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Alright people. My quota of bitching is done so I'm outta here.
So the one day the WhatsApp friends group becomes active is my birthday. But ironically, it's not even about me.
It's 12:20am. It's my 21st birthday. I got no girl, no booze, no nothing. Not even a dog. But, I got my kindle. Mixed with no self esteem.
You know one of these days, dunno when, but one of these days, I'll find someone who likes me. Cuz all this one-way lovin' is tiring me out.
So it's my birthday and I'm expecting a lot of messages right? I check my phone and bam! 45 messages. But 40 from group chat and 5 from mom.
Tinder doesn't give a fuck it's my birthday. I got 1 match who unmatched me before I could even say hello. #21AndAlone
Often the people who engage in diversity and inclusion talks are the ones who don't need it. The ones who do continue being ignorant.
There are so many times when I have no idea about current pop culture. Especially the music scene. I wish I were in the 80s.
It's my birthday according to Indian time. 21. But I can always drink in india so meh
I miss India. If nothing, I at least got Tinder matches there. Back to New York and back to feeling like crap about myself.
When you randomly kiss Bae and he was expecting it:
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"Once you take the Black, you never go back" - The Night's Watch
Jon Snow, "Crows before hoes".
I see Karim Benzema has agreed terms with Arsenal. The terms being that it's never going to happen.
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I'm tired of looking at all the beautiful people here.
Sometimes I feel like I'm pretending to be someone I'm not. But I'm not sure who I am yet either.
Have eaten expired popcorn for two consecutive breakfasts. On campus life has officially begun.
Moved into my new dorm.
Chelsea keep bidding for Stones and Everton keep rejecting it. It's a Game of Stones.
.@AIi_Babacan & @MFATurkey tnx for prioritizing women's equality at @G20Turkey2015—Now come to #GlobalCitizen Festival & make a commitment!
Congrats #Denmark on #GeneralAssembly Presidency & 0.7% to ODA—now come make a commitment at the #GlobalCitizen Festival
.@ItMissionUNNY @noynoyaquino you have the power to make sure a hygiene indicator is part of the new #GlobalGoals. Can we count on you?
Africa just marked 1 year w/o a case of #polio. @TonyAbbottMHR @David_Cameron now commit to ending polio for good at this year's #CHOGM
'I can’t wait to start playing games here. I am so happy.'
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Man United's lineup is looking strong
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Can't believe this. I leave Cal and now got matched with a hot Italian girl who's currently in Calcutta. Well played God
Back to Eastern Time baby!
"I'm buysexual. You buy me food and I immediately get sexual." Best thing I've read in a while.
Feels good to be back in LTE land.
Checking in: this tweet is from the skies. In a plane!
Why are planes so extremely cold?
The amount of money in Dubai is insane. I wish I were a sheikh.
Dubai is astoundingly beautiful. Literally feels like paradise.
I really need to stop giving a fuck. People only disappoint.
The virtues of being polite, punctual and considerate have all become extinct.
Some people can be so extremely rude it's not even funny. I cannot bear people who cancel on the last minute, for no reason.
Internet in this country frustrates me beyond reason.
I'm not stalking you, I just want to make sure I'm there when you realise you're in love with me
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SPOTTED: After his MOTM performance, Sergio Aguero is now plotting to take over the world.
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Did the Sterling sale include special VIP tickets for Rodgers?
Whenever I need motivation to take a bath, I put oil in my hair.
doctor: are you sexually active? me: haan ek baar titanic dekhte hue khada hua tha doctor: i mean with a partner me: papa bhi the saath me
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College elections.. I don't even...
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WTF, You are supposed to be taking my pics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Men eve-tease/molest girl, are accosted by an armyman. Return to take revenge and kill the armyman. People have no sense of right and wrong
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I don't understand you. But I want to get to know you. Yet you push me away and drag me in simultaneously somehow.
Be kind first. Be one of a kind later.
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People in Edison, NJ are more patriotic than those in India. "38k attend US parade to mark India's I-Day"

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