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Heather B. Armstrong
You guys, I am hanging out with Christians. Sadly Mark Howerton is not currently #shirtlessmark but this, this? This is Tim Taber and apparently he speaks to god. @timtaber
Righ before getting gelato. Marlo borrowed a pair of boots that match her puppy purse. Who wouldn't? @kristenhowerton
SLC -> Orange County, let's hope @kristenhowerton and family can handle all of this.
Looking at kittens with Marlo at Best Friends Animal Shelter. She can touch and cuddle while I stand a safe distance away, otherwise my eyes swell to the size of a basketball and my nose will run like a fire hose. I will admit that they are cute. Deadly, but cute.
My mom bought this thing for Marlo and to thank her I am going to poop on her front lawn.
#tbt 1991, holding my now 23-yr-old niece who was then newborn
View from my run this morning
She took Back to School night very seriously. Something tells me she's going to end up in a graduation gown flashing leg and her generation's version of Adidas.
“But if you want it to heal, it just takes time”…
Did @nytimes conclude grown adults Robin Williams or Philip Seymour Hoffman "no angel" bc they 'dabbled in drugs'?
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“My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still”...
Someone started fifth grade today. That someone's mother then curled up in a ball and cried.
About to take off on the Mountain Coaster. Her glasses are safely elsewhere.
The most detailed side-by-side telling of each eyewitness account of the Mike Brown murder in chronological order…
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Birthday party at a chocolate factory. We all got an Oompa Loompa.
Movie with my baby by lamplight. Cramming in the end of summer.
Just played "Let's Go Crazy" for the 10-yr-old to show her what I was listening to at her age and she goes, "A song about an elevator??"
Ryan Gosling was the 1st actor to make me want a pillowcase with his face on it. #FirstLoveFriday #TheBestOfMe
Ryan Gosling was the first actor to make me consider buying a pillowcase with his likeness on it. #FirstLoveFriday #TheBestOfMe
#tbt Graduation day, 1997, which I took very seriously. I really really wish my brother had an Instagram account so I could tag that face.
Watching "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" with both kids in my bed while snacking on popcorn and red Gatorade. The theme is "JUDGE ME" night.
My baby girl is home and heart is no longer in pieces.
"What’s happening is not a riot. The people are protesting with a righteous anger. This is a justified rebellion."…
Finally back in the gym, gearing up to try hot yoga. I hear belly button sweat is all the rage. @kristenhowerton @markhowerton @chadmarkley @sarahmarkley
Scott Olson, the Getty photographer arrested in Ferguson, has taken some of the most iconic images of the protests
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Important moment to remember that police are supposed to *protect* our constitutional right to free assembly, not prevent it.
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This is the rationale of a domestic abuser: It's your fault I hit you:
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Meanwhile, in NYC the cop who killed Eric Garner (whose death ruled a homicide, two weeks ago) still hasn't been charged.
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Reading Time Wise, Southern Relatives beware:…
Oh my god a pregnant woman is going to Utopia. BABIES DO NOT EXIST IN UTOPIA. @utopiatvusa @hippykid
Street style, Indio @kristenhowerton
So @kristenhowerton is in the pool with her phone and it is not waterproofed. Just in case you ever doubted she was superhuman.
Well this place is just awful
Sam Herring of @future_islands. This band is everything.
Dear People Who Want Smaller Government, #Ferguson. That is all.
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BOS -> SLC ✈️ Early morning flight home.
Having some of the best pulled pork of my life in a Yankee-run establishment. This was predicted in The Book of Revelation.
From atop the Green Monster
Thank you, @pointerb and The Captain, for the sunset tour on The Charles. More water!
My summer has been so full of water, more than any other summer of my life. Good memories.
Nearing sunset on Ebben Creek
Motif Number 1 (for @avj)
Landing in Bean Town #latergram