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DonnaZali Pangilinan
mall hangingout surfing novels 2,779 followers
deleting old pictures :-)
I'm still shaking..-_-
feeling hungry. tamad tamad din kasi kumain haiasst
I hate readings and writings! ! killing me :[
...but thanks to @markflores2292 for taking good care of me.
Goodbye - Secondhand Serenade
once a liar always a liar
feeling sleepy. .again.... I only slept for 3hrs...damn
I'm hungry! again?? kain ng kain GUTOM! -.-
I asked for a friend, not someone who changes attitude as often as the weather
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"Foolish Heart" you've been wrong before don't be wrong anymore
being nice is not good, how about being wild? lol
just got home -_- feeling sleepy
(thinking)....going back home
I don't really drink coffee but now, I just finished 2 cups of ice coffee. my heart is beating so fast
I'm not ma-drama it's just that expressive lang talaga ako kung anu gusto ko sabhin. k?