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David Graham
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Why should SA companies invest more than the bare minimum to meet regulatory requirement?
Competing in Tumultuous Times, an article focused on how to operate in complexity by #MonitorDeloitteSA Director
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Ensuring effective social grant spend, Budget 2014/2015. A Governance, Risk and Oversight view
How can we better manage internal audit costs? #GRO
Thx! RT @simon_g: 87% of global CEOs say they face deeper, faster cycles in businesses than before #MonitorDeloitteSA
How can South African companies derive value and benefits from regulation?
Over 75% of global CEOs describe collaboration as the #1 trait in employees critical to organisational success
Audit recommendations – Could the auditors have it wrong? #GRO
Exploring the issue of out-sourcing, co-sourcing or in-house in internal audit #GRO
The "ticking the box" approach to regulation could be a wasted opportunity for SA companies
88% of global CEOs say their business environments are to some extent, becoming more complex #MonitorDeloitteSA
Elements to be considered when looking to turn around a business #GRO
Do your execs know what risks, processes and critical controls must work? Monitoring and evaluation is key
The new Deloitte "Ticking the box" article on regulatory compliance will make you rethink your approach
87% of global CEOs say that they face deeper and faster cycles in their businesses than before #MonitorDeloitteSA
Controls are there to help a business meet its objectives they are not just about compliance #GRO
Is your internal audit model giving you value? #GRO
Regulation is moulded against leading companies so it makes sense to comply fully in order to derive value
Steer your business through a rapidly changing, uncertain and complex environment. #MonitorDeloitteSA
What you thought you knew about internal controls is probably wrong #GRO
Be in control of your business - Continuous monitoring and evaluation of processes
Is it possible to shift from a fixed to a more variable cost structure when managing internal audit? #GRO
Thx RT @NRecruitment: 88% of global CEOs say their business environments are becoming more complex #MonitorDeloitteSA