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Dr Christian Jessen
health medicine exercise reality tv 317,684 followers
Do you know what sepsis is? It kills around 37,000 people a year in the UK. Patients are dying because of a lack of effective antibiotics.
For an atheist I do say 'good lord' a lot.
Scientists completely reverse alopecia areata by giving ruxolitinib -normally used 4 bone marrow disorders. Total hair re-growth in 5 months
GOOD LORD... Independent: Morgue worker admits to having sex with up to 100 dead women
HA HA! @ejp72: @DoctorChristian @AshBernstein there's also a lot of aunts on my timeline.
.@MrBenRush oh yes? Which opinions of mine are 'dangerous' in your opinion? I would be interested to know.
AH YES, I SEEM TO DUCK A LOT TOO @AshBernstein: @DoctorChristian story of my life! Same goes for ducking.
YES! @Brendan_Surrey: @DoctorChristian Is Homœopathy as effective as any gay ‘cure’ out there?
My autocorrect thinks I will want the word 'desert' more than I will want the word 'dessert' -clearly does not know me very well! #pudding
I DONT HATE. I EDUCATE! @MrBenRush: @DoctorChristian considering acupuncture. Does this mean I'm in the homeopathy club & so hated by you!
WONDERFUL! @JozWoz92: watching supersize vs superskinny, the program that helped me when I was once a superskinny :) @DoctorChristian
THIS CANNOT BE TRUE?! @ScottOatway: @DoctorChristian FDA blocks donation of teen suicide's eyes because he was gay
.@williamhanson William, your Etiquette book is an absolute delight! Never more shall I lay my table with desert spoons to the north! X
55/100 @sarahw12: @DoctorChristian @MargoJMilne How much privilege did you have, Dr. C.?
Britain's 1st specialist clinic for child victims of #FGM is set to open in UCL next month, providing medical and psychological treatments.
Welcome to all you about to watch @EmbBodies on @Channel4 +1!
I THINK ITS JUST FOR HUMANS @Alison_MirandaH: @DoctorChristian would it work for feathers and birds?
That phobia app is immense!
Ha ha! I LOVE those digital ageing mock ups -so effective!
So that was the alcohol, now for the cigarettes... @EmbBodies
I ALWAYS GO ON TOP... @matt_ghd: @DoctorChristian @EmbBodies im free next week lets see who comes out on top