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To be much like Christ, be much with Christ -C.H Spurgeon
Happy Fathers Day to all good dads out there. And Happy Fathers Day to our Father in Heaven.
I will praise the Lamb of God who sits upon the throne, I will worship Him and give praise to Him alone. Holy is the Lord.
"There is a certain kind of maturity that can be attained only through the discipline of suffering."
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It makes me so angry that Dylann Storm Roof is all over the news, yet not a single source mentions the victims by name.
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The God who has been sufficient until now, should be trusted to the end - Spurgeon
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"Biblical Christianity is much more than simply making a decision for Jesus so that we can live happy lives."
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“No Christian should ever succumb to the idolatrous notion that the right party will bring in utopia.”
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"What Jesus wants us to do is not impress him, try to gain his attention, or try to pay for our own sins. He wants us to trust Him."
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Rick Perry called the Charleston shooting an "accident". I call him being allowed to speak on national television a "tragedy".
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In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted - 2 Timothy 3:12
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@fairlyannie Totally! I read the whole thing, its really silly what he says. He was just hungry for a fight haha
@fairlyannie Haha, I know, but it might end up with someone having hostility towards another. Debates never win anyone.
@RBeatz97 @_ChristianGuy_ @_IAmBrave_ @fairlyannie Arguments don't usually end well. Might be good to stop this early.
@CinematicEX Precisely and I like their strategy in introducing the characters before Justice League, I see a bright future :)
@CinematicEX Yes it is. And its only get more exciting, can't wait for BvS, the heroes who started all this, finally meeting!
@usisososxo Lool, uhm, I'll be kinda busy travelling, and I'm not that hyped about it. But I'll watch it perhaps.
@usisososxo and then you can have your say. Many people said Jurassic world would suck, but look how it broke all time records.
@usisososxo Give him a chance. Nolan is his advisor, and good thing is he's taking the material straight from comics, so go watch the movie.
@usisososxo Well, I'll give you that, but BvS and Civil war will be awesome trust me. And as I've said, I watch both sides.
@usisososxo So let's see if you are honest or not, was the dark Knight trilogy any good?
@usisososxo Lool, haha, actually I'm not. at the end of the day, the actors get along, its the fans who hate each other, like its WWIII
@usisososxo Well, i liked hulk more than Iron man 3, and all Thor is bad, probably that's why its least successful duology in MCU
@usisososxo I mean it had plot holes all over, some of us, couldn't even figure out what was going on. even die hard Marvel fans agree.
@usisososxo well everyone is free to their opinion, so I guess you didn't like Iron Man 3, which basically is maybe the worst movie in MCU.

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