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Akshay Chawdhry
People who are cribbing about the prices of iPhone 7 are the same ones who'll buy it just next day of its launch.
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Only Pixar can make me cry about a half - cat, half - elephant, half - dolphin made out candy floss who is imaginary. #InsideOut
Wives need to take a chill pill "60k married men committed suicide in 2014: NCRB"
Texting someone you have a crush on is like a game of ping pong. Except instead of the ball you’re playing with each other’s self esteem.
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So surprising the Tennessee gunman suffered from mental health issues because usually people who go on a shooting rampage are totally sane.
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There's always that one person who will ruin plans by not playing along and saying" Arre tum log kar na. Hum thodi rok raha hai."
Me too my autocorrect : Bitch, I said what I said.
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Just took an Uber for $0.85. I love this country.
You know you're doing twitter right if you have someone to DM with
Only 3 hours of sleep? Doesn't matter I'm watching Inside Out :D
Damn. I was so happy about getting to over 600 followers that my count dropped :(
1: in front of Dad - Paise dedo Party deni hai 2: yo Guys got my first salary
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Yep. I'm certain I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Excel Macros is like the love child of a programming geek and a finance whiz.
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Hey @Support my Samsung GS5 doesn't show Twitter 's notifications. I have to open the app to check. Notifications are enabled. So why?
Why does Chetan Bhagat keep writing new books? And who keeps buying them?
Please someone watch Inside Out with me before it goes out of theatres? Pretty please?
My waking-up routine has a mandatory phone notification check. If I have nothing, then I just go back to sleep.
I get upset when I go to restaurants with my 10 year old cousin.He gets the cool crayons and coloring sheet with fries and I just get a menu
ATM usage fees: Bitch are you making me buy my own money? 😕
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It's 7am. And I still feel so sleepy. Need to go back to going to sleep at 10pm. 12 is way too late for me. I need my 8-10 hours dammit
Just started watching #MrRobot. It's fucking brilliant.
Crossed 600 followers today! #Yay
Someone needs to introduce an anti - honking law in india. And the person should be given the Bharat Ratna.
It's that kind of a day that I'm going to the bathroom at work to pass the time.
Asked my grandmom where my phone was. She replies, "Wahin rakha hai". I ask, "Kahaan?" She says, "Wahin, uske bagal mein, uske upar". Me :-/
The Twitter culture in India so much better than the States. It's used basically like Instagram, which is quite boring tbh
So bored with life that I'm legitimately replying to every tweet on my TL. Either I'll make new friends, or get blocked.
Diet tip: your pants will never get too tight if you don't wear any.
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i wish i lost weight as fast as i lose motivation
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Adam Levine claimed the summer was going to hurt like a motherfucker. Till now, Kolkata hasn't disappointed and neither has Levine.
Please someone watch Inside Out with me before it goes out of theatres! :(
I'm still not sure if I believe in zodiac signs or not.
This song just came up on my Spotify. At work. When there was a guy standing next to me. Judged me so much lol.
Potentially need a 2nd drummer that's tech savvy, trigger samples etc. Anyone recommend?
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*Decides to really do some work* *Plugs in headphones* *Decides to tweet what song listening to* *Ends up being on Twitter for 2 hours*
Definitely have the best following/follower count amongst my peeps from the States. Somehow Twitter isn't as popular there. Used like IG tbh
After some aggressive tweeting in the last month, I have finally come close to hitting 600 followers. #Win
I wonder if I should hide myself from all different search engines. But then again, I'm an attention whore.
Why is the top trend for the last week always something related to One Direction? What is that about?
Forget sweet nothings, whisper what kind of snacks you have in my ear.
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To the people who can eat Tandoori Chicken with a knife and fork, I simultaneously respect and mock you.
#NowPlaying Photograph by @edsheeran. I swear I would kill to have his voice and talent. Absolutely amazing.
Currently reading #DresdenFiles. Any fans out there on my TL?
I just bought the new Amish Tripathi book. Really excited. The Shiva Trilogy was amazing. It's less than half the price in India! :D

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