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DonnaZali Pangilinan
True friends never count things. They count memories.
Retweeted by DonnaZali Pangilinan
fvck it! when you actually press the wrong button and liked someone's photo even though you don't.
got my haircut done ☺ short hair yey!
Every time I saw your face, my mouth automatically says "Fvck you're so ug*y, same as your attitude" -ImNotAHater just saying the truth ☺
"@anaojeda57: "You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory" - Spongebob"
I treated you nice as shit, but I still don't get it. Why are you making up some stupid issues and stuff!? You know what? Fvck it all b*tch!
In this world, the only thing I can truly treat as a best friend is my boyfriend. Next to my family ☺
iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Edge? urghh so hard to decide
Sometimes trusting a friend is the hardest thing to do. Even the closest friends can become your enemies.
Retweeted by DonnaZali Pangilinan
coz we're so lazy to cook mag fast food na lang
class cancelled...again! 😊😊😊
that moment when u wake up in the middle of the night and remembered that you haven't remove your make up Fvck! 😢😢😨
I need to get a driver's license na. So stop being tamad mode all the time =__=
No more hats! hahaha exposed tattoos are okay na din. lol
5 pages essay! grrr I wish I can finish this by midnight. 😒😒
headache 😢😩😭😭😭
add me on snapchat @donnazalipangilinan 😘😌☺
I hate writing! hahaha it took me more than 8hrs. to finish my 3pgs. analysis paper! 😧
People are just mean sometimes because after helping them out, they don't know how to return the favor.
just got my 3 spares of batteries :-) happy kid bye old one..
ang sarap kumain pag hindi niyo niluto noh? nagtira naman sana kayo sa nagluto haiss feeling irritated
hi cuz :-) kumusta jan? haii I'm so inggit. Kayo na nag cwc grrr
feeling lazy to study BOW! -_-
Stick with friends who saw you, when nobody else did, and who were true from the very start.
Retweeted by DonnaZali Pangilinan
that moment when u can talk to ur friends anymore because SOMEONE just chatted them and had an argument about jealousy. - feeling irritated
mga taong ang gulong kausap..Fvk u!
I liked a @YouTube video Clumsy Tagalog Version - Dj Sundalong Bata and Ms. Ganda
deleting old pictures :-)
I'm still shaking..-_-
feeling hungry. tamad tamad din kasi kumain haiasst
I hate readings and writings! ! killing me :[
...but thanks to @markflores2292 for taking good care of me.
Goodbye - Secondhand Serenade
once a liar always a liar
feeling sleepy. .again.... I only slept for 3hrs...damn
I'm hungry! again?? kain ng kain GUTOM! -.-
I asked for a friend, not someone who changes attitude as often as the weather
Retweeted by DonnaZali Pangilinan
"Foolish Heart" you've been wrong before don't be wrong anymore
being nice is not good, how about being wild? lol
just got home -_- feeling sleepy