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Heather B. Armstrong
What else would you do when waiting for an eye exam?
"Can you guess what it is? It starts with a C. Ch ch ch chhhhhhh chrees! Trees!" - my 5-yr-old, future valedictorian.
It is a proven fact that if a book jacket survives more than a single day with your 5-yr-old then you are lying about it.
Should have included a "missing screwdriver" in this costume:
Not sure if I will pass in this costume
This seems like a really good idea
Many thanks to @onecampaign for bringing together such powerful minds and voices for the #ayasummit in DC. Hoping we can urge @WhiteHouse to increase support to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, that has saved more than 6 million lives since 2000. #AYAaction
Let's mobilize and save lives. Click this link to send a tweet to the @WhiteHouse --> #AYASummit #AYAaction
We want a world free from vaccine preventable diseases. Tell @WhiteHouse to increase support to @gavi. #AYAaction
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Would you look at this? Can you even believe this guy?
That time of year again when the dogs want to go for a walk and I'm like, oh god, it's so gross outside.
If you could sum up the side effects you experienced while prescribed prednisone in a tweet what would it say?
An evening hike along The Great Salt Lake
Had to get this guy near some water
When parenting remember that the threat of Ebola is just as effective as ice cream in terms of leverage.
Instead of hitting the gym this morning I took the dogs for a long hike up into the foothills. As you can see here Chuck was just thrilled about it. The Former Congressman is old, yes, but he’s healthy enough to keep up. He just doesn’t *want* to keep up. I stopped here to give him a breather while
This tree is so committed that it keeps a toothbrush and a bottle of contact solution at autumn's house
She's a fan of @choochoocharlies cc: @nicolasnewbold @nevillejacobs @cturlington
For @micheleboudreaux
View from my hike today
Smug LAKE City. Get it right. “@sourcrepes: @dooce didn't know you resided in smug city, usa”
Just verbally disciplined two unsupervised children in a waiting room. Because biting them would have been illegal.
This tree is having a hard time committing to autumn
This could just as well have been an article on @TheOnion: "Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and...
Proud to share our first grant in New York to help more moms deliver safely. Why New York? Learn more #WhatIsPossible
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Tomorrow is picture day. We started with blowing her hair dry tonight. Tomorrow morning we curl! She's gladly participating! It is time to yodel while twirling through the Alps!
Photoset: THERE IS A WAR COMING IN FERGUSON — @ShaunKing has found out the Military/National...
BREAKING: Supreme Court denies Utah's, other gay marriage appeals, paving way for immediate expansion of such unions…
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So many thanks to my cousin who helped me with my kids the last two days as I face several pressing deadlines. These kids here are included in those thanks because I took a small break from my desk and walked them around the neighborhood this afternoon. Kenzie, you are at the core of my village and
Drop offs are going somewhat better, I'd say.
Just got cut off by an SUV with stick figure decals of the family on the back window. IT IS NOW MISSING ONE DECAL.
#tbt to when I dressed like Laura Ingalls Wilder and my mother trimmed my bangs with the help of a ruler
Today on my website I write about the honor I have to work with the strategic and brilliant team of @everymomcounts who is advocating for women around the world. Many of you have helped bring change to a community that so desperately needs it. (link in profile)
10yr-old: Why did you start doing yoga? Me: We as a country don't breath the right way. 10yr-old: Did you really just say that out loud?
This is what it looks like to knock down a barrier in global maternal health:...