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How many followers do you get everyday? I got 227 in the last day. Growing daily with
yes like 5 years from now most of this shit I stress over wont matter gotta remind myself this
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Hate when niggas think they can send a text full of typos and expect me to understand it... Like what are you trying to say
Freestyles skills 💪 AF
When to jail for a lick but you came back to quick so that got you homeboys asking if this nigga a snitch or is he just that slick
I'm be honest... I stay on my phone so if I don't text back or call you back.. That means I don't fucks with you..
He told me I didn't need to lose weight, he loves the way I man but I feel fat... Like not overweight but still need to lose some weight
Trying to lose weight
Finna switch to android for a moment
David Amerson should be motivated to work hard by seeing Breeland who was a rookie take first team reps instead of him but Amerson is babe
y'all talkin bout Riley Curry like A.I. ain't have the fam in Chinchilla at the press conference 🐐�
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I wanna get a Tat of my dad's signature... But his going to kill me if I do
I don't believe in demons... I believe in God
The Charlie Charlie game fake as fuck... The pencil move due to gravity, a slit tilt of the surface or little wind
This offseason the Redskins have gotten rid of Tyler Polumbus and Chris Chester. That is the DEFINITION of addition by subtraction. YES!!!!!
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My 4 year niece bad as fuck... Like she cusses & can dish out a ass whompen.. She hasn't even started school yet
SMH McDonald's can't get the order right at the drive thru
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If another girl has your attention and the girl you're with doesn't 😓 Just break up with the girl you're with fam you not feeling her nomore
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Starbucks I'm about to come your way *Fetty Wap voice*
He was everything like a month ago now he ain't shit to me ✌️
Leave my side just like the others... Cool I'm used to it
Might sound selfish, but I'm focus on me first... I mean I don't have any kids so yeah
a relationship is only for TWO people, but some PEOPLE don't know how to count.
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worst thing about not messing with too many people is at night when you can't sleep and you really don't have anyone to talk too. 😐
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You gotta be prepared for betrayal, no matter how loyal you are to some people. 😌👌💯
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I don't hate you, I'm just disappointed that you turned out to be everything you said you'd wouldn't be. 😌✌
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sometimes I feel like I'm waiting for something that's never going to happen. 😔
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Hate when im tryna click behind a word it take a billion tries to go where i want it ... stupid iPhones
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I really don't see a big deal about DJac missing voluntarily OTAs... Like it's not mandatory..& he been in the league since 09
Relationship Goal this Relationship Goal that... STFU & get you some Life Goals
pizza🍕 🍕🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕🍕🍕🍕 or 💊💊💊💊 💊 💊 💊 💊 💊 drugs
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No more Santana Moss :(
I wish I had some money to spend...
inconsistency is unattractive af, how are you gonna treat someone like they mean the world to u one day then pull a 360 on them the next
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On this day 13 years ago, Eminem released his fourth album "The Eminem Show"
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Chance The Rappers upcoming album will include features from J. Cole, Frank Ocean & Andre 3000.
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IG he forgot all about me... Cool ✌

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