be banned from restaurants. I'm tired of having conversations with the back of people's heads.
Let's hope we can follow up on our back to back victories tonight with another strong performance! #ChelseaFC
I see Carlo Ancelotti is being linked to the club If he's happy being assistant to my assistant then I'll happily welcome him to Liverpool
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Plan - wake up at 6am to study. That's 1.5 hours before alarm at 7:30 for getting ready. Reality - wake up at 8:30am and rush to class
We're always online but somehow never available.
Upside: I now have a "Dear Playboy" "American Pie" kind of story to tell. Downside: I have no idea if I'll ever see her again.
We meet for the first time. And we have a great night together. From a movei almost. And then you vanish without a trace. Were you a dream?
My two temporary first-year residents gave me a card today since they're moving out of greenwich. JUST TOO MANY FEELS. This is so sweet I just can't even. Honestly feeling blessed. #RALife

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