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Heather B. Armstrong
What to do on a rainy weekend? Why, a movie, of course. In pink furry boots, heart-shaped sunglasses and a sequined scarf DUH.
She likes to "type" so I open a text document, crank the font up to 96 and let her go. Just now she typed every letter on the keyboard from left to right and when she was done said, "This is definitely Chinese."
"Let the men amongst our number preemptively respond: You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused."…
A single parent working multiple low-wage jobs doesn't have free time, y'all. Free time is wealth.
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Major props to my herding dog who just busted a scumbag in the act of trying to break into my garage. I'm buying her a whole chicken.
Would you look at that hand spanning an octave? If she grows up to be crass and obnoxious like her mother it won't matter because her exquisite piano playing will distract you.
I happened to look out the window toward the end of my flight home today and saw the familiar Green River snaking its way through the landscape. I thought we were definitely over Utah at that point but after some research on google maps found out that I was lucky enough to have peeked out right as w
Traveling home from yet another incredible trip with the brilliant team at @everymomcounts. Bon wit, Ayiti. Until next time. #whatispossible #maternalhealth
Landing just now at JFK (thanks to @etthornton who was occupying the window seat)
A couple of days ago we visited Maison Fortuné Orphanage in Hinche, Haiti. I handed the girls my phone and didn't see it again for another 20 minutes. This morning I was going through my photos and found about about three dozen of these. Ah, the universal selfie. @everymomcounts
The courtyard outside the in patient services at Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais, quite easily the most modern and well-equipped medical facilities in all of Haiti. It was built by Paul Farmer's Partners in Health and opened in March 2013, serving over 185,000 people in the Central Plateau. It's
Sunset from last night #latergram
This is Lac de Péligre, the second largest lake in Haiti, created as a result of the construction of a huge dam on the Artibonite River in 1957. While the scene is unquestionably gorgeous its existence displaced a large population of peasant farmers who once lived in the valley upstream. This won't
This is the basic structure of a future community birth center that Every Mother Counts is helping to refurbish in Cabestor, a rural town in the central plateau of Haiti. In partnership with Midwives for Haiti, EMC will also fund equipment, supplies and its first year of operation. #maternalhealth #
Somewhere over the Caribbean @everymomcounts @midwives4haiti
Good morning, New York
We got to drop-off a little early this morning and she was feeling anxious so I parked, let her sit in my lap and go bananas with the windshield wipers. One could have snapped off the car and I wouldn't have given a damn. #latergram
Really excited to be teaming up with LÄRABAR over the next several months as I get back into running (yes, I am as nuts as the ones I eat in my diet) and gear up for a half marathon. This time I'm doing it the right way—slowly, ever so slowly—and sticking to my normal diet (meaning no carb-loading f
Pre-piano practice, listening to Taylor Swift just a minute longer.
From my courageous friend to those of you who need it:…
A leaf with appendages. Fascinated all the kids at school drop-off this morning. #latergram
Totally amazed that Pinterest chose one of my boards for their Fashion Week Style Guide. Nary a yoga pant in...
12 and a half years old. Almost exactly.
My friend @heraceinthehole bought a maroon 1973 Triumph TR6 with only 19,000 miles. Marlo was more than a little impressed.
5-yr-old: running around looking for the puppy purse that is slung across her body. Me: Silent, taking puffs from an invisible cigarette.
I found The Puppy that has been missing for two months. Not quite sure how I'm going to top this spectacular feat come Christmas.
Tinder but specifically for prospective sister wives.
For the first time in her life the 10-yr-old said, "I'm too tired!" when I woke her up for school. PAYBACK IS DELICIOUS.
#tbt to 1978 and the owl macramé that is the source of all my nightmares
My love for this child is wild and vibrant and almost blinding despite the fact that she hasn't ever fixed me a hot dog.
Working toward memorizing "Concerto Romantique, mvt. 1" by Rollin. She improves exponentially by the day.
The many thunderstorms we experienced today were loud and heavy and unusual and SO AWESOME
5-yr-old types "kmnfwczatyoplae" into a text document, points to it and says, "That's Spanish for 'I don't like green beans.'"
"Only boy dogs die. Except the cute ones. Cute boy dogs live forever." - my 5yr-old, the scientist.
Today we got to meet Leta's best friend's two newly adopted Italian Greyhounds. This one is named Indie. Marlo's brain exploded because they are so tiny and cute, and now I will borrow a saying from @kristenhowerton. Marlo is demanding that I shrink both Coco and Chuck to this size, but because that
Hey, @gbooner look who is your spitting image. Such a healing time spent with my cousin's daughter today.
She's resisting falling asleep while sitting up which has to be one of the more assholish characteristics of being a dog: YOU HAVE NO PLACE TO BE. YOU HAVE NO DEADLINE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMEMBER WHEN AND WHERE TO PICK ANYONE UP. Just lie down and go to sleep for crying out loud.
"I'm going to be really nice and think about letting you have a bite." - 5yr-old on the meal I just paid for.
Thursday night piano lessons and the commutes into the sunset resume
A somewhat theatrical start to the next ten months:…
Dogs after baths are adorably pathetic