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Akshay Chawdhry
Keeping up the #leaningtowerofpisa with the force.
Just absolutely terrible movie. Cannot say it enough. Oh my god. Absolutely horrible. #TanuWedsManuReturns
Caitlyn Jenner is brave. Our troops are brave. Kids who wake up and fight cancer everyday are brave. It's not a competition.
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Quite possibly one of the worst films I've ever had the misfortune to watch. #TanuWedsManuReturns
Just terrible really. Such a poor stance on mental health, cheating, extra marital relationships and so much more. Just awful.
Appalling movie, terrible script & honestly lacking on all fronts. When the 1st sucked, why would you make a sequel? #TanuWedsManuReturns
Absolutely baffled by how Tanu Weds Manu Returns became such a big hit and money earner. Absolutely terrible movie. In every sense.
#Louvre by day, #EiffelTower by night. Not a bad day.
One thing off my bucket list: went to #StamfordBridge. Best day ever.
#nofilter because the Colosseum is simply too amazing. #Rome
Vaticano, Capella Sistina and Roma. Was truly awe-inspiring. #VaticanCity
When you see Michelangelo's David, you have to be classy. #Florence
By seeing injustice, you learn about justice. By seeing pain, you learn about charity. It's an interesting way our mind works
Things to do in the Museum of Sex. #MoSex
Watching Supergirl right now. So excited to watch how they're going to do this show.
So excited to meet @MissOwly in London! :D
It's so hard to motivate yourself for the last exam.
Exam is getting closer. So is the possibility of a nervous breakdown.
T-7 hours for my final. Still have a lot to cover.
#GameOfThrones really needs to pick up some pace. I understand wanting to give more depth to the characters but its becoming a snooze fest.
If there is one thing worth living for, it is your passion. People, connections, events in life can be relative; passion drives you forever.
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Everything said and done about Liverpool, considering they lost 2 strikers with almost 100 goals between them, they haven't done THAT bad.
Premier League table: 1st: Hazard 2nd: Aguero 3rd: Alexis Sanchez 4th: David De Gea 5th: We Showed Character
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Facebook: Happy Mother's Day mom!! Instagram: I love my mom!! Twitter: Life sucks. Ahh I love Twitter.
Literally entire Facebook news feed is Mother's Day wishes. The one day we don't ignore our moms on Facebook.
Nowadays, doing something doesn't matter, broadcasting it does. Vote kiya toh ink dikhao, mother's day hai toh Facebook post karo.
In the book of your life, people are just chapters. It doesn't matter if the chapter ends, it matters whether it was worth reading it at all
Running on fumes right now. Have been studying all day 😥
In love with Susie Suh's music. Would genuinely suggest her! Amazing alternative music.
It's funny how using Tinder is cool or at least OK, but using Match or something similar is just sad. We're weird people.
Dad, "You're a brown man with a beard in America. Homeland Security will arrest you". Me, "Girls like it. It's worth it". Dad, "I feel you"
All these things make sense, but suck so much in the present.
Not get tempted by it. Know what you NEED to do. Long term reward over short term gain.
There are times when things happen when you least expect them to. Life throws a curve ball. But you have to be strong enough to face it.
The worst thing is when the logical part of your brain overrides the emotional part of it. It sucks cuz you know its the right thing to do.
Looking to get active again on Twitter. Any suggestions on who to follow?
You know you've reached a new low when even Tinder says, "There's no one new around you" and you haven't had any matches.
Soon. Very soon. 18th of May is almost here. Very soon.
When you least expect it, someone comes along and makes everything better.
Sometimes I wish that I could just be stupid. Be a teenager. Follow a stupid whim. A desire. But then, "being an adult" kicks in.
Why is the heart and the head always on opposing sides?
Sometimes life can surprise you. You make a connection when you least expect it. And you just click.
Messi scores 2 and everyone be like, "Neuer you suck". Come on people. They're both classy players.
Calming your heart is the biggest challenge of all.
I wish there could be a world where a person's writing wouldn't be associated to their life.
Feeling depressed about the amount of work I have to do.
The moment when you have so much to do in life that you just give up and do nothing.

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