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Dr Christian Jessen
Saatchi Bill, whilst controversial, does highlight how slow we r to embrace innovation and questions whether cry 4 evidence is always best.
Family doctors in England to be paid £55 every time they diagnose a case of dementia. Absurd! Isn't that supposed to be their job already?
2) Rabbi Avi Weiss said of Klinghoffer "The language is explosive. It's dangerous. It inspires violence." That's what they said about Figaro
1) I can't believe my eyes: people in New York are actually protesting outside the Met because it is staging The Death of Klinghoffer?!
Did you know it's Indoor Allergy Week? Here's some great tips for #asthma sufferers from @asthmauk
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THEN I'D BE OUT OF A JOB! @tpleach76: @DoctorChristian @ElstreeStudios warts,cysts and general infection styled weeping”
YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL! @RachelFairfiel1: @DoctorChristian @ElstreeStudios homeopathy ? Katie Hopkins ? And sandals with socks !
Over 10 years the number of people dying from liver disease in England has risen by 40% from 7,841 to 10,948. A third are linked to alcohol.
Making the long drive to @ElstreeStudios to film Room 101 -guess what my choices will be? ;-)
Over 43,000 summer exam grades have been changed after schools challenged the results. Doesn't inspire much faith in exam system does it?!
I chat to @DoctorChristian in today's @hellomag about how to tackle winter dust allergies - making me itch just thinking about those mites
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Any any science behind observation (which I too have made) that microwaved food seems hotter, + takes longer to cool, than oven heated food?
NO, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT THIS OCCURS @Graham_Lay: Can Ebola be spread via mosquito bites @DoctorChristian ?
Y am I worried about Ebola? Y do I think attempts to control it have been negligent in their ineptitude? This is why:…
I love following @DoctorChristian , he's currently giving lessons on the birds and the bees to bigots, in his own special way.
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IT IS VERY REAL @beth_williams12: @DoctorChristian is ebola real? Also you're my favourite TV Doctor #supercool
I WOULDN'T. I REALLY WOULDN'T @Ajsandland: @DoctorChristian hey Dr Christian, should i be able to touch & move veins in my eye around?
Lots of u asking about last night's outfit on @StandUp2C : suit by @HUGOBOSS tie by @RalphLauren Purple Lable, hair by @DrAsimShahmalak ;-)
U SEEM TO THINK ONLY MEN CAN BE GAY... @Petrou99: @amiejones_ @DoctorChristian @ricky747_8 he thinks gays can have kids naturally?
Is it lunch time yet? I'm starving.
@DoctorChristian That was the funniest and yet most disturbing video I've ever seen. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! #EatDaPooPoo
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@DoctorChristian This map, by amount of gay porn watched per state where gay marriage is legal or not speaks volumes…
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Why are homophobic people SO obsessed with the mechanics of gay sex? I mean, have you ever seen 'eat da poo pop' on YouTube? Case in point.
YES. NOW GET BACK IN YOUR CAVE X @Petrou99: @DoctorChristian @ricky747_8 can 2 gays have kids naturally?
THERE ARE NO WORDS... @Petrou99: @DoctorChristian @ricky747_8 they don't have kids while gay do they?”
HOW DO SO MANY GAY PEOPLE HAVE KIDS I WONDER?! @Petrou99: @DoctorChristian @ricky747_8 gay people cannot reproduce. thought u were a doctor?
WE'VE DONE ALL RIGHT SO FAR... @Petrou99: @DoctorChristian @ricky747_8 humans not meant 2b gay. How would race continue if everyone was gay?
LOVE THIS @ricky747_8: Please RT if you agree. Don't hold back, gang! 🙌
My big regret from last night's @StandUp2C ? I never got to meet Josh Hartnett - they kept me too busy! :-/
WELL SAID!! @SiWheeler78: @DoctorChristian @WHO sad that after UK raises £14m for cancer @WHO want to ban device UCL reckons saves millions
THIS EXPLAINS A LOT! @Drews_Views: Banning media from WHO tobacco convention "disturbing attack on freedom of press"…
Dear @SarahMillican75 , You were wonderful last night my love, thank you for your honk honk :-) xxx
I have learned the the pause button is rarely kind to me... Thanks twitter! :-)
HA HA!! @AnnieSmith12345: @DoctorChristian face when @AlanCarr announced Derren Brown will be blowing Martin Freeman!
#StandUpToCancer Nearly 14 and a Half Million and I think by Monday it will be Nearly 20 Mill. @DoctorChristian def doing that Tattoo. 😉👍
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Can't donate tonight. Tomorrow via the website will give £20 or £40 (im a student!) if I can get a RT from @DoctorChristian #StandUpToCancer
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What an honour it was to present @StandUp2C last night with @AlanCarr and @ThisisDavina -And £14 million raised?! I'm speechless. Thank you!
Thanks for the lovely comments about the boob check film I made with @DoctorChristian. @StandUp2C Check your boobs, ladies. HONK HONK!
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Why is @WHO still spouting such guff about ecigs when they have failed to address the much more urgent and serious issue of Ebola outbreak?!
UTTER TOSH @dannybolts: @DoctorChristian Just wanted your view on the conspiracy theory of suppressing cancer cures?
THATS THE SPIRIT! @andywilmer: Oh my days @DoctorChristian tie looks horrendous on stand up to cancer! Someone tie it for him properly!
I'm SO excited about tonight's #StandUpToCancer -it will be happy, sad, moving and inspiring. See you all at 7pm! X @StandUp2C