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Natural girl problems RT @beautetue: Nothing worse than rubbing your face but forgetting you have makeup on
😂 RT@king_jmariee: I hate snapchat. *deletes*
Never been the type to judge or look down on anybody. If I speak up, it's genuinely to help. #IAmLove
I don't have a physical type, only mental. #growth
Sometimes you girls let the perfect guy pass you by cuz he wasn't the right age, height, race or didn't have the proper shoes on. Tragic!
So you died behind the scenes of the camera just to get Instagram hearts? Aweeee lmao
Twitter is one big thirst hole for attention seekers. Sometimes I ask myself why I'm on this shit.
Sweet potato broccoli salad for dinner. #ihealthy
You should not only know your worth, but also the worth of others too.
Some people will say that you're going the wrong way when it's simply a way of your own.
Detaching myself from these unproductive smoking drinking fucking niggas.
Best bread to eat… Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted 7 Grain bread #wholefoodsmarket 🙌
Soho bound in my gym clothes… fuck it 😉
Foolish talk... I'll never be that guy.
Shout out the people in the club right now "dry humping" the shit out of each other lmao
There's no better feeling than the mutual one. And you can’t be scared to experience that.
It's a humbling moment for me when I've realize that a lot of women want to get with me. Not in my best interest though.
Oh, you’re a wild one huh RT @DollVuitton: Love getting my hair pulled 😩
I'm handing eviction notices out of my life. If you don't hear from me anymore, check your door.
Happy 4/20 potheads!!!!!!!
Great minds fuck each other.
Heart on a string.
Fade out and disappear...
"I want you to come out with me this weekend" works much better than, "What you doing this wknd? Can I take you out?" I want to include her.
Nothing is more expensive than a gold diggin' woman who's free on the weekend. Dike where you taking me tonight? lmao
If you have to party hard every single weekend just to have fun then you don't know how to live happy.
There's a reason why you moved on. That's enough reason not to go back.
A good looking flat screen LED HDTV is useless without a connection. So is a good looking woman or man...
How you love is just as important as who you love.
Ignoring red flags in relationships is like ignoring red traffic lights ... enjoy the wreck.
Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.
Empty-Handed & Full-hearted.
No obstacles. I live my life positive and comfortable. 😎
Don’t let this generation ruin you.
When you’re interested you do what’s convenient. When you’re committed you do what’s necessary.
Smile ladies smile. Too many of yous walking around looking like you mad at the world.
Your goals should tell you what time to wake up.
Good morning. This shall be a day of awesome opportunities, that will outweigh any and every obstacle that may try to hinder my purpose.
He’s not holding you down, he’s holding you back…
Told you about giving them chances, them chances, them chances…
All this morning wood going to waste… 😂😬
Not open-legged 😂😂 R@DollVuittonon: Be open-minded
My bed is everything right now.
Retweeted by iLove.
Nasty like a scorpio, but I’m a lucky libra.
Can't be friends with someone that's in love with me and it's not mutual.
I got a couple of women who is in love with me, but it’s not mutual. I want to save their hearts. Vanish slowly. Heal girl.
With someone worth it… RT @Lusciouskev: Good sex makes you happy