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Your the only one because I don't trust these Bitches..
Can't depend on nobody but yourself.
Working on the inner me..
Everything reminds me of you.
Feels Good to be back home.
I admit, I make stupid decisions.
So disrespectful! smh "@DomeMeUp_ I hate when dudes call their Girlfriends "Bitches""
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I'm actually keeping this promise.
I hate when dudes call their Girlfriends "Bitches"
I believe everything happens for a reason.
This Zimmerman shit is Making my TL live af.
Zimmerman found non-guilty? Lord forgive me, but Im the new neighborhood watch,next white person I see looking suspicious Ima shut it down!!
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My Fuckin Song >> RT @Veemoseley: Call me crazy, shit at least you calling ☝
First thing I'm doing when I get home is taking a nice hot ass Shower in my AC!!
If you like Lil B, Soulja Boy, or Chief Keef, we can't be friends.
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You couldn't pay me to hang around a group of fake bitches.
I'm very impatient..
I'm nobodies second option.
To much money aint enough money. You know the FEDs listening, nigga what money?
His shit really don't stop lol come on people gotta grow up
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Woke up in a good mood.
Juelz Santana be Spittin'