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Dr Christian Jessen
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@DoctorChristian Its fearmongering and trying to do something to whip up the electorate. Sad really. Doctors should be praised...
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I love Lady Brienne of Tarth. That is all. #GameOfThrones
Docs who make mistakes could face tougher sanctions, under plans by GMC. Great, soon they will have scared off all the docs until none left!
I WOULD THINK BETWEEN 5 AND 8 THOUSAND POUNDS @NeeruSharma_: @DoctorChristian how much is a gastric sleeve operation on the NHS? Thanks
NO @0rangelic: ANY reported incidences of conversion therapy being used to convert a heterosexual into a homosexual? (genuine question)
Interesting research: Botox may help fight cancer. Mouse studies found it kills nerves and so could halt the growth of certain tumours.
BUT I DONT HAVE ASPERGER'S @mattaspie: Still waiting on @DoctorChristian to do a programme 'Cure Me I Have Aspergers' @Channel4
'There's only one thing that makes you fat, and that is food.' I love @DoctorChristian and Supersize vs Superskinny #educational
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Don't know whether to get tested for chlamydia or not? @DoctorChristian explains when you should take a test:…
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I've just seen that my phone seems to think I want to use the world channel more than Chanel too. It's probably right to be fair!
I love camp women in Channel twinsets.
Thank you, thank you @siennaXOfficial for sending more supples of my favourite self tanning express mist. Can't live without it!
Game of Thrones is getting a bit too bloody for me now. I'm kind of over all the throat cutting and face slashing. But it is gripping!
NO. WE ARE GOING TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! @charlottecann01: @DoctorChristian is supersize vs superskinny ever coming back?
SERIES HAS FINISHED IM AFRAID! @pinkflights: @DoctorChristian no embarrassing bodies tonight?
I ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS WITH WEIGHTS @mrsteedUK: @DoctorChristian @davidbl1978 why not?
THE LATTER @Gibbons511: @DoctorChristian @davidbl1978 do u do any HIIT in your sessions? Giant sets? Or good old A to B shifting weights?
TRUE @SepsisUK: @DoctorChristian Also it goes unrecognised. Most patients would respond to appropriate 1st line antibiotics. relevant tho
NONE AT ALL @davidbl1978: @DoctorChristian gym question for you Dr C. How much cardio do you do?
Do you know what sepsis is? It kills around 37,000 people a year in the UK. Patients are dying because of a lack of effective antibiotics.
For an atheist I do say 'good lord' a lot.
Scientists completely reverse alopecia areata by giving ruxolitinib -normally used 4 bone marrow disorders. Total hair re-growth in 5 months
GOOD LORD... Independent: Morgue worker admits to having sex with up to 100 dead women
HA HA! @ejp72: @DoctorChristian @AshBernstein there's also a lot of aunts on my timeline.
.@MrBenRush oh yes? Which opinions of mine are 'dangerous' in your opinion? I would be interested to know.