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Dr Christian Jessen
health medicine exercise reality tv 316,856 followers
I'm very happy about this: and such illustrious company too!…
We're incredibly proud that our own @DoctorChristian has been nominated for Documentary Presenter of the Year…
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QUITE RIGHT TOO! @AttitudeMag: TFL, Boris Johnson cleared of 'improperly' banning ex-gay bus adverts…
@DoctorChristian I've negated my type2, not on Mertformin now, in the past 2 years by losing 12 inches from my waist, now 32"
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E-cigs much less harmful than conventional cigs, analysis of current research suggests and should face less stringent regs than tobacco.
Use a tape measure to assess type 2 diabetes risk -there is very high risk with waistlines over 40in (102cm) in men or 35in (88cm) in women.
Is it the doctor in me that, when I'm watching a sex scene in @GameOfThrones worries about how little they all wash! #stinky #GameOfThrones
Overweight? Opinionated? Maverick TV are #casting for a brand new series. Get in touch now!
Eating a baguette not only gives you some nutrition, it also gives you a major jaw work out I have discovered!
@DoctorChristian Overweight? Opinionated? Maverick TV are #casting for a brand new #C4 series. Get in touch now!
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OOOFF I AM SO MANLY!! LOL @Deanabetes: I've never seen a sexier image @DoctorChristian xxx
AW. WITH TIME. AND CHOCOLATE X @Hevalaaar: @DoctorChristian how do you mend a broken heart?
@DoctorChristian I'm loving the new season of EB - I really felt for that guy with the face-hole. He was inspirational.
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MAKES ONE WANT TO WEEP @HuffingtonPost: Religious colleges getting permission to discriminate against trans students
'Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly.' It's how most gay guys meet, right? #BeautyandtheBeast
'Autoglass repair, autoglass replace' There. Now get that out of your head. ;-)
Viral hepatitis is the 8th leading cause of death worldwide. Hepatitis: Think Again. Support #WorldHepatitisDay
Much as I love @bbcproms they would b much more comfortable for audience and players if they were on in winter -not the summer! #sweltering
Some1 with NoH8 logo on their twitter photo sends me a rude tweet. I pull him up on it. He now indignant and claiming gays r arrogant! Sigh!
High Intensity Training (HIT) for short periods may be the exercise equivalent of the elixir of life for the elderly, new research suggests.
ANIMAL. THE FRUIT BAT @Freestyle1991: @DoctorChristian Does Ebola originate from man or animal? must investigate origin.
So what heterosexual men have been doing for centuries in many countries, eh Michelle?! Loon!…