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Dr Christian Jessen
Tonight I got to see Vanessa-Mae AND Heather Small. And u got to help some little dogs and cats in @BDCH -I feel privileged indeed.
I'm not sure about the 'you've got to search inside yourself' bit -patients of mine have got into difficulties doing things like that...
Ladies and gentleman, I give you Heather Small! (Yes, I am really that close to the legend!!) #searchforthehero
WHOOP WHOOP! @charlottecann01: @DoctorChristian I have reached the specialist level of the stand up to cancer boom”
WTF?! @ThaiAvenger: @DoctorChristian Is that what you call the men you rub down in back alleys. #Patients ? Sure we can go with that notion
2) The Home Office said the outcomes in Portugal could not be attributed to decriminalisation alone and so are just going to ignore them!
1) There has been considerable improvement in the health of drug users in Portugal since drug use was made a health issue not a criminal one
During this death plague I found supersize vs. superskinny with @DoctorChristian on youtube and now I'm obsessed with it.
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Really looking forward to the @BDCH Collars and Coats Gala Ball tonight -I wonder what doggie treats they have in store for us?!
Embarrassing Bodies Live AND Supersize are both up for @RTS_media Midlands awards tonight. Good luck to both!!
YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT?! @kayhickinbotham: @Tori_Jess @DoctorChristian I think the "perfect body" comment refers to the underwear and fit
ALWAYS OVER!!! @inmyshed73: @DoctorChristian but can you solve the over or under debate for @geofftech #overorunder
I know how to correct the out of synch loo roll prob, don't worry! But thanks for the tweets ;-)
That thing when only 1 layer of loo paper gets unwrapped and whole roll gets out of synch and perforations don't match up. Annoying init?
Drug policy reform needed? "The aye's have it, the aye's have it." Here, here. Well done @CarolineLucas, @julianhuppert and @NormanBakerMP..
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Great to see Apple CEO @tim_cook publicly acknowledging his sexuality by saying he's "proud to be gay". Hope more in big business follow.
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YES LETS! @IndyVoices: Today marks our 1st opportunity to reform UK drugs policy. Let's do it
The new Victoria's Secret ad makes me uncomfortable. Perfect body? They look seriously malnourished to me!
Today government debates drugs policy. Will they accept the evidence? Will they listen to the experts? Will anything change? Will it @£*#!
Kids and I watching TV: @DoctorChristian is testing his "gayness" before attempting to pray it away. We don't know whether to laugh or cry!
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THEY DONT @DrNancyMalik: @MargoJMilne @DoctorChristian How do super-Avogadro dilutions in Homeopathy work?
OH COME NOW, SHE IS WHY TWITTER IS SUCH FUN! @gazzamagoo: @DoctorChristian @DrNancyMalik what a stupid, dangerous woman
WE CAN REFUSE. I DO @flynnzoe: @DoctorChristian as a doctor do you have to treat people who are racist, homophobic etc or can you refuse?
EXCEPT IT ISNT. IS IT NANCY? @DrNancyMalik: @DoctorChristian Research paper on Homeopathy treatment of Ebola virus ?…
NUT BUTTER? SOMETHING I PRAY I NEVER ENCOUNTER IN CLINIC @ESfeatures: The best #nut #butter, as chosen by @vicstewart…
CURING?! HA HA! @DrNancyMalik: @DoctorChristian A team of homeopaths curing Ebola virus disease patients in Liberia
WE USUALLY ALL DO... @PIRATE_HISCOE: @DoctorChristian what is the world comng to that means no ones safe and anyone and everyone could die
IT'S 21 DAYS AND IS VERY SENSIBLE @DanielGoodman85: @DoctorChristian she wants decision to quarantine her for 3 months overturned by a court
The Bushes are getting ready foist their next son, Jeb, onto poor America. It's not enough that we are still fighting the last one's wars!
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Astounded that US nurse is threatening to sue because she was quarantined on returning home from helping Ebola patients. It's common sense!!
Are #SaatchiBill critics right to assume researchers and doctors will behave irresponsibly and endanger their patients? The majority won't.
AH, SO THATS WHY! @zeno001: .@DoctorChristian @lecanardnoir Society Warns Homeopaths not to Talk About Ebola.:…
Happy birthday to @LeylaHussein -I've even baked you a virtual cake! X
Why hasn't a single Western homeopath (you do have a conscience) spoken out against the negligence of homeopaths 'treating' Ebola in Africa?
What a gorgeous Monday morning it is! Thank goodness we r all back in work so we don't have to endure it's loveliness. Just a rainy weekend.
@DoctorChristian PLZ RT C4's #Bodyshockers wants you! Do you have a HUGE TATTOO you want removed? Email
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NOT CAN, ARE. PEOPLE ARE BORN GAY @josephinee29: @DoctorChristian can people be born gay?
Please help: support @rickygervais and Dame Judi with this compassionate and compelling campaign:…
STREWTH. WHAT A PLONKER! @lecanardnoir: GP taken in by misleading 'BioInitiative Report' and so misleads patients.
That those eat now, who never ate before And those who always ate, now eat more. Thomas de Quincey on opium. Couldn't say it better myself!
So sad to hear of the death of Paul Cottingham, activist and partner of Michael Cashman who died of cancer last night. :-(
WHO IS TRYING TO SPREAD TEROR I WONDER?! @stevepena1: Televangelist Pat Robertson says gay people are ‘terrorists’
FROM @HawesAndCurtis_ @ToniaBuxton: @DoctorChristian love the shirts you wear, where do you get them from please?