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Dr Christian Jessen
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IM SURE MOST DID @trickehvickeh: @DoctorChristian do ya think he voided his bowels on the cross and caused his disciples to flee from stench
@chattyman bring on nxt wks show - 3 of my fave gay dudes - @AlanCarr, @DoctorChristian and Rupert Everett are on!
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Today historically, Jesus was flogged, made to carry the cross, then put to death by crucifixion. Christians call this Good Friday. Er why?!
Amazing that 160,000 Autism tests and 415,000 mental health tests taken so far on MindChecker @EmbBodies app. Great for research, so thanks!
I'm confused @DoctorChristian why is #autism on #embarrasingbodies? May have missed something but offended its deemed suitable for the show.
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Female insects with "penises" have been discovered in Brazil - the first animal with sex-reversed genitalia. Only in Brazil, eh?! :-)
ER... WHERE EXACTLY DO I SAY THAT?! @cazatkings: @DoctorChristian i love the way you paint all christians as homophobic.
GREAT PIECE! @MargoJMilne: @DoctorChristian I have a piece in the Guardian today about "miracle cures" for MS.…
Catholic Church in England and Wales has turned down request 4 results of sexual ethics survey to be made public. Well there's a surprise!
WE CERTAINLY DO NOT! @JuliaBradbury: bags under eyes in US are known by Docs as 'festooning' @DoctorChristian we don't call them that do we?
Sorry Cardiff. I have been on better form. But even us doctors get sick too believe it or not ;-)
Bowel cancer screening must improve as only half come forward. Uptake was 58% compared with 72% for breast and 79% for cervical screening.
IM FEELING FLU-ISH AND I HAVENT HAD ONE... @rebeccacherrett: @DoctorChristian can MMR leave you fluish? Had on friday and feel really ill
In Cardiff today for @EmbBodies but I'm so ill!! Sorry folks, have a hideous cold and am feeling grim. I'll do my best to say hi but... :-(
@DoctorChristian My BF got diagnosed with aspergers aged 22 after taking your austism test on embarassingbodies when shown afew years ago..
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Last night's show featured Autistic Spectrum test -100,000 people took! results go to Prof Baron-Cohen at Autism Research Centre, Cambridge.
Thanks for all comments about the show tonight. I'm only just warming up after the ice bath. Was very glad they let us wear some clothes!!
Last ad break -nearly on the home stretch. Phew! But it's ice bath time -aaaaaaagh!! @EmbBodies
How are we doing? First Live in ages -I've forgotten how to do it! @EmbBodies
NO, I REALLY WONT @juicemaster: @DoctorChristian one day you'll embrace people drinking vegetables. Thousands of people have lost weight