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Akshay Chawdhry
So Atletico it is. I guess the best we could have hoped for..
Perhaps a group of women should get together and castrate Mulayam and say "Whoopsie daisy, girls make mistakes too".
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Ah. So, Mulayam thinks that rape is just "boys committing mistakes." Boss. You first change the name of your party to Nasamajhwadi Party.
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Seems like Mulayam is still using the good old "I tripped and fell" excuse for everything. What a bloody shame that these are our leaders.
Mulayam Singh Yadav, how is raping someone a "mistake"? Did he "mistakenly" force himself on a girl and took away her dignity? Shameful.
When you start looking like Goku in the mornings, you know you need a haircut.
Do NOT want to pay $20 for a haircut. Cheap (REALLY CHEAP) haircut places suggestions in nyc or jc? Dont care about the style. #help
I always thought I was immune to caffeine and now I have my proof. After a full bottle of 5 hour caffeine, I'm hungry and sleepy.
I always thought votes in India were fixed and didn't matter until AAP was elected.
Indians seem to forget that there is more than one country than China with that particular look. Sab Chini hain unke liye.
They both wanted things to go back to the way they were, but neither knew how.
Rather, #GetInked and vote, and show Congress the finger.
Remember to get the ink on your middle finger and get the rare opportunity to flip everyone off without it being a problem.
I miss Indian math. American math has way too many graphs and intervals and such BS. Good old fashioned finding stuff using formulaes isnt.
If only the Limitless pill existed in real life.
Just had "five hour energy" for the first time. I'm shaking, but still sleepy. Not sure what to make of it.
Still wondering if DM will be allowed to stay for another year. I really don't think its a good idea. But well, one lesser rival for Chelsea
I wonder if United will even finish in the Europa League spot. All United fans, say bye to European football for sometime.
Still great effort by United. After all their domestic troubles, even challenging Bayern and reaching the quarters was a big deal.
My ideal last four would have been: Chelsea, Real, Atletico and Man United. Stupid Bayern still made it. Ugh.
United were thrown a bone in the form of the Champion's League, but now its gone. Now Moyes needs to finish strong in the BPL.
Come on Atletico, just keep it up. United disappointed, but you can pull through. Come on!!
Match over. Go home United. You couldn't do what Chelsea did.
Stupid United. Should have known better than to expect something from United this season.