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Heather B. Armstrong
This is going to be the cheesiest thing I have ever posted BARF but thank you to everyone who left comments and sent messages and did their own legwork concerning the initial and then consequent threats made to me on Facebook last night/this morning. I'm still getting around to responding to a lot o
Someone needs to rake their damn leaves.
Been just a tiny bit of a week around here so I indulged the girls and, yes. It's 5 PM on a Saturday and they are still in their pajamas, and I guess certain parts of Ratatouille upset the inevitable future animal-rights activist/vegan in Marlo. DO NOT AIM A GUN AT A RAT, Y'ALL.
There's a #mentalhealth crisis on #college campuses. Let's take a look at the numbers:
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french journalist who's wife was killed in the bataclan attacks tribute is hearbreaking
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#tbt to the summer of 1993, senior trip to Daytona Beach, Florida. All that curl was natural.
Reading @tanehisicoates tonight and am highlighting the whole goddamn book. This. This especially:
November landscape (crying as I type this)
This is FUCKING INSANE. @JebBush again doubling down saying refugees must "prove they are Christian." Horrific.
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Here is the test Jesus said we should apply to determine whether or not you are actually a Christian. (Matt 25:35)
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Marlo flooded the entire kitchen tonight. Long story about a stunt she pulled in the bathtub. Instead of whining about this nonviolent accident I'm going to hotline bling this fucken white-ass fiddle-leaf fig fucken tree because I had plans for a bigger production. Alas. Let's hope my soaked 5D is n
A #latergram from lunch yesterday where my older daughter picked anything and everything not rice-colored out of her rice before she would eat it. The struggle is real.
It was a tiny bit bright outside after Leta nailed her performance. My kid is one spectacular musician.
So incredibly proud of my first born today, here in the middle of "this very stressful week" as she describes it. Looking very much like @blurb's father at her Veteran's Day program, then she calmed her nerves enough for a piano recital tonight. She plays for judges on Saturday. AND ALL THAT HOMEWOR
Minecraft, single fingerless glove, SpongeBob headphones. Sick camp is officially underway. 😐😐😐
This tribute to a military family shows perfectly how a village should work: #VeteransDay #Tylenol #HowWeFamily #ad
Marlo was up all night with a high fever but completely did a 180 by mid morning. I'm at a doctor's appointment with Leta and just got this text from my babysitter. If anyone shows Marlo that video going around of people losing their shit on Xmas morning when opening presents containing actual puppi
Airports of 2015: SFO (a project I probably should have started in January)
A #latergram of the sunrise before yesterday's half marathon. Leaving a very rainy San Francisco for home in a couple of hours and reflecting on what a great race it was. I haven't ever felt so physically good both during and afterward. Wonderful to see old friends this weekend and hang with #RunEMC
Success! Finished a few minutes over the two-hour mark and may have set a new PR. More to come... (thanks again, everyone β€οΈπŸƒπŸΌπŸ’₯)
Tomorrow morning I will run across this bridge twice in an effort to bring awareness and funds to maternal health programs around the world. Thank you so much to those who have donated and supported me emotionally and physically while I trained (UGH STREP THROAT). You're investing in so many other w
Oh, I want to be theeyy-ahh-eee-aiirr, in my citaaaay...
Staying at Casa @ohhappyday while in SF for the weekend and once again it's like walking into the pages of my favorite interior design mags. Every time I turn around I gasp because not an inch of this would survive Marlo.
Attention @pinxitphoto @mochamomma @lifewithroozle IT ARRIVED. I'm wearing it to San Francisco so that @ohhappyday and I can come up with something dazzling before I run that half marathon. You've been warned. #RunEMC #DrakeForMaternalHealth #DonateThatUnusedCellphone #CuzShesJustNotThatIntoYou @eve
Our annual October/November afternoons together. She's so proud of how far she's come on this piece, a 10-minute memorized concerto. The memorization alone astounds this very proud mama.

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