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Dr Christian Jessen
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@DoctorChristian 30 yrs since discovery of HIV- we need healthy people to help us find a vaccine. Trial recruiting:
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@DoctorChristian @EmbBodies Its REALLY REALLY not covered enough!!! I am so pleased u ARE covering it!!! #FedUpOfPeopleJudgingMe
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@DoctorChristian @EmbBodies I'm in a psych ward atm and I thought it was a great programme raising awareness #dontsufferinsilence
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HOW OFTEN DO U USE MOUTHWASH WHEN DRIVING?! @bibaloo2652: @DoctorChristian mouthwash etc can make a difference though.
ALL MY SHIRTS ARE FROM @HawesAndCurtis_ @Dancindave90: @DoctorChristian where did you get your shirt! I want one!! #amazeballsā€
extremely disappointed that some people are actually complaining that we are covering mental health on @EmbBodies -it's not covered enough!
COS I LIKE THEM @BexDixie: @DoctorChristian I have a question for you. 'Why do you always wear stripey shirts?' @EmbBodiesā€
Drink driving. I think it should be zero alcohol not 80mg in blood. No one can judge that accurately.
Only 40 minutes to go until we kick off with another @EmbBodies Live From The Clinic. I have tail end of a cold so might sound bit bunged up
Is it ok to drink any alcohol and drive? Should drink drive laws be changed? We look at effects of alcohol on driving on @EmbBodies tonight.
@DoctorChristian i hav 4 family member with different Mental health and i think its great u include it in ur show so ppl can understand more
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A certain individual is reportedly considering an abortion to go on Big Brother... I don't know if I am sad, utterly disgusted, or both.
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Off to Birmingham today to prepare for the second episode of @EmbBodies Live on tonight at 8pm! We will be experimenting with alcohol... :-)
@DoctorChristian oh it has now come out that Big Brother won't have her! She is a vile human being!
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I WOULD LEAVE IT JOSIE, REALLY @JosieCOnline: u have cheek to call me low @DoctorChristian ! You exploit vulnerable people for your tv show!
@DoctorChristian finally caught up with cure me I'm gay - unreal what you put yourself through and so shocked anti-gay therapy exists
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My god, this is a new low even for her. I didn't think it possible!ā€¦
The incidence of the most serious skin cancer in Great Britain is now 5X higher than in 1970s. Sunbeds and European package hols to blame!
GETTING TORTURED? REALLY?! @heeeeeyybrother: @DoctorChristian called Good Friday because on that day Jesus did greatest good ever done
Muchos huevos everybody! Xxx
IM SURE MOST DID @trickehvickeh: @DoctorChristian do ya think he voided his bowels on the cross and caused his disciples to flee from stench
@chattyman bring on nxt wks show - 3 of my fave gay dudes - @AlanCarr, @DoctorChristian and Rupert Everett are on!
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Today historically, Jesus was flogged, made to carry the cross, then put to death by crucifixion. Christians call this Good Friday. Er why?!