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Face on point, call him swordfish. 👺
Any man who doesn't eat pussy doesn't deserve a tongue.
Soon I'm a allow myself to be the best thing someone has never had.
Some people will say that you're going the wrong way when it's simply a way of your own.
Familiar faces and worn out places.
He can't love you like I do... like I do... like I do... like I do
If someone is sending you mixed signals, it's because you're not the only one in the mix. Haaa
Everyday should be mind your business day. Mind your fuckin' business and see how successful you can be. Fun fact.
Slow to anger, quick to happiness.
They want reactions, but I'm just relaxin.
Always grateful, but never satisfied.
A lot of niggas came and went, but at least you know it's real here.
Good morning. Bday in 9 days. 😎
Everybody is either taken or too distant.
15 Things Happy People Do Differently.
Mayweather will get his first lost tonight. 😁😁
Space gray. 64GB. 5.5 inches. Preordered. :-) #iPhone6Plus
Seasonal "associations" are not welcomed here.
Good women don't come easy.
Know what actually happened 13 years ago and live awake. READ my blog "9/11 Exposed"…
For those who are interested in the truth about 9/11 and aren't informed yet, check out my blog "9/11 Exposed"…
I don't cheat. Point blank. Period. No discussion. No argument. It goes against everything I stand for.
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Never underestimate or overtrust people. #wise
Alot of females are taken…taken for granted. I wish I had clones so they can be loved, treated right and appreciated. I'm only 1 man.
I never been a groupie for a beautiful face, but I love a beautiful personality.
More faces than I could ever know.
13 years passed since 9/11 and people still don’t know what actually happened that day.
I find it funny how New York people want to move to California and California people want to move to New York.
Don’t get so caught up in wanting something so bad that you’re willing to take anything that slightly resembles it.
Don't ever underestimate the actions of a persons that's fed up.
I miss the days when people actually took the time to get to know you.
Don’t blame somebody for crossing the line when you failed to set the boundaries.
Never. RT @PrettySays_: do you ever just crave someone's presence?
Chris Brown made a song with R. Kelly 😳🙌
Chris Brown’s new album 👌
😳😳 R@sojenyouwinin: So you go around breaking hearts just to see what's inside?
I like enough money to make a difference but not too much to make you different.
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You know things don't always go as they should...
I just gotta find her...
Maybe I will never be satisfied...
Apple needs to come out with a game console. I'm sure they will blow Playstation and Microsoft XBox out the water.
I need me a woman. And not because it's cuddle season...
iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?
When you recognize your weaknesses and begin the daily discipline of personal growth, exciting things…
I’ll treat you like a Queen if you deserve the crown.
Get it how you live it.
Seen it over & over again where women fall trap to false love, physical looks & material being - when all the swag gone, what will you have?
I wanna throw a party with fake alcohol just to see how many people pretend they’re drunk. That’s how fake people are nowadays.