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Dr Christian Jessen
@DoctorChristian so glad Supersize vs Superskinny is back on Australian TV! I've missed it 💛
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OH SHUSH @IRISHBLOKE The 'homosexual community' try and silence people because they don't want to be reminded that homosexuality is wrong.
CANCER OF THE UTERUS @RasmusBach91: @DoctorChristian what is womb cancer?
NOT MANY, FEW KNOW IT @DNADownunder: @DoctorChristian how many generations of family health history do you discuss with new patients?
2) He also says the church has failed to be judgemental enough about people's lifestyles. How truly out of touch can an MP be?! What a dick.
1) Tory MP Gerald Howarth has attacked PM for his role in same-sex marriage and warns of dangers of the “aggressive homosexual community”!
Younger bowel cancer patients should be offered genetic test for Lynch syndrome, linked to a higher risk of bowel, womb and ovarian cancers.
SEE… @rubiesmummy08: @DoctorChristian may i have some advice on shingles and postherpectic neuralgia -in so much pain!
YES, V IMP @monkey_boyuk: @DoctorChristian as you're a frequent gym user. Rest days yes or no? Everyone says yes but I feel worse after!
If all GPs would only embrace technologies like the phone (!) and Skype, I believe we could cut A&E attendances considerably. Prove me wrong
The earmark of obesity: the distance between a person's inferior ear lobes is a good predictor of visceral obesity.
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Young children given repeated courses of antibiotics are at greater risk of becoming obese. More evidence linking gut bacteria and weight?
DEPENDS IF U WANT HIS BABIES! @heatworld: Should we worry about Harry's love of tight jeans?…
Something puzzles me: given they r 1 of most sensitive parts of body, y do we prick fingertips for blood? More painful than other places!
#Breakaleg to all the @GreatBritainNT cast and team on tonight's press night at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
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PUPPIES? @Viv_bot: Bondi vet is so dreamy. In an ideal world I'd have him looking after my puppies and @DoctorChristian looking after my...
Tonight I'm off to watch @GreatBritainNT with @harriet_thorpe -v much looking forward to it as I could really do with cheering up this week!
Meet two of the trans minds behind the groundbreaking new show "Transparent"
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Evidence of exercise 4 depression: scanty. Now study shows exercise-induced muscle metabolites protect brain from stress-induced depression!
*SHUDDER* @emma_chewter: @DoctorChristian whatever goes on between you and Barry, should stay between you and Barry 😉
COS ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN, NOT IN THE GYM @HuffingtonPost: Why your ab workouts are a waste of time
Fascinating the people trying to tell me what art is. I'm not convinced that they are the most informed experts!
Things that keep me awake at night: cancer, tax, Ebola, Barry Manilow.
I'm late for elevenses but it's time to start #coffeemorning for @macmillancancer -I just don't want to cut this:
Turmeric has long been suggested as a powerful healer -now more and more studies seem to confirm this.
Interesting results from a German study finding turmeric may boost the brain's ability to heal itself, by encouraging growth of nerve cells.
@DoctorChristian it's awesome how everyone says you'd protest something similar about gay people. Not seen 'Cure Me I'm Gay', evidently.
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watching @DoctorChristian in "cure me im gay" and christ on a bendybus these people are all such morons it makes me want to cry
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I'm sitting in @CafeMurano33 and a lady has just come up and asked me if I am Michael Portillo. I'm distraught.
Pleased to see 'human zoo' actors hitting back at ludicrous protests against them. Suppressing artistic freedom suppresses all our freedoms.
A private viewing @ChristiesInc tonight. There is a drawing I love. I'm going to hide it behind something else so no one else sees it!
Ok so perhaps the word 'crap' was a little harsh when it comes to arnica ibuprofen gel. I'm having a grumpy day.
ITS TRUE: BOTH ARE CRAP! @gbarzdo: @DoctorChristian what do you think to this well referenced sign? Ha
A pic of a cake and a pic of my dog. Having trouble telling which is which? So am I! @macmillancoffee #coffeemorning
My beautiful funny naughty wonderful talented school friend Susan died of cancer early this morning. She was my age. I am heartbroken.
Ah twitter, everyone's an expert!
AGREE! @vixdenny: @DoctorChristian it should be more about listening when they say something is wrong rather than earlier screening
Taking part in @macmillancancer #coffeemorning on Friday? Look what I will be serving: it's little Bruno! #cakemypet
@DoctorChristian People don't get probability / uncertainty- tests only accurate if prevalence above uncertainty! Bayes theorem stuff...
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3) also, as often misunderstood by press, screening tests r4 asymptomatic people, not those with symptoms who always should be investigated.
2) it's not driven by money, it's because younger cervix gives more false +ve results leading to unnecessary treatments with complications.
1) Another tragic story of a girl dying from cervical cancer at 22. More cries 4 age of smears 2b lowered will follow. It's not that simple.
.@NHSChoices this is 2014. Why do you endorse made-up nonsense like "reflexology"? HT @DoctorChristian @zeno001
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OR MAYBE TREATED FOR A TRULY HORRIFIC ADDICTION, NO? @SuzanneShoker1: @DoctorChristian @CloserOnline OMG these people should be hung
70% of those infected with Ebola have died, says WHO. Infections will treble to 20,000 by November if efforts to tackle it r not stepped up.
1st breath test for TB has been developed. It provides rapid info on drug resistance using emitted gases.TB infects 8.6m and kills 1.3m/year