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Dr Christian Jessen
If rumours are true that a doc posed 4 a selfie with Joan Rivers as she was under anaesthetic then it is yet another shameful day 4 medicine
I get that the no. of people attending New Year fireworks in London must b impossible to manage but I think charging £10/ticket is a mistake
AM I INVITED? @T_ina_82: @DoctorChristian Got chest infection on steroid & antibiotics feeling better due to fly to barcelona. should u go?
I am sore all over. There is not one bit of me that doesn't ache :-( #gymwoes "Evidence based policy is key.Not 1 based on knee-jerk reactions rather than actuality"Food4thought @DoctorChristian
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TRUE!! @LauraJaneS101: @DoctorChristian A man who doesn't shy away from buying condoms is damn sexy. #SafeSexIsTheBestSex #DontBeShy
Ebola: 5000 infected, 2,500 dead and we are only now starting to take it seriously enough.
This morning I'll be on the radio talking about condoms. Many people still don't use them because they are too embarrassed to buy them!
OH I DO HOPE NOT! @LgbtSutton: @DoctorChristian that is as bad as your mum buying you pants for Xmas.
I bought a chess set today cos I want to teach other half how to play. For some reason quite beyond me they are not exactly over the moon!
In sure you all know that PVL-MSSA stands for Panton-Valentine leukocidin methicillin sensitive Staphylococcus aureus. Didn't you?!
Today's funny headline for serious issue: 'Doctors urge rugby players to indulge in less sharing and better hygiene' All about PVL-MSSA bug.
TIME FOR FLUCLOX I THINK! @joannegreen12: @DoctorChristian infection in helix, GP gave fucidin but not helping
I had SUCH an enjoyable evening last night at @BreedersPlay -I can't recommend it enough. Brilliant script and an incredible cast -go see it
@DoctorChristian - Any questions about the opportunities in the RAF Medical Reserves? We are here all day to help!
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Less than one month to go until the BHIVA Autumn Conference, 9-10 October in London, still time to register!
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A dark day for the medical profession as a child cancer specialist at Addenbrooke's Hospital admits to sexually abusing boys in his care.
I LIKE THIS! Beethoven: not even trying: how 10 composers wrote their treble clefs. [via]
Switching from driving to walking or cycling to work improves our wellbeing, a study suggests. Did we REALLY need to do a study for this?!
IF CAUSE IS OBVIOUS @alexw80: @DoctorChristian Urologist for Balanitis: should their first option be circumcision without further testing?
I'm delighted to hear trade in 5 named species of sharks is to be regulated from now on, and the sale of their meat or fins will be banned.
Falcor/Falkor. Thanks twitter!
ABSOLUTELY NOT @alexaxx12: @DoctorChristian If 3wk old baby struggles to latch on 1 side when BFing would you recommend cranial osteopathy?
Can anyone remember the name of the giant flying tampon in Never Ending Story? Did it even have a name? This is very important!
RIP Donald Sinden. Always an absolute delight. There was never a dull dinner with Donald! He will be hugely missed.
Teen who sold his news summary app to Yahoo for millions is deciding between working for the company or going to uni. I can help: go to uni!
ABSOLUTELY!! @Blue_Steak: @DoctorChristian is it OK to send gp thank you card? She prob saved my life, but don't want to embarrass!
Trying to get past someone walking in front of you who cannot seem to walk in straight line is one of 1st World's more frustrating problems!
@zblackmore @DoctorChristian Have a read through our reviews… A good night's sleep doesn't have to cost the earth!
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YOU CAN TWEET THEM! @shaziekhn: @DoctorChristian how do we put questions to you of a personal nature? Do we HAVE to go on tv and bare all ?”
FROM @FollowWestwood @gottaloveraisen: @DoctorChristian where'd you get your tartan suit from? Is it specially made?
@DoctorChristian I've been watching Supersize VS Superskinny for a month now and it has literally changed my life. Thank you.
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I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT HEDGING, SORRY! @SydorNicky: @DoctorChristian hi doctor Christian I would like to descuss a privet matter by email
OF COURSE, IF IMPORTANT @braided_ladybug: @DoctorChristian Is it okay to go to dr about a few different (unrelated) things in one session?
COLD @ciaran_donoghue: @DoctorChristian for heat rash, would hot or cold be better for relief? Red rash,lumps, not sweating. Very sore.
VERY LOW: FEWER THAN 1% OF CASES OCCUR IN MEN <50 @Thomasj29867014: @DoctorChristian what are the chances of having prostate cancer at 31?
TRUE -GP SHOULD NEVER LAUGHT AT U @rmccbellevue: @DoctorChristian mag said pple go to Italy 4 circumcision reversal -I asked dr who laughed!
Look out for my Top Tips to getting a good night’s sleep, coming soon to @TheWoolRoom
75% of lung cancer patients diagnosed 2 late. Delays introducing screening in the UK is costing thousands of lives. Time to speed things up?
Richard Kiel -who played villain Jaws in 2 Bond films -the spy who loved me and moonraker, has died aged 74. Who was your fav Bond villain?
@DoctorChristian @pinknews and god loved the world soooo much that he gave it cancer, TB, ebola, diphtheria, malaria........
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TRUE THAT @secularbloke: “All blokes have a little bit of dribble” - @DoctorChristian
DO IT ;-) @TheWoolRoom CherithNicholl: Contemplating a @DoctorChristian screensaver in the office and setting on colleagues computers too!
YEAH, COS ONLY GAYS GET STIs RIGHT? PLONKER @pinknews: Duck Dynasty star: STIs are God's punishment for homosexuals