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Dr Christian Jessen
Iranian President has to urge Iran's religious leaders to be more tolerant of the internet and new technologies. Wonderful thing, religion!
I CANT SAY BUT PROB NOT @JJ_Alix: @DoctorChristian So it wouldn't have checked for Cancer?
YES BUT WHAT YOU EAT IS IMPORTANT TOO @swedishgurl : @DoctorChristian will I lose fat just by weight lifting?
YES, THEY CAN GROW BACK @MyExIsAPrick: @DoctorChristian Is it possible to get tonsillitis if my tonsils were removed 10yrs ago?”
NO @JJ_Alix: @DoctorChristian If GP takes blood test for mystery illness (collapsed with vertigo) will that blood test check for everything?
SO TRUE @NewStatesman: Obesity not always about eating too much – the problems are often far deeper rooted…
@NewStatesman v good article on #obesity. Emotional link almost always found in @DoctorChristian's super sized vs super skinny participants
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@DoctorChristian We're giving away free tickets to a London Digital Health event for Doctors. RT would be amazing!…
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UTTERLY POINTLESS @AbyLorna: Is it safe to take colon cleanse tabs with birth control? @pixiedoctor @DoctorChristian @DrDawnHarper
WITH @siennaXOfficial SPRAY TANS @squilla2020: @DoctorChristian always has such a nice tan, how do you achieve this ?
YES! @equynoks: @DoctorChristian Has there been a @SizeVsSkinny with a vegan or vegetarian? Just started watching on YouTube and obsessed!
New data shows heart attack survivors considerably more at risk of repeat attack than previously thought. Is our long term care adequate?
Thanks to @emmafreud who reminds us @synod @JustinWelby happy to bless guinea pigs in church but not gay couples
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DO THIS! @CiteEvidence: @DoctorChristian Enter evidence for/against ecig controversy at our wiki page. @CaeruleanSea @SiWheeler78 @stormplum
And about 5 minutes later I learned that she is not, in fact, a child but an anthropomorphic cat after all. Thanks twitter! #HelloKitty
A CORK @Dingo_McGee: @DoctorChristian What is the cure for a farty boyfriend?
IVE BEEN BUSY @Scotty_McTweety: @DoctorChristian The rest of us learned that 3 days ago :P”
Today I learned that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat but a British school kid called Kitty White who lives just outside London. So there.
SHE'S SEEN IT BEFORE ;-) @Kohrsy0513: @DoctorChristian would you ever go on @EmbBodies and get your willy out? In front of @pixiedoctor ??
ITS A TELLY AFFECTATION @willymcpea: @DoctorChristian My fiancé, @morayswan, wonders why you're called Dr Christian and not Dr Jessen? :-)
THANK YOU! @PeerIndex: @DoctorChristian Congrats on being 106 on the @PeerIndex Most Influential Londoners list!
I didn't know unearthly times like this existed outside of the army! I am really not good at mornings at all...
Ugh 'real ale' -how I imagine a bad case of thrush would taste...
SCIENCE DOESNT HAVE TO @SE0NA: @DoctorChristian @daniluvsuall science is unable to disprove the existence of God. where does that leave us?
@DoctorChristian pls RT We are looking for gay men to help shape HIV campaigns. If you are free this Sat pls visit
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If science is not yet able to explain something, it will eventually. Failure of science to elucidate is not proof for the existence of god.
WHO IS? @Ottahz: @DoctorChristian a bigger problem for Dawkins is that he's not good at saying what he means in 140 characters”
THERE IS, IN PILL FORM, CALLED GRAZAX @ScandicAtheist: @DoctorChristian Is there such a thing as a grass allergy vaccination?
Baffled by @WHO 's irresponsible, non-evidence based response to ecigs? Me too. Here's an article to look out for:…
The secret of combating lethal allergy could be as simple as redressing balance of bacteria in the gut. As usual nature thought of it first.
The great @RichardDawkins beautifully summarises a common 'problem' with twitter: '...a wanton eagerness to misunderstand.' -so true!
COS SEX IS SO WICKED! @postal16: @DoctorChristian You may teach your child any wickedness you choose at whatever age you choose #DOCTOR.”
??? @NaomiODonovan: @DoctorChristian mockery of serious human rights issue in Ire. #accesstosafeabortion i reject ur contempt4 womens rights
I love when @DoctorChristian says something slightly controversial, so I can sit and watch the narrow mindeds and religious nuts explode.
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REALLY?! @jamesdarabrady: @DoctorChristian Irish policy on abortion based on some really backward thing called democracy and a constitution.
@DoctorChristian children know more than naive parents care to consider. Age appropriate sex & relationship ed is a must in this day & age.
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I DONT THINK U QUITE UNDERSTAND WHAT IS MEANT BY SEX ED @salsachoclab: @DoctorChristian give good reason why 7 year olds should have sex ed!
What is this weedy #IceBucketChallenge thing eh? I've done the ice bath challenge -live on prime time telly. Beat that! Lol ;-)
WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?! @Lorrainepen: @DoctorChristian why can't children just be allowed to be children
Why so many objections to sex and relationship education being started from age 7? Of course the teaching will be age appropriate!
Religion should never have a greater say over science. In too many countries religion still has the louder voice. This must change.
Many thanks for the mention and support @DoctorChristian. For more information please visit
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ASTOUNDED! @wonderwoma40: @DoctorChristian priests on hospital boards can veto a chemo drug as women must use contraception while taking it
All kids in England's state schools should get lessons about sex and relationships from age 7, the @LibDems have said. Yes, I totally agree!
Good to see steps being taken towards better regulation of the aesthetics industry with an organisation like @SaveFaceUK leading the way!
@DoctorChristian as an Irish woman I am offended by the law not by your tweet. It was a statement of fact nothing more
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Well I return to twitter after dinner and see that it really has all kicked off here, hasn't it?!
Criticising Ireland's backward approach to abortion is racist apparently. You live and learn don't you?!