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Heather B. Armstrong
72 degrees, sunny, October, New York City: life is good.
I know this landing well. Hola, NYC.
View from the office. SLC ✈️ NYC. Thanks, @chroniclesofshe for holding down the fort.
Today's ensemble includes new boots that actually fit her feet and a princess jacket worn backwards. Oh, and cat ears. There's that.
This gorgeous block of clouds has been sitting right on top of the hill you can't see because of that building, much to the chagrin of my child who is not at all enthused by the idea of a thunderstorm. Like, not one bit. We are safely over here not watching any footage of the hurricane but sending g
I always match my tank top to the neon sign when Drunk Mormon History is being filmed. Good luck, @ivonna.tinkle! You're gonna kill it. Here for "moral" support.
I did not inherit my twisted sense of humor from nowhere.
Hairgramming just in time for picture day next week. Can you believe the natural color on this sixth grader's head? Thanks, @emgolie_hair.
Do I hang out with grups? Yup. 39-yr-old father of twins playing a keytar because he still feels it. Our generation can be so beautifully and unintentionally flagrant about how we are supposed to act our age.
Hey @leah7peah look what I found right outside my house when leaving to take Coco for a walk. Hm...
Obama wanted news organizations to put gun deaths and terror deaths side-by-side. We did.…
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This was entirely Marlo's idea, but the surprise presence of @poppin_pillz_in_the_city certainly does not help calm the water dog in her one bit.
Dinner at Whole Fruits with my child who apparently turned 19 years old overnight, how the hell did this happen. (Posture, pose, choosing to sit on a pumpkin, ALL HER DOING)
Thank god I did not throw out certain boxes in storage without taking a cursory glance inside. Because WE GOT NOTHING TO BE GUILTY OF, OUR LOVE. I don't have the proper equipment to play this original vinyl, so @ivonna.tinkle I'm headed into @e3modern this weekend armed and ready, k?
Forget about your house of cards.
In honor of tonight's lunar madness, for those who are old enough to get the reference. #SuperBloodMoon
Come on, Coco. FOCUS! (hey @mochamomma, she caught this one for you ❤️)
It's become a weekend tradition to grab lunch with @ivonna.tinkle, @electronluv and our four girls after they have enjoyed a sleepover. The greasier the better to help with Minecraft hangovers.
Stood in a very long line tonight to get @younghouselove to draw a penis/ghost on the title page of my copy of their new book #lovableliveablehome. Sherry and John, I could not love you more. Thanks for indulging me. The least you could do since I paid for your home. 😜 (Hey, @valerypozo, thanks for
We are seizing the fading light after school these days as much as we can between homework and gymnastics and piano, and yes. I do let her wear her pink BYU jersey to a school teeming with kids whose parents are die hard fans of their archrival, the U of U. That’ll toughen up her skin as will lettin
Today's ensemble includes a pair of hand-me-down boots she has yet to grow into, but one must choose one's battles.
She's been doing this for about 30 minutes a day now. Today she just happened to be dressed in her gymnastics leotard having not yet returned her glasses to her face because she was doing front flips on my bed. Savoring every inch of this tiny stretch of time in her life.
Routine day at the office. Such a pleasure working with you @doyouseeproductions
Have you written a book? Your publisher has probably sent me a copy. Sorry if I haven't gotten to it yet.

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