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@fiteswithheart Thanks so much, all Glory to God. God bless you.
Bye Bye Twitter, till we meet again, tweets won't be from me.
God wants to deal with me, so I'm off twitter and texting, until He says He's done, I have automated tweets daily, Will miss you all.
'Be still and know THAT I AM GOD, Strength Provider, Stress Taker, Soul Soother, Mind Clearer, Peace Giver' says the Lord
If you choose to worry in any situation, then know that you're not fully trusting God. Cast all your cares to Him, for He cares.
Im in competition with no 1,I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I'm simply tryin 2 b beta than yesterday
I know God lives, for I see the beauty He created, from the stars, to a lovely nature. Nothing compares to His majesty.
Happy Birthday, do the Lord's Princess and Daughter @GodsFlowerGirl9 Hope you have a good one. God Bless.
Watching amazing perfomances, amazing show #CROWNAWARDS2014
@vanettejoyce Hahaha, You have no idea, I feel all sorts of stuff in my stomach haha
Butterflies? I feel the entire animal kingdom in my stomach when I see you :)
When you live for Christ you accept whatever He brings to the table, not what you want.
Ive got no time for the sugar coated gospel. I want Christ, all of Him, not a part of him, but all.
Your Bio says'God first' your tweets are senseless, your favs are porn...well that's none of my business though.
You don't just call on God whenever you are troubled only. Call on Him all days of your life, whether joyful or sorrowful.
God is untamable, He won't jump when you say'jump' He does as He pleases.
Whoever abducted @_SavedPrincess bring her please lol. Megawesomeness is missed.
'Be Holy for I am Holy' says the Lord
Stop running to men everytime you have a problem. You have a powerful God. Trust Him, and give him all your troubles.
Jesus, there's no other name greater than Thee.
I give God the pen and book, to write the story of my life, to direct my paths, so I can do His will, and be obedient.
I'd rather be a fool for Christ, then be wise for the world.
It is well to preach with lips, but you can all preach with your feet and by your lives, and that is the most effective preaching!-C.H
Sanctification is the great open separator of Christians from the world.-C.H Spurgeoun
Friends come and go, people make promises they don't keep, but the Lord is forever Faithful, always by your side.