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Cory Doctorow
A big thank you to @doctorow and @alooghobi for "In Real Life" one of the most topical, timely and endearing things I've read in a while!
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Inside Secure threatens security researcher who demonstrated product flaws
My friend Renault is more outgoing than me & got our photo with author & digital rights activist Cory @doctorow :)
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It's the Comic Roundup where @MrDQJ sings the praises of In Real Life by @doctorow and @alooghobi!
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Database of military surplus equipment sold to US police forces…
American businesses devour themselves to enrich the 1%…
Cory Doctorow visits the Bay Area with two new works… @doctorow and @pesco in conversation @JCCSF on 10/29.
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IN REAL LIFE by @doctorow & @alooghobi I devoured this uplifting graphic novel about a gamer girl trying to do good for a new friend #BLRecs
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So far, 100 people are posting 24% of the total traffic to the Gamergate hashtag. Half those accounts were created in the last three months.
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1001 words on UTOPIA (working title), a novel for adults #dailywords [total to date: 144493]
Mercilessly pricking the bubbles of AI, Big Data, machine learning…
Massive, tentacle-covered annotated works of HP Lovecraft…
Photo: The house at Wales and Augusta, Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Flickr. This is the...
Hey Vancouver! Catch @doctorow this Friday at #VWF2014 talking about his new book Information Doesn't Want to be Free…
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Today's jam: James Cotton Band "Ying Yang" <oh, that fucking harmonica!>
Photo: Heather’s Warren ink (Bird at Black Vulture Gallery), kids’ librarian sleeve tattoo 2, Whitman...
Photo: Chickpizz, unfortunate restaurant name, Stoke Newington, London, UK.jpg on Flickr.
Photo: 3D model of the UK HarperCollins cover for Makers (front), courtesy of Shapeways, the office,...
Photo: My all-fiberglass Nike Smoke rocket became a spiral flamethrower overhead by jurvetson on Flickr.
.@doctorow will be @umsi on 11/20, with the best-titled talk ever: "I CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT DAVE"…
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Our @MrDQJ takes a look at In Real Life by @doctorow and @alooghobi in this week's Comic Roundup!
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Payment system for public transport in Santiago, Chile, hacked by RFID, NFC… CC @doctorow
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I'm coming to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, SF/Palo Alto! (please RT/come say hi!)…
Gary Gygax explains why Christians shouldn't celebrate Christmas [2013]… #jehovaswitness
Inspiring @doctorow talk at @bnbooks. Fellow @PumpingStation1'r asked Cory to carve autograph on chromebook. He did!
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Awesome talk by @doctorow at his book signing. Head racing thinking about tech governance issues like #NetNeutrality
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Photo: Cory Doctorow by gamelaner on Flickr.
@doctorow Ohay, here's more on the encrypted mixtape I sent to the NSA that I mentioned in Rome:….
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read In Real Life by @doctorow and immediately associated with Anda and can say it's a worthy read with tons of depth and societal issues
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Photo: mitchwagner: "Putin’s Coup": "Fear has returned to Moscow." "European leaders and diplomats...
Photo: gravesandghouls: Luis Ricardo Falero- The Witches Sabbath, 1880
Pretty surprised to learn that the middle school I’m visiting for a book event wants to scan my ID but has...
Photo: gravesandghouls: 31 Days of Halloween pin-ups 20/31 —> Illustration by Alberto Vargas, 1962
@doctorow Hi! Please help get the word out about this Anthology of Latino/a Science Fiction and Fantasy:…
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