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R.I.P Sean Taylor
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If Obama WASNT President: Part 1- McDonalds
When your own car alarm goes off and you suddenly feel like a criminal
SMALL things piss you off when it's someone you DONT like - #YourWholeLifesAMistake #JustASneeze
Why the black family gotta be that damn excited about fried chicken on national t.v.? #embarrassing 😂😂
When you THINK someone's cute and they're not.
When you forget to bomb ISIS, but you already did #Remake
When you find out your girl is cheating
On More About Nothing ppl relate to it more personally with break up song, friends and strangers, ambitious girl, trip downtown, cloud etc
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On this bus. We just started the "Fuck Money Spread Love tour." No routing, just riding out. NYC thank you. we outtt
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Next fall I'm taking my talents to Virginia Tech. I think they are a good fit for me and what I do. DBU is how I feel.
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It's been a good year, thank you 2014 for being so good to me, my family & friends... Let's continue the good in 2015
You can think happy but if you don't feel happy... your not going to be happy
For right now J Cole is slightly better than Wale... Just because of the letterman #HipHopIsAlive
Whether you're a fan of hip hop or not.. That J.Cole performance on Letterman and that Angie Martinez interview spoke the truth.
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No matter how bad David Amerson be playing on the field , that's still bae
"@DontCountMeIn: A good dude is not rare to find, you just chasing after bad dudes that only know how to be one thing, players" this
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Only thing I like about working at McDonalds is that I could have a McGriddle at 1 in the morning while most have to wait till 5 am
A good dude is not rare to find, you just chasing after bad dudes that only know how to be one thing, players
I got a job, I just need on that pay more than $9 an hour
I want that relationship where if I buy you a pair of sneakers, you going to buy me a pair too
1.) Get this job 2.) Buy a whip 3.) Move out & be independent
Damm it's already Friday
I don't need anyone else to spoil me, I do that myself but I sure would be nice to have someone buy you what you want sometime
Lmao “@DontCountMeIn: How to get away with Handicap Parking â™ŋī¸”
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That Moment When, you woke up and saw your girl without makeup for the first time.. #ThoMovement
That Awkward Moment of Interracial Dating