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Cory Doctorow
Kickstarting Haphead, a science fiction web series about gamer culture…
Did you see that @doctorow stopped by the blog today to answer a few questions? Check it out! @01FirstSecond
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Spoke about comics, sci-fi, and The Internet at Rosemont Middle School with @doctorow. Thanks so much, that was fun!
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Jean Baudrillard predicted the Pumpkin Spice Latte
Photo: Kindness is the new cool
Photo: Whole Foods bites my style
Anita Sarkeesian cancels Utah campus appearance after threats of a "Montreal-style massacre"
Arguably the best thing posted on Medium ever. -...
superseventies: David Crosby at home with his father, 1970. Photo by John Olson @thedavidcrosby .
Join us for a Pop Quiz interview with the author and illustrator of IN REAL LIFE: @doctorow and @alooghobi…
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This Side of Jordan - Violent jazz age novel by Charles M Schulz's son Monte……
Photo: Jen Wang has a predictably adorable signature
I'm finishing reading @doctorow's Pirate Cinema and I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this book, also education and company. Do.
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Finished re-reading Homeland by @doctorow again last night. It, and Little Brother should be required reading, I cannot stress it enough.
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Why Your Idea to Save Journalism Won't Work (a checklist) [2009]…
The REAL reason the Florida Haunted Mansion's elevators go up [2013]……
Brit copyright group says, "No laptops allowed in cinemas" [2009]…
This Hallowe'en, why not dress your baby as a burning cigarette?
Freedom of the Press Foundation Launches SecureDrop, an Open-Source Submission Platform for Whistleblowers [2013]…
1006 words on UTOPIA (working title), a novel for adults #dailywords [total to date: 140459]
Beyond excited to have the author/blogger/person extraordinaire @doctorow visit my library (@ecksteinlibrary) on Friday!! *squee*
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Obama administration has secured 526 months of jail time for leakers…
Add "victim was small" to list of acceptable reasons for running down people with your car in NYC.…
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"The Game Theory of Covert Agency Discovered Zero-Days in Critical National Infrastructure: The Musical"
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.@TerjeRutgersen @doctorow Read Little Brother free, then bought it. Share that story with pre-service teachers when introducing licensing
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Reading Cory @doctorow's and Jen Wang's In Real Life w my coffee. Fantastic story abt culture clash & MMO's... and god, that art is perfect.
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Photo: Code wheels, Bletchley Park, Bletchley, UK.JPG on Flickr.
@doctorow Street Demonstrations In 21 EU Countries Held To Protest Against TAFTA/TTIP; Another ACTA Revolt Brewing?…
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Photo: transitionpeace: “Tying The Knot” Wedding Invitation coolest ever