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#HTTR (2-2) #BeatATL
@DontCountMeIn hopefully we can end their undefeated record.
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Falcons fans so full of themselves....we got fry these birdy birds
Everybody knows my skins never play the giants well...
Falcons are the worst 4-0 team tho but they really dont hear me
The falcons could have easily been 1-3....the only team yall really dominated was the texans
There are 4 games featuring 4-0 vs 2-2. Which 2-2 team will win? #NFL SEAvsCIN WASvsATL OAKvsDEN STLvsGB I'm taking the @Redskins
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I want the best for you and if thats not fine with that because all i care about is your happiness
God I Know I'm Not Perfect But I'm Trying .....
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Lol she said her ass fat so i said where bitch
Again the Texans are butt
Drake be looking sexy now
I always go to bed the next day (after 12 am)
Andre Johnson did great against a team that never deserved him. Hall of Famer with no post season presence, ridiculous.
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Ready for school to start
My cousin tripping taking 3 hours to respond....bye
Texans suck butt cheeks
I thought my #Redskins had too many penalties. . They have nothing on the Texans #TNF
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The Texans got a whole lot of explaining to do....cant beat a 40 year old QB who has practice all week due to a bacterial infection.
Not given up on Rg3 but i want him to go prosper somewhere eles besides the bench
If i ever get married, i dont want a wedding or a ring...can we just get matching tats
@DontCountMeIn lol this your 2nd trade rg3 tweet..first one was to saints
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Man the texans need to trade for RG3
If my day comes & I actually do get shot by the police please do not use my death as a reason to be ignorant
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Suck my responds when he says suck my 🍆
My lips are perfect......
i cried😪my brother went on prom today and brought pink ballons for my mom FXCK CANCER#RipMommyy 🎀 we miss you so mucdl
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@DontCountMeIn the smell of cigarettes that cling on to clothing
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I though houstons D was going to be a problem for the colts, i guess not
The smell of cigarettes <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ima need him to stop smokinh and drinking
Its either i care too much or i dont care at all...theres no inbetween
Just be there...thats all i ask you to do
Mad i cant even talk to him till tommorrow...:(
Year later and @JaelenStrong still making Hail Mary catches
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Rookie #Redskins DB Kyshoen Jarrett has been solid in pass coverage so far. Allowing only 44% completions, no TDs, no catches +10yds.
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#TBT to that time #Redskins seat cushions rained down from the sky against Falcons. MORE:
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